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  1. @Stigzler - Thanks for the reply... In looking at the CustomMenu.ini file, I don't see a "Home" option: # The Item Types are as follows # -1= Submenu group. Goto other menu. Parameter = Menu number e.g Item=-1,Sub Menu 1,4 goes to [MENU_4]. # - Will be listed in GameEx as "Sub Menu 1" # 0=MAME # 1=Emulator. Parameter = Emulator Nunber # 2=Application. Parameter = Application Number # 3=Web Application. Parameter = Web Application Number # 4=Theme Picker # 5=Start Screensaver # 6=Configuration Application # 7=Statistics # 8=Export To Mce # 9=Most Played # 10=Last Played # 11=Random Game # 12=Favorites # 13=All Games list # 14=News # 15=Search # 16=Exit # 17=Log Off # 18=Shut Down # 19=Hibernate # 20=Standby # 21=Restart # 22=Videos # 23=Play DVD # 24=Jukebox # 25=DVDs on Disk # 26=Radio # 27=Media Library # 28=eBooks # 29=Karaoke # 30=Pictures # 31=Daphne # 32=Emulator Group. Paramater = Group Number # 33=Blank Line I just pulled up the GameEx Custom Menu GUI and I see that there are more options after Blank Line that are not documented in the file. But even in there, I do not see a "Home" option. I'm on version 14.41, so if it's changed recently, that could be my problem. UPDATE: From the Custom Menu GUI, I would infer that: #34=YouTube #35=GameBase System #36=GameEx Arcade #37=Steam #38=Netflix #39=TV #40=Origin #41=Uplay #42=Movie Database #43=Weather #44=Live - Most Played #45=Live - Favorites #46=Highest Rated If you were referring to the "Home" option on the menu versus the list, that doesn't really solve my problem. I need it selectable in the list, with my own text.
  2. I would like to request a Custom Menu Item option that causes the menu displayed to jump back to the ROOT menu.
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  4. I have to agree that the Raspberry Pi is not a viable platform for GameEx. It's questionable for just the games... I have tried RetroPie, and it doesn't run well on the Pi... I'm sure that the recently released v.2 Pi is more powerful, but still unsure if it really runs games at an acceptable speed (I don't have one to test it on).
  5. Just in case Tom is checking back here and he asked... I do use Steam and Origin on my normal machine. I haven't integrated them into my arcade machine yet, but it's an interesting possibility now.
  6. Thanks Tom! Keep it coming.
  7. Thoughts and prayers are with you nullPointer.
  8. Nice job! I think this is my last score that still stands at the top... but, high scores were made to be beaten! Good luck!
  9. Tom, thanks for letting us know us status here!
  10. Wow! I didn't even know that the levels looped... I've never gotten past flying saucers... Those spinning bullets get me every time! I've just avoided the level ending plane for long periods of time to get to my scores.
  11. Don't let KRC know about this game... He'll knock us down a peg here as well!
  12. My score was more than broken... It was destroyed!!! Wow... You da man!
  13. Wow! I've never broken 300K before! I'll have to see if I can come back to it... That's got to be a long game... I wonder how many times you pressed the fire button??!?!?! My hands were tired at 208K.
  14. Thanks. I'm usually not gone very long, just reading instead of posting. I think this friendly high score competition is great! I'm pretty old school, and haven't played most of the newer games, but I need to try them!
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