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  1. Okay, got Filezilla setup and working and able to download files from Filezilla. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I am working the next 48 hours, firefighter, and Saturday Morning will check out what Filezilla is saying exactly. It must have something to do with my router, but I do have the firewall turned off in an attempt to connect to gameex ftp. I emailed Gameex to make sure I have been given access to the FTP, I did pay for one year. Doing Emu Movies through Launchbox was a breeze, thought this would be the same process.
  3. I did as you asked and I still get the same response. I even changed my password to make sure this was not the problem.
  4. I will give this a shot, thanks Joyrider
  5. I have tried numerous times to connect to the FTP I paid for a year subscription and I follow the setup shown on site. ftp.gameex.com user name- alanramsey90 password xxxxx port21 I keep getting 530 users cannot log in I have scoured Google and looked in this forum, but I can not find the solution. I hope I am asking in the right Forum area.
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