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  1. uberpubert69

    [SOLD] Nvidia GTX 970 Reference Model for Sale

    Yeah considering my friend just gave it to me too. I honestly would have kept it but I already have a Sapphire Radeon R9 390 OC and the difference in performance is negligible.
  2. uberpubert69

    Sega Dreamcast with 2 controllers and VMU and game

    Yeah its a real shame. I also wish it could have gone a little farther than it did. Would have probably gotten even more kick ass arcade ports and tons of capcom classics.
  3. uberpubert69

    [SOLD] Nvidia GTX 970 Reference Model for Sale

    I actually sold it for 202 on ebay auction
  4. This thing was used one time because my brother bought it without understanding what bottlenecking is. His board/CPU couldn't handle it lol. Again, I ask.
  5. You heard it right. I'd like 170 for it but just throw me a message. Got it from my friend who got an alienware laptop with one of those power brick huge sh** that you attach to it to make it op as F**K. Looks like he upgraded and upgraded because this thing looks brand new. Even has the plastic shrink crap on the glass window still. Again, I'll post pics if theres any interest.
  6. uberpubert69

    5 Mario Famicom Games for Sale

    I got Dr Mario, Super Mario Bros 1, USA, 3, and a repro cart for Super Mario Bros. 2 which of course was a Famicom Disk System Exclusive. They're all in great shape with the exception of Dr. Mario which is stained and the bottom corner of the cart slot plastic has a chip. If anyone is interested I'll take the time to upload some sweet pix. Of the games of course. gimme offers....
  7. I got a fully working spare Sega Dreamcast thats been just laying around and I figured I'd sell it to someone awesome here who I know will take care of it. Comes with 2 controllers and a VMU and Namco Museum. No spare cables though unfortunately. Any offers? I'll post some pics if theres any interest.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/112613640123?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 I'm really in a bind right now and unfortunately need some money and I'm gonna have to part with my most favorite handheld. Just replaced the shell too... I can take down the listing if anyone is interested. Just message me with any questions if any.
  9. uberpubert69

    Surround Sound setup help

    So I've since taken it apart to the best of my ability and I saw no popped caps or anything that looked out of place. I'm still convinced its a overheating issue. Just don't know if I can simply take the heatsink off and apply regular thermal paste to it.
  10. uberpubert69

    Surround Sound setup help

    Thank you both for the response. I'm more convinced that its just an overheating issue because I noticed that there's a fan inside. and the fan is not spinning. And it hasn't spun in years. I just never thought anything of it. Now being somewhat of a computer nerd I understand the need for heat distribution and importance of keeping things cool. I took the back plate off the woofer and I put a regular house fan against it and it lasted WAY longer. I was actually able to listen to a few songs without it shutting off. Though it still shut off. Just means I probably need more direct airflow. And of course a replacement fan is over 30 dollars if Im looking for that specific model fan. 0.19a 12v DC 2 pin PoS... Making progress though!
  11. uberpubert69

    Surround Sound setup help

    So I've had this JVC TH-C3 system since it first came out and its worked great for years. Until several years ago where the subwoofer shuts off abruptly during movies or music. specifically when at high volumes or levels of bass. Ive tried replacing it with newer stuff but nothing comes close to having as good as my old JVCs bass. Recently I've seen it could be bad speaker connections, but I have no speakers attached when testing and it still shuts off. The louder, the quicker it does it. It can go up to 60 but I can't even break 45 before it starts to shut off. One thing to mention is when I first was given this I was a child and I butchered the connector port that connects the subwoofer to the receiver. It looks like a S-Video port but it isn't. I was thinking maybe that port is loose as shit and when the subwoofer shakes it jostles it just enough to cut the connection. If that's the case, can anyone point me in the right direction for replacement parts so I can solder a new connector to the woofer? I know it's not a port specific to my model receiver because I remember ripping the cable off my brothers dad when he had replaced his surround sound. If need be I can take pics but I don't have time to atm. Just hoping someone would know what I was talking about. Thanks for any help.
  12. uberpubert69

    [RESOLVED] SSF Black Screen issue

    I figured it out fairly quickly. But tbh the framerate seems to be worse with the bios than without. It seems that SSF is still the only viable option I have. I just need to get it working again. To anyone who has this issue, this is a known issue for v0.12 R4. There's a way around it, though I forget what I did to fix it last time. I ended up just going to the home page of SSF and downloaded the "Test" version here http://www.geocities.jp/mj3kj8o5/ssf/files/SSF_TestVer.zip You'll have black screen on full screen on this but you can fix it with these settings in my screenie
  13. uberpubert69

    [RESOLVED] SSF Black Screen issue

    So I just tried the Yabause core of RetroArch and it runs horribly. I have to have frameskip on just to get decent frames on Castlevania SotN. idk if theres something that needs to be setup. Does RetroArch take the Saturn BIOS somewhere? NonMAME also says reicast core is better than my NullDC setup and it definitely isn't. Most games run awfully or crash. But maybe I'm doing something wrong on my end. :/
  14. uberpubert69

    [RESOLVED] SSF Black Screen issue

    I updated the first post with my logs. If that's true I'd like some help getting retroarch set up in GameEx. This is the command retroarch -L /path/to/libretro/core.so game.rom but I wasn't able to get it to work.
  15. uberpubert69

    [RESOLVED] SSF Black Screen issue

    I'm trying to play my Sega Saturn games but whenever I load SSF the game mounts and loads up fine, it just has a black screen and I can't play even though I can hear the audio of the game running in the background. When I switch from fullscreen to windowed mode I can see the game for a split second. I had this problem before and I fixed it by changing a setting within SSF apparently from what I remember its a bug of some sort. I erased my settings to default and it still doesn't work. I can't remember where I found the fix and I've been searching all over. Any help would be appreciated if anyone knows this issue. I'm on v0.12 b4 btw SSF.ini GameEx.ini log.txt