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  1. Tom, I updated AE to 16.22, still couldn’t get it work. So l deleted Lav filters so, I start AE and had distorted graphics again. I changed screen resolution and started AE now it works fine. Thanks for help.
  2. Hi Tom, the Lav filters are ver. 74.1 that , I’m using. The video themes play fine outside of Arcade edition. Since last post, I’ve made sure, lav was up to date. I’ve had the video audio lag before, but not that much lag. I’ve tried turning off setting lav from other post forum. This issue is only affected video theme, using arcade edition. If, I swap the video and video theme around the video plays fine and when theme starts playing video lag. So , thinking maybe, it’s a computer, I install AE on high end gaming pc and there is still video lag. Both pc are using windows 10 so it could be something, that was done in an update. 60294813517__095A24AE-C8A3-4C77-BC95-43BACAA4102A.MOV
  3. This with lav on 60280143370__650A47A7-62A6-469B-8CAF-ACD2AA470E28.MOV
  4. I have a question about using Lav filter about setting it up correctly. With lav on video plays fine, but audio on video theme is lagging, how do I fix this? Video plays fine but audio is about 10 sec ahead of video. When you press enter on game you want to play and generic video plays fine. If, I turn off lav filter, the video is distorted and audio Plays fine, this only happens when video theme is playing. Also if, I play video theme outside gameex arcade edition video play fine without using lav filter.
  5. Hi Draco I tried that, gameex never included those, roms in proper category. After refreshing list, but what ever Tom tweaked, in lastest build. The majority of the roms showed up on proper list.
  6. Hi, Tom What ever you did, that fixed 4 player game list issue. Thanks It also added missing trackball games. As far as the light gun games it also add a bunch of missing games to list. It’s missing Aliens 3, Area 51, Area 51/ maximum force duo, carnevil, rail chase, revolution x, Terminator 2,, and point blank 2. There might be a total of 10 missing.
  7. Here are some images of the wheel, that missing games. I have a full 211 MAME rom set on machine and they all work. I’ve also installed nplayers.ini .211
  8. Hi Tom, it’s missing a bunch games. The Simpsons, tmnt, tmnt in time, snow bros 2, silent Dragon, NFL Blitz, super high impact, venettta. Those are just of some off the top my head. Its also missing a bunch from gun games and spinner games.
  9. Hi, Tom have had a chance to look at the incomplete list, issue yet?
  10. Hi Tom, I just wanted to know, if you found any issues, on this topic yet ?
  11. Hi, here is the GameEx.ini, the first one is AE another on is GameEX GameEx.ini GameEx.ini
  12. I have tried different version of Mame from .201 to .210 command line version. I have tried nplayers.ini from .201 to .207. the 4 player and light games list are incomplete on AE, EVO and gameex. When, all games tab is selected, all the missing games are there and work fine. Here are the log txt and show log files, for AE. The next 2 files are for gameex. log.txt ShowLog.exe log.txt ShowLog.exe
  13. Hi, yes, installed the most recent 0.207 version of nplayers.ini . I also installed .207 version of Mame also, with same result . It had an incomplete 4 player game list. It also had incomplete list for light gun games. I also tried gameex and gameex EVO with the same rom set and version of Mame and .207 nplayers.ini. They both had same incomplete list of games, as in AE. If you select all games tab and select a game , those games are listed and play fine. I just can’t get any version of gameex to list an complete list for those category’s.
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