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  1. I was wondering how realistic of a possibility it would be to have some kind of wrapper or something to launch the Windows 10 xbox app so you could stream your Xbox One "within" GameEx. I have over 100 games on the Xbox One and being able to have every game I own available within GameEx would be super dope. But again don't know how realistic or stupid of an idea this is. I don't have the service but I'm also curious about the possibility of Playstation Now games within GameEx... Thanks guys.
  2. No, thank you man! You got some mad coding skills. I'll be sure to mess with the new updated plugin and tell you my results shortly. Been real busy the last couple days heh. I've discovered nearly all of my Saturn ISOs are bad dumps or just dumps SSF doesn't like. So I've been able to quickly mount and test nearly my entire Saturn library which isn't much but hey lol. Now my GameEx setup is nearly perfect now.
  3. Funny you say that. I used to have major issues with my Sega CD games having bad CUE files so much so I downloaded a "Sega cue maker" program and still have it in my SSF directory lol. It seems everything's right but I guess I need to look for those hyperlist cues sounds like.
  4. Yeah, no worries at all! After much testing it seems most of my Saturn ISOs are either bad dumps or I should be loading the ISOs and not their .CUE files. I just tried loading Castlevania SotN for Saturn manually outside of GameEx and it came up wit an error mounting the .CUE. Mounting the ISO was no problem though. I'm just worried about not getting any music in my games because a lot of ISOs have the MP3s outside of the ISO. But that's another problem entirely. The .Cue files are what you want right? dtloader.log
  5. yessssssssssssssss! Everything mounts and unmounts perfectly now. idk if at all possible, but is there a way to remove the delay for when emulation has ended and GameEx reloads up? Its about 10 seconds of black screen to wait for GameEx to return. If not that's something I can live with I'm just glad my ISOs are mounting and unmounting lmao Otherwise everything mounts and unmounts what seems like instantly. The only real noticeable delay like I said is when you quit the game, it'll take a tad longer now to return to GamEx. Soooooo happy right now btw lol
  6. Seriously, you're the man! I appreciate everything you've done thus far
  7. The settings are to delay the mounting process itself, and my settings are already set to no delay and it still doesn't mount fast enough... Reading up to see if theres anything else not on the GameEx side of things that can be done to fix things but it doesn't seem that there is anything really. Apparently Windows has natively supported mounting ISOs since 8.1, is this true? If so could we try seeing if that's a better option? Probably not I don't see Microsoft going out of their way having SCSI or other drive settings like that if it did. :/ Heres images of what I see when I try playing. Top image is after I end emulation and GameEx loads back up. Bottom image is when files has decompressed and emulation has started. Seems like the mounting process is taking too long or something.
  8. You are the best sir. However with the new settings everything still seems to behave the same. Should I delete my J drive? is it intended to auto mount to J and delete it without it being there manually? Alright so I think we're almost done with fixing all this. I can get everything to mount it seems like. And its all mounting to the J drive now. Only problem is, the emulators open before the ISO gets a chance to mount. For example Ill Load up Albert Odyssey for Saturn, it will decompress my 7z and SSF will load. After emulator loads my Virtual Disc Drive pops up telling me to insert a disc. After closing the emulator the ISO actually gets mounted. So everything is getting mounted too late and the emulators cant find the ISO because it's essentially loading an empty drive and DT doesn't mount until after emulation has ceased completely, not after a couple seconds have passed. Only when emulation has ended does the ISO mount. Any way to delay the launching of the emulator so the ISO has time to mount first? GameEx.ini log.txt runitgame.bat dtloader.log
  9. C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTCommandLine.exe
  10. Sweet action, yeah Magic Engine requires a specific drive to be specified too. Otherwise with SSF at least it will keep mounting images without unmounting them and the wrong ISO gets loaded
  11. I know, It's just that SSF needs to have a disc drive pointed to in its ini and when you quick mount it doesn't let me set it because the drive is somehow mounting after ssf launches and it can't see it. I'm sorry for my complicated setup lol. Mednafen just doesn't do it for me... :/
  12. Running as admin did nothing. On a fresh install the checkmark is on after restarting the manager now. After messing with some things everything seems to work it just doesn't mount to where I want it to. and it doesn't seem to unmount either. I want all my ISOs to mount to my J Virtual Drive. log.txt GameEx.ini dtloader.log
  13. Yeah, none of the plugins enable either the default ones or manually downloaded ones. Not sure what the problem is... :/ Both 64 bit and 32 bit versions do this
  14. It's the only thing that keeps me going. lmao. ive had no luck with the latest plugin. will try through the repository manager and check back. I know ssf.exe [DTLOADER-SCSI] used to work for me but atm it isn't. It isn't GameEx specifically that's got something wrong. Daemon Tools changes their Commands each time they make a new version. Edit: Repo manager changed nothing. idk what the problem could be. @Adultery That sounds like an amazing feature they put in. All of my ISOs are 7z compressed lol PM'd you all my logs and config files btw
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