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    Logo help

    I wasnt able to figure it out. The only fix I could come up with was use the tekken3ua rom and logo and that works. Thank you for all the suggestions.
  2. Badazzwi

    Logo help

    Mame .205 and Mame .205 non merged roms. I've hit update list so many times. I'll try the one from Mr. Do when I get home tonight.
  3. Badazzwi

    Logo help

    Yep logos are png. I'm baffled. It doesn't make sense. I'm using non merged roms so I can just add the games I want and keep it clean. Maybe I'll try other versions of the rom and see what happens. Is there an explanation somewhere on how Gameex handles non merged, split and merged roms?
  4. Badazzwi

    Logo help

    Game loads fine. all other artwork is there. I only have around 30 games atm. Other Tekkens show logo. log.txt GameEx.ini
  5. Badazzwi

    Logo help

    I have been slowly setting up Gameex Arcade Edition to my liking and I usually can work out issues my self but this one is frustrating me. Slowly adding games and everything is fine except the logo for Tekken 3 wont show up in game selection. Just plain text. It's in the logo folder. The rom and logo are the same name. I've deleted and redownloaded. I've renamed other logos to tekken3 to see if they show up and no. Just plain text. I know it probably wouldnt matter to most but it bothers the heck out of me. Any thoughts?
  6. Badazzwi


    Hello all! Cheers to those drinking beers! New guy here. I've been looking for new frontend for a resurrected Mame machine and I ended up here because I hear nothing but good about the products and the people here. Game on!
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