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  1. it would be nice if PinballX let you choose what to name recorded files
  2. Okay, I get it. But I have a lot of mods based on the same ROM so it's not an option. OK, I guess there is still manual renaming of recorded media or using PBX Recorder. It's not a big problem, but it would be nice if PinballX let you choose how to name the files. I will report this as a feature request.
  3. I know this option... is the general settings of PinballX. But you previously wrote "PinballX allows for either game name or filename of thr ROM". That's three options. Fuzzy matching is not the same thing.
  4. Where's that option in PinballX because I don't see it? At least it's not in the "Video recording" section... Can you tell me where I can find it?
  5. I don't use an external tool because the built-in one works great. The only problem is naming files.
  6. ROM? are You sure? Not filename? I think it would be less troublesome if you could (although as an option) record a video with the same file name as the description. If I download table audio and launch audio online using the game manager, it saves as a description, not as a file name... there are no consequences here
  7. There are no cases where 2 different games have the same name. If I have any MOD then I add "MOD" to the name and it's all right. Some games (especially new ones) are very often updated and file names change to v1.0, v1.01, v1.02 and so on. This requires a permanent change of the files in the media folder
  8. Is it possible to do something to make the recorded media write down according to the description and not the name of the vpx file? VPX file name is troublesome because after each update of the game it requires the names of all files in the media to be changed. If the files were named as in the description, everything would be OK.
  9. "show only not enabled" option in game manager would be very useful to filter all games that need service.
  10. I would just like to add that the "show only not enabled" option in game manager would be very useful to filter all games that need service.
  11. you gave me a nice idea... you can add unicode characters to the name... it will help a lot, thanks! examples: (U+1F527) https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/U+1F527 (U+1F6E0) https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/U+1F6E0 Can't copy/paste it on this forum, because error "The value entered includes a character that is not allowed such as an Emoji."
  12. but I don't want the frontend to automatically detect which tables require service, I realize it's impossible I want to create a separate menu item for tables that require service (I would place them there manually). The tables in this list should not appear in the "all tables" menu.
  13. I know that option, but I'm talking about something completely different. The option you're talking about forces me to laboriously search for unchecked games to be serviced in the game manager. I would like a dedicated menu where I would have a comfortable list of games to service.
  14. I know that you can create a list of games that don't show up in the "all tables" menu, but it's a separate system that has its own folders, and so on. But can I create a list of games that belong to the Visual Pinball system, are in the same folder as the others but will not be displayed in the "all tables" menu? I mean, for example, games that require servicing and should not be displayed in the menu until they are repaired.
  15. Feature Request: additional info in the info box It would be really helpful if the Info Box contained content that is outside the brackets in the description field. Typical game name consists of such elements: Game name (Manufacturer Year) version, author Now in the Info Box you can see the name before brackets, everything on the right of the brackets is omitted. However, the information there is also important information such as author and version. It would be great if this information appeared below the title in small print, grayed out (as less important but still important). The "Own notes" field in Game Manager would also be useful. "Own notes" could also appear in small print in the Info Box (any of your own information that is important to us).
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