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  1. Happy birthday Fyrecrypts!! Hope all is well!

  2. HiTo text problem

    Shoot, I thought I had this one fixed. I'll double check and see if the issue is still in the most current version.
  3. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Thought I'd post another update post. We're up to 249 games now, but could always use more help. Links to files can be found at the link in my sig. Enjoy!
  4. HiToText

    Both Track & Field and Neo Turf Masters use only nvram for decoding, and I wonder if perhaps a check for the existence of a trackfld.hi or turfmast.hi in GameEx might be causing the score menu to not show up. HiToText actually allows for the usage of -r trackfld.hi and will determine it should actually be looking for trackfld.nv to decipher the scores. This was done so FEs wouldn't have to change how they access HiToText and still be able to display these nv only games.
  5. HiToText (Hi score support)

    I have not updated this post in a while, but a few new versions have come out since my last post and there are plenty of new games supported. See the google doc spreadsheet in the main post for a listing of games supported. We're over 150 unique games now! =)
  6. HiToText

    I can confirm this is not just you, and a fix for this issue is in place for the next release of HiToText. It will also allow support for the old nvram file format.
  7. HiToText (Hi score support)

    I just realized I never responded to this, I believe this could be where if you don't already have a .hi file it may not show the High Score option. I realize this is about 3 weeks late, but have you resolved this issue?
  8. HiToText (Hi score support)

    New version out. Mostly just some new games and some modifications to the hiscore.dat file for the games Cananas decoded a while back (005, and 8 Ball Action), and Alien Syndrome which was incorrectly omitting the 7th place coins value. Other games included are Paperboy, Gauntlet/Gauntlet 2, and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo. Paperboy is a little strange, so those of you wanting to add scores through HiToText will need to know that you cannot add a normal hi score, you must add an alternate score for either easy, middle, or hard. Paperboy actually grabs the top 10 scores from the combined 30 scores shown for the 3 difficulties to make up the Grand Slam scores. Again, similarly to previous version if you have old scores you want to save for 005, 8 Ball Action, or Alien Syndrome you will need to follow the steps I've outlined numerous times in my previous posts. Enjoy!
  9. HiToText probz

    Yes, the hard way. =D Write down the scores you want to save, and then use HiToText from the command line: The command for adding scores to Moon Cresta is: HiToText -w "<Dir to mooncrgx.hi>" 1 <score to save> <name> You'll have to do this for all the scores you want to save.
  10. HiToText probz

    Thank you, it looks like the problem is that some .hi files are generated with older versions of the hiscore.dat. Deleting the problem .hi files and recreating new ones by playing the game will fix this problem. I think I need to develop a utility that will allow you to import and export hi scores so if you need to remove outdated .hi files you don't have to go through a lot of crap just to save your older scores.
  11. HiToText probz

    I will take a look at this, can you please attach a copy of your 1943.hi file it will be in your hi folder.
  12. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Quickly put out another release with support for Tetris and Zookeeper. Zookeeper looks like it has two hi score tables, however it just acts as one big hi score table, so that's how I'm treating it. I also added support for an update flag, HiToText -u "[ReferrerName]" is the usage, where ReferrerName is just something I'm using to track a few statistics. My hope is that when the FE people use that command to try and update HiToText, they just put in the name of their FE for ReferrerName. The command will display a URL to the most up-to-date HiToText, or will send "No newer version available." to the console if that version of HiToText is the latest. This method could also throw an exception prepended with "Error:". I would expect this to occur when there are network issues. Note: The -u command will not actually download the new HiToText if available, it will only display the URL to get it. I will let the FE devs determine how they wish to update HiToText themselves. I have a few reasons for this, I don't want to make HiToText into more than just a single executible, and I want to allow the FE devs to determine when/how to update HiToText if they find a new version available.
  13. HiToText (Hi score support)

    Quickly did a new release that adds more exception handling to the read and write flags, so you shouldn't see any more unhandled exceptions causing intrusive popups. Also patched up Moon Patrol with Cananas' findings. Thanks for the praise by the way, I'm glad to see people enjoying this application. =)
  14. HiToText (Hi score support)

    New version out today with loads of new stuff, mostly concerning what I call alternate scores. This is used mostly with secondary scores like Track and Field's individual event records, or Moon Patrol's checkpoint record times. I don't believe any FE has made use of these yet, but at least there's now a process that can be used to incorporate these scores into HiToText. There are new commands that use the alternate scores: -ra which reads the entire hi score table, including alternate scores and displays that. NOTE: -r will work the same and only show the main hiscore table so FE devs don't need to worry about this version breaking their hi score features. -wa will write an alternate score using the same basic format as -w however it takes an additional parameter that is the name of the alternate score table you wish to modify. -fa will display the format for these alternate scores so you can have the parameters necessary to write an alternate score. I suggest using a -ra first so you can see the displayed format as well. I've added new games as well: Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk (missing nice looking zone data though), Outzone, Track and Field, Centipede, X-men Vs. Street Fighter, Crazy Climber, Millipede, Moon Cresta, Moon Patrol (Finally! Although sill a little incomplete, more on that below), and Arkanoid. In addition I modified Phoenix to use Cananas' new hiscore.dat entry. Crazy Climber, Moon Cresta, Phoenix, and all their supported hacks/clones all use Cananas' new hiscore.dat entries as well, so if you have scores for those games and want to save them, be sure to have a screenshot or jot down the scores first, then delete the old .hi file for that particular game. Rerun that game with the new hiscore.dat in place, to generate a new .hi file. Then use HiToText to reinsert those scores. Moon Patrol is missing some alternate scores because I just am not good enough at the game, and don't have enough time to decipher all the checkpoints. This won't matter much to you right now if you only use HiToText in FEs until they start to use alternate scores. Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk has an interesting display for showing the stages you've visited, and I'd like that to show up as shown in game, however I have not cracked the algorithm used yet, and certainly haven't found the time to find every single combination of zone routes yet. So it'll just show zones as the actual byte value found in the .hi file. I've also fixed a minor bug with Ghosts N'Goblins where the rank was displaying incorrectly. The new HiToText, and new hiscore.dat will be uploaded shortly in the main post. Enjoy!
  15. HiToText (Hi score support)

    New version out, with new games including one that many of us have been wanting for a while: Mr. Driller! Thanks go to Cananas for discovering where the hiscore table was, and with that I added support for it in the hiscore.dat file, and in HiToText. Other games added: DJ Boy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles In Time, Dragon Blaze, Asteroids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pacmania, Do! Run Run, Commando (also thanks to Cananas for decoding that). Between this release and the last release Leezer released a new hiscore.dat. He did not incorporate the running changes I've been making, but he probably didn't know I was. I've merged his changes with mine, and uploaded it in the main post. I had to modify Do! Run Run and Meteorites (a clone for Asteroids) to work correctly. In addition, I forgot to mention that 1943 in a previous release also required modification. Enjoy!