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  1. whats going on , i can load any table w/ vpx, but when using pinballx , randomly when selecting a table, it locks up the entire pc , cant even control, shift , escape, have to totally shut off pc and restart, what a pain any ideas of whats happening thanks
  2. Having problems with pinballx randomly locking up. games work fine from visual pinball x or vp9, but in pinball x some of them lock up the whole system and I have to shut down and restart the whole computer. Any  ideas?

    1. slickric


      any help????????????????????

    2. Tom Speirs

      Tom Speirs

      Hi. You should post your questions on the forum buddy.

  3. finally my pc is ready every table working and uploaded to the frontload, have studied and solved every problem except when trying to import media files nothing will import, I really don't understand why its not pulling the media , any help , would like to figure this out so I can spend some time /w the wife and kids and not have to manually download and place all the media in the folders, any clues why its not pulling media thanks ps I am a subscriber and just looked and the media is online , it is just painfull to do manually, why cant it pull the media???
  4. ok, so I made a separate visual pinballx media folder and copied all the files I had previously downloaded and they are working correctly, but now when I try to download additional visual pinball x media it is not downloading to either folder
  5. thanks think I figured it out all the tables from my tables folder downloaded in vp9 mgr so had to delete them, now the only prob is trying to inport into vpin 10 the media, its finding nothing????
  6. thanks here are the logs [Display] Monitor=0 rotate=270 Windowed=False WindowWidth=480 WindowHeight=720 WindowX=0 WindowY=65 PlayFieldBrightness=230 WheelTextColor=ffffffff WheelTextOutlineColor=ff000000 InfoTextColor=ffffffff InfoTextOutlineColor=ff000000 FilterTextColor=ffffffff FilterTextOutlineColor=ff000000 MenuColor=ffffa500 [BackGlass] monitor=1 x=0 y=0 width=1920 height=1080 AutoPositionB2S=True [DMD] Enabled=True monitor=2 x=0 y=0 width=900 height=300 AutoPositionPinMAME=False [FileSystem] EnableFileMatching=True [Interface] DesktopModeEnabled=False EnableAdditionalDetail=True ShowSystem=True ShowRatings=True [Audio] StreamVolume=100 SampleVolume=100 PlaySoundInVideos=True [Startup] playsound=True playvideo=False StartWithWindows=no [KeyCodes] quit=27 left=37 right=39 select=13 rotate=82 pageleft=33 pageright=34 exitemulator=81 ingame=80 screenshot=83 capturevideos=86 instructions=73 volumedown=109 volumeup=107 credit=53 plunger=164 launch=50 [JoyCodes] quit=10 left=0 right=1 select=2 rotate=11 pageleft=3 pageright=4 exitemulator=12 ingame=13 instructions=14 launch=17 Credit=15 Plunger=16 [Text] All=All PlayGameTwoPlayer=Two Player Game Line1=Free Play Line2=Press Start Featuring=Featuring Tables=Tables PlayGame=Play Game Instructions=Instructions Information=Information Flyer=Flyer Gameplay=Gameplay Tutorial=Tutorial Promo=Promo ExitGame=Exit Game ReturnToGame=Return to Game Return=Return Exit=Exit Shutdown=Shutdown Favorite=Favorite Favorites=Favorites FavoritesAdd=Add To Favorites FavoritesRemove=Remove From Favorites MostPlayed=Most Played LastPlayed=Last Played Lists=Lists CapturingVideos=Capturing videos. Please wait. This will take several minutes. Ratings=Ratings HighScores=High Scores RateTable=Rate Table NotRated=Not Rated [FuturePinball] Enabled=True WorkingPath=h:\-PINBALL-\-FUTURE PINBALL- TablePath=h:\-PINBALL-\-FUTURE PINBALL-\Tables Executable=Future Pinball.exe Parameters=/open "[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" /play /exit /arcaderender LaunchBeforeEnabled=false LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=True MouseClickFocus=True [VisualPinball] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Visual Pinball TablePath=C:\Visual Pinball\Tables Executable=VPinball995.exe Parameters=/play -"[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeEnabled=false LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterWorkingPath= LaunchAfterExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchAfterHideWindow=False LaunchAfterWaitForExit=True AutoConfigure=False [ExitScreen] Enabled=True EnableExit=True EnableShutdown=True [StartupProgram] Enabled=false WorkingPath= Executable=notepad.exe Paramaters= HideWindow=true WaitForExit=false [ExitProgram] Enabled=false WorkingPath= Executable=notepad.exe Paramaters= HideWindow=False WaitForExit= [AttractMode] Enabled=True Timer=1 ShowFor=15 MuteAudio=False [System_1] Name=MAME Enabled=False WorkingPath=C:\- EMULATORS -\- MAME - TablePath=C:\ Executable=mamep64.exe Parameters=[TABLEFILE] SystemType=0 [AutoExit] Enabled=False Minutes=10 [Login] Enabled=True StreamQuality=7 [PinballFX2] Enabled=False WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Game Studios\Pinball FX2 Executable=Pinball FX2.exe Parameters=-applaunch 226980 [TABLEFILE] Process=Pinball FX2.exe Rotate=False WaitFor=20 [PinballArcade] WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 238260 Process=PinballArcade.exe WaitForSelect=50 [GameListManager] onlinemode=true [RealDMD] EnableColor=True Color=ffff1414 [PinballFX3] WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=Pinball FX3.exe Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" Process=Pinball FX3.exe Rotate=False WaitFor=20 Enabled=True [Topper] monitor=2 [VideoCapture] KeysStartRecord=164|120 KeysEndRecord=164|120 Seconds=45 UseGPU=False [Internal] lastwheelcachematchsize=-1123 lastselected=Twilight Zone Skitso detail mod 1.5Twilight Zone Skitso detail mod 1.5VisualPinball filter_year= filter_company= filter_custom= filter_favorites=False filter_lastplayed=False filter_mostplayed=False filtername=Tables filter_rating=0 [Plugin_1] Enabled=False Name=PlugInLED.dll [Plugin_2] Enabled=True Name=PlugInSpeech.dll [Plugin_3] Enabled=False Name=QuickLaunch (PinballX Edition).dll [Plugin_4] Enabled=False Name=Xpadder Plugin.dll [SetupWizard] EmuPath1=C:\Emulation\Emulators AssetPath1=C:\Emulation\Assets ROMPath1=C:\Emulation\ROMs DefaultPathPrompt=True DownloadDatabasePrompt=True DownloadEmulatorPrompt=True WizardMode=Basic SavePosition=False SearchText= EmulatorIndex=0 EmulatorGroupIndex=0 DaphneIndex=0 HTMLAppsIndex=0 ExternalAppsIndex=0 RadioStationsIndex=0 NewsFeedsIndex=0 MappedDrivesIndex=0 SystemIndex=1 ShowPanel=True FontSize=1 WindowSize=650, 478 WindowLocation=1117, 101 WindowState=Maximized CustomArray= SearchArray= SectionIndex=22 [frmInfo] Size=386, 322 Location=767, 359 WindowState=Normal [System_2] Name=visual pinball x WorkingPath=C:\Visual Pinball TablePath=C:\Visual Pinball\Tables Executable=VPinballX.exe Parameters=/play -"[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchBeforeEnabled=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchAfterEnabled=False LaunchAfterExecutable=notepad.exe LaunchAfterWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterHideWindow=False [System_3] Name= WorkingPath= TablePath= Executable= Parameters= LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchAfterExecutable= 13:25:39.1 1/28/2019: PinballX - Version 3.28 13:25:39.1 1/28/2019: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (8GB) 13:25:39.1 1/28/2019: Loading Settings 13:25:39.1 1/28/2019: Initialize Component 13:25:39.1 1/28/2019: Initialize Display 13:25:39.2 1/28/2019: Loading PlugIns 13:25:39.2 1/28/2019: Loaded Plugin:"Speak Game Names" Version 1 By Tom Speirs 13:25:39.3 1/28/2019: PlugIn: "Speak Game Names" Initialized OK 13:25:39.3 1/28/2019: Using Plugin System Version: 1 13:25:39.3 1/28/2019: Looking for startup images 13:25:39.4 1/28/2019: Testing Flash engine. 13:25:39.5 1/28/2019: Hiding Cursor 13:25:39.5 1/28/2019: Hiding Taskbar 13:25:39.5 1/28/2019: Getting GPU Information 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: GPU 1: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Displays: 1 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Load Game List 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Loading Database: Pinball FX3 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Loading Database: Future Pinball 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Loading Database: Visual Pinball 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Initial load gamelist took: 47ms 13:25:39.6 1/28/2019: Finding and matching artwork and videos 13:25:40.0 1/28/2019: Took: 407ms 13:25:40.0 1/28/2019: Loading Game Statistics and Scores 13:25:40.3 1/28/2019: Main display running full screen windowed. 13:25:40.4 1/28/2019: Loading Surfaces 13:25:40.4 1/28/2019: Finished Loading Surfaces 13:25:40.4 1/28/2019: Initialize Audio 13:25:40.4 1/28/2019: Set Keyboard Controls 13:25:40.4 1/28/2019: Initialize Joystick 13:25:40.5 1/28/2019: No Joysticks Attached 13:25:40.5 1/28/2019: Started 13:25:46.0 1/28/2019: Launch System 13:25:46.0 1/28/2019: Waiting for threads 13:25:46.1 1/28/2019: Disposing display 13:25:46.8 1/28/2019: C:\Visual Pinball\VPinball995.exe /play -"C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\TOTAN_1.2.0.vpx" 13:25:46.8 1/28/2019: C:\PinballX\vpauto.exe 13:26:34.4 1/28/2019: Main display running full screen windowed. 13:26:38.6 1/28/2019: Launch System 13:26:38.6 1/28/2019: Waiting for threads 13:26:38.6 1/28/2019: Disposing display 13:26:39.3 1/28/2019: C:\Visual Pinball\VPinball995.exe /play -"C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\TOTAN_1.2.0.vpx" 13:26:39.3 1/28/2019: C:\PinballX\vpauto.exe 13:27:00.7 1/28/2019: Main display running full screen windowed. 13:27:04.1 1/28/2019: Launch System 13:27:04.1 1/28/2019: Waiting for threads 13:27:04.1 1/28/2019: Disposing display 13:27:05.7 1/28/2019: C:\Visual Pinball\VPinball995.exe /play -"C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\TOTAN_1.2.0.vpx" 13:27:05.7 1/28/2019: C:\PinballX\vpauto.exe 13:28:39.1 1/28/2019: Main display running full screen windowed. 13:28:56.2 1/28/2019: Launch System 13:28:56.2 1/28/2019: Waiting for threads 13:28:56.2 1/28/2019: Disposing display 13:28:56.1 1/28/2019: C:\Visual Pinball\VPinball995.exe /play -"C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\Twilight Zone Skitso detail mod 1.5.vpx" 13:28:57.0 1/28/2019: C:\PinballX\vpauto.exe 13:30:03.7 1/28/2019: Main display running full screen windowed. 13:30:36.3 1/28/2019: Exiting 13:30:36.3 1/28/2019: Showing Taskbar 13:30:36.3 1/28/2019: Unhiding Mouse Cursor 13:30:36.3 1/28/2019: Disposing Plugins 13:30:36.3 1/28/2019: Saving Settings 13:30:36.3 1/28/2019: Bye
  7. so here is what I think is up, I loadedtales of the arab knights, and twilight zone both vp x tables but it seems they are trying to load w/ vpin 9 through the front end pinball x, my thought or question is how does the front load pinball x know when to start a game in vpx exe or vpin 9 exe, I think that's whats up since all tables for 9 and x are in the same folder but all work perfectly until I use the frontloader, thanks john
  8. I set up visual pinball 9 in the "visual pinball" setting , then vpx in "other systems" setup. When I load a vpx table it will crash and in the help settings the system shows its trying to load thru vpin9. Opposite happens with some of the vpin9 tables - it will try to load through vpx. All tables are in one folder, works outside of Pinball x but does not seem to work inside. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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