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  1. Hello there! First of all i would like to THANK you for this great community and forum. Thanks to you all i learned how to set up my own pinballmachine! I have managed to get everything right exept 2 things that ive spent some days on but i can´t get it right ; / 1. Pinball X starts, shows the game. IF i choose FX3 games it works! I come in to the game, BUT IF I CHOOSE Future Pinball Games the Game "starts" but after some black screen, it POPS me out to the wheel menu again ;/ ANYONE knows how to solve this? 2. The DMD is setup with right X Y and all that, and it shows in ALL the games in FX3 but when i "preview" the games with the wheeler the DMD don´t show up. Thanks in advanced! Help and answers is MUCH apprichiated! <3 Here is my .ini file if its helping everything! + LOG Pinballx.ini log.txt
  2. If you want all tables shown in PinballX "Table Manager" in Chronological order. Pinball FX3.xml
  3. Malinas

    Just bought a Viritual Pinball!

    I apprichiate so much that you taking your time to help me out. i will try this right away and tell you how it went
  4. Malinas

    Just bought a Viritual Pinball!

    Thanks for reply! im to chicken to try this cause im afraid something goes wrong, then i just have a cabinet standing in the living room without games. Mabye some PRO can control the computer and fix everything? If i pay? Is that even possible?
  5. Malinas

    Just bought a Viritual Pinball!

    Thank you for answer! When i try F8 the pinball X pre loads anyway. ;/ when i do ALT F4 i come to where i switch user, then the only user i can choose is ADMINISTRATOR and i don´t have the ADMINISTRATOR password, and the guy i bought it from does not have either ;/ So i don´t know what to do here, i want to be able to come into PinballX front end and add for instance FX3. This was very annoying. What i may try is to reset the administrator password from a boot disk, is there anyway i can destroy the PinballX setup doing that you think? Cause i am such a noob so i will never be able to install PinballX and add all the games and stuff by myself.
  6. Malinas

    Just bought a Viritual Pinball!

    Hi there all! Im totally new here and also with VP´s in general. But bought a Virtual Pinball machine from 2016 yesterday! My problem now, is that i can´t access to the PinballX frontend for updating. I can´t get into Windows, i know its Win 7 Ultimate on it though. Cause i want to change backglass movies in the FrontEnd, and also add some new games that i can buy, such as FX3 and so on. Please help out with tips with what i can do, cause i cant find a way to access it ;/ Or do i buy a new computer, to get that feature? What do do, what do do? Its that one https://retroactivearcade.ca/products/virtual-pinball-machine-820-tables Best regards from Sweden / Malin