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  1. I looked through again and I'm really not seeing that. Could you give step-by-step directions to it? :/ Sorry.
  2. I've looked through the Config program and I can't seem to find this, so is there any way to map the Exit Game function to something other than Escape? As a lot of emulators use escape to go to their settings screens, for mapping controls and the like. This is for non-MAME emulators, obviously.
  3. The T

    Rom Issues

    Or check/post the log in log.txt to see if there's any mention of the game not launching correctly.
  4. My ideas, after playing around a little: MAME parent/clone display: I've brought this one up before, but having parent/clone display ala the merged sets, and being able to specify which country you want as the primary... might take some work, to see what we'd need to accomplish for that, based on naming formats. Screensaver options: Something I've been a little confused about is, will the screensaver pull a random version of the game, or only pull the first one from the list(/parent for MAME)? I'd like the option to specify which (versions of) games are included in the screensaver... This would also add the benefit of being able to exclude games that really don't have an attract mode, like some of the really old cheap arcade games, or PC games and things that don't have it. Advanced game database support: I'm not sure what the current status on the game databases is--if they're being worked or not. I'd love to be able to edit my own databases to include things like romhacks, as well change some of the more goofier game descriptions. New game sorting options: For merged sets, I'd like to be able to choose what order the games sort in, based on country. I'd also love to be able to see games chronologically based on series--like, have an option under Super Mario World to view all Mario games on past systems... this could probably be linked into the database somehow, if support were added. Something with Romhacks: Not sure about this one, really, but I tend to want to have romhacks be shown as their own game, rather than included as an "alternate" under their main game. But I'd like the romhack, when you select it, to be able to link back to the main game, in a (smaller but similar) style to the above. Would need information from the database, again. Multiple emulator save games: This one might be relatively easy to implement, but is pretty low on my personal want list, but. Have the ability to have multiple saves/SRAMs for a game. Would be useful for games that only have one save slot. Could easily be done by letting you name a Save file (ie, "Bob"), and then renaming the rom to "Romname.Bob.sfc", and that will the sram save will correspond to that particular one. When you're done playing a game, GameEx can delete the temporary rom, but the save will still be there in the emulator's save folder. And sorry if any of these have been requested before...
  5. The T

    Sorting options

    Quite possibly! I was looking through other topics and saw information on map files and using parent/clone dats. Any easy guide on what I would need to do to get that all set up? Sorry for all the dumb questions... :S EDIT: Currently playing with RomCenter and using it to merge my roms, so we'll see what the results are...
  6. The T

    Sorting options

    Okay, so I just registered and got this setup for the other emulators. But it doesn't seem to be working right. A few games that all have the same name (like Super Mario World) are showing up right, but games with different names (Super Mario World - Yossy's Island VS Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) aren't being combined. Another set I have is merged in 7zip format, and for that one, it's only reading the main name, not looking at the roms in the 7zip archive. I'm positive I have 7zip support on. But it just reads it as the title of the 7zip archive, doesn't load up any information from the game's database, and doesn't let me choose which ROM to run.
  7. That did it. Thank you!
  8. I originally had turned on "Remove Text in Brackets", but have since turned it off. However, when I access the game list, it's still showing it without brackets. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to go somewhere to refresh the list?
  9. The T

    Sorting options

    Hmm... unless I'm missing something/chose the wrong option, the only one I can see is "Remove Duplicates", which... just flat out removes the duplicates. I want to merge everything under one item, so I can choose which version of the game to play. Is that at all possible?
  10. The T

    Sorting options

    Any handy guide I can read on how those work?
  11. The T

    Sorting options

    I swear I read this somewhere, but I'm not sure if it was just a feature request or if it's actually in there--if it is, I can't find it. So what I want to know is, is there a way to "group" the same games? What I mean is, for MAME, have "Play Game" lead to the US/main ROM, while have an option for "Other Version" that shows all the other country/versions of game. Would be nice to have it for other emulators to do this as well, but it would probably require one to manually link the ROMs together... which would be doable. So it is possible? Is it a potential feature request? Outside of that, when messing around with the MAME sorting options, what can I expect if I filter out games? Ideally I would like only one version of each game to be in the main list, but I don't want it to accidentally filter out any games...
  12. Okay, I just found what it is. I'm not sure if this applies to regular MAME, but I'm using AdvanceMAME and in the setup for it, it's set to "-dir_rom "C:\Emulators\Mame32\roms". So I had to actually change that for AdvanceMAME in the GameEX settings. Derp.
  13. The roms are in E:\Roms\Mame\roms, does that count? GameEX can see them fine. I'll try changing it in mame.ini and see if that helps. If that fails, I'll just put MAME on my storage drive with the roms.
  14. I have my MAME emulator on my C: drive, but all my roms on my E: drive. In the GameEX Setup Wizard, I choose the E: drive for both the MAME setup and the GameEX rom lookup setup. The roms show up in GameEX, but when it tries to launch them, according to the log, it's still searching in "C:\Emulators\Mame32\roms". Is there any other place I can correct this if the Setup Wizard is reporting something else?
  15. Right now, on my current budget, I'm really thinking I should put the RAID thing off... I can always do it one day in the future (even though it will probably mean restarting my storage as a whole). Someone else suggested this as an alternative to save $80 on Windows, with I think the only downside being not having support from Microsoft if I need it. But, that's what the internet is for... As far as one case VS the other, I just... really like the look of the Zalman one, so unless the Lian Li offers some other benefit I'm not seeing...? I'm kind of at the very end of my budget here (my goal really was about $1200 and I'm closing in on $1500, don't want to go over that)... I'll look into other options on the smaller drive, but I'm really not sold on Blu-Ray since... I doubt I'd ever buy any.
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