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  1. Game Manager could need an "Export media from tables in the database". This way you can gather all the linked media files that are actually in use in one place and get rid of all the left overs, junk, duplicates, old unused files, etc, with ease. It also needs a "Remove missing tables from the database". Every time you delete a table from the tables folder, you also have to manually delete it in the Game Manager. This isn't an issue if it's only a few tables but if it's like 300+ (like in my case) then it becomes a problem.
  2. Here's the scenario. After a couple of years of setting up your system, gathering media, renaming/deleting/replacing tables, etc, you end up with a huge 10+ GB media folder where at least half of it is unused/old files or duplicates with wrong names that don't get used by Pinball X anymore. How can you get rid of them so you only keep the active files? Of course, we are talking about thousands of files here in this case, in various different folders, so tracking down all the files manually, one by one, is not an option. One solution would be an "export media" option. For instance, the game manager would detect the media files that are "linked" to the tables in the database and export them in a folder. That folder would be the active files that you need so you could now easily delete the old folders and transfer the new ones there. Is there any option anywhere or an addon where this is possible? This could save a lot of space and make your setup much less cluttered, depending on how big your media folder is.
  3. I was hoping to avoid this procedure. It's not faster than deleting one by one the tables i have removed. I thought being able to remove the missing tables from the database could easily be a one button thing. Press the "Remove missing tables from the database" button and done!. I guess i can't avoid the manual work (which i will have to do twice, once for VP9 and once for VPX since i need them in two separate databases). But thanks for trying to help.
  4. None. I want to make two different databases, one for VPX and one for VP9. But i can't remove the tables from the database, i have to do it one by one. And i also can't make two fresh databases because i have put a lot of work with renaming and other info that i manually added. So these will be wiped off if i make new databases. I need my current database but split in VP9 and VPX tables. If i could just remove the tables that don't exist in the tables folder i could easily do this. i just select all tables with the vpt extension and move them somewhere. Then i could remove all the missing tables and save the database for VPX (with all my changes intact). Then i could do the opposite, move the VPX tables from the folder, delete them all from the database and save it as the VP9 database. Now it's going to take hours of work removing the tables one by one by memory, once for VP9 and another for VPX because i have a large tables collection (800+ tables). I tried it and can't find this delete functionality. You can delete one by one like in the regular game manager but there is no option to remove missing tables or even a filter.
  5. Ok got it. So i need to make separate folders for VP9 and VPX. One last question though. What about the "other" files in the default tables directory? Like the B2Sserver files, the dlls etc? Aren't they supposed to be in the default folder along with the tables in order to work? But anyway, thanks. I will test it when i get back.
  6. I deleted a lot of old VP9 tables from the "tables" folder (more than 300) but they still exist in the database. So i'm trying to use Game Manager to remove them but i don't see any option to remove missing files from the database. Also, i don;t want to create a fresh database because i made tons of changes and name editing in the current one and it will take me hours to re-do them. Is there a way to clear up the database from the non-existing tables without having to delete them one by one?
  7. How do i add vpx or pv9 tables separately though? Game manager just reads all of them and adds them in any list. There is no option or filter to add vpx only or vp9 only. Do i have to use a separate tables folder and path for each maybe? Isn't that going to mess up the paths since "tables" must be the only correct one? Anyway, i'll give this a try.
  8. Is there another way to split VP9 and VPX tables? When i use the game manager it adds everything in one list. How else can i launch the correct tables with the correct VP version without using the alternate exe command? I'm trying to figure this out for hours and can't find anything.
  9. Yes but PinballX doesn't know which exe to run. If i use vp9 as my main emulator then i have to add this line to every vpx table in the database file: <alternateexe>VPinballX.exe</alternateexe> If i don't, whenever i try to launch a vpx table i get a warning that i'm using the wrong version (because it launches vp9) and then it closes.
  10. I have setup a large collection of tables from both vp9 and vpx. So i have to use the alternate exe to be able to run both. Since i started with vp9, i setup the alternate exe as vpx. Problem is that some tables (like The Getaway 2) don't save the nvram (and the high scores) this way. On my secondary setup where i only run vpx tables (so i don't use alternate exe) Getaway 2 saves the nvram fine. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using the latest PinballX version as of now.
  11. Thanks all for the replies. I appreciate it. The program i use for measuring is Afterburner. The issue is with the system. Maybe the way it detects the screens (i have two). Sometimes when i go from one screen to the other i get this behavior. If i re-do the change, it fixes itself. That's only when i want to end up to the second monitor. The first monitor is always smooth 100% of the time. In my later testings i saw this behavior with VPX, even without PinballX so it's not an issue with the later as i initially thought. So all is well, thanks again for the replies.
  12. Sorry for the late reply but i was troubleshhoting this to find the cause. It doesn't matter which table i use, the behavior is the same with all of them. However, i noticed that sometimes it doesn't do that and the tables run 100% smooth with or without PinballX. So that means there's must be something funny with my system or panels. Need to test more.
  13. I just discovered this and i need to see if it's a known issue or how to fix. After using PinballX to launch Visual Pinball X, i noticed that some tables had microstutters that there weren't there before. Like, subtle repeated frames ever 20 seconds or so. You may or may not notice this, it depends on how sensitive you are with this. But it's there, and here's the proof: The first half of the graph is two tables played in Visual Pinball X, without the PinballX frontend in the background. You can see that the lines are perfectly flat. The other half is the same tables but this time i launched them via PinballX. You can see the lines are not the same, Every about 20 seconds i lose a frame, which looks like a noticeable stutter. This is very bad since i need PinballX to run a pincab. Is this known? Can it be fixed?
  14. Thanks. That's what i'm doing now. Although, resizing the DMD manually like that messes up it's pixels since it's impossible to resize it evenly. And you end up with an uneven pixel density which looks ugly. So you need to give exact 2x/3x/4x, etc values in the registry.
  15. I have this issue with many good VPX tables like Indiana Jones and Monster Bash. Graphically they look so much better than the VP9 versions. But the backglass doesn't show the score anymore with those. They do have a small DMD that i can move around but i always hide this. Is there a way for the backglass itself to show the scores?
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