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  1. For pinball fx3 did you request a cabinet code and did you enter the cabinet code in the game? If not table launching does not work. Pinball arcade does not have support for launching games directly but you can use freecammod to get this functionality. Please also upload log files and pinballx ini files as attachments not the contents of the file in a post
  2. sorry for sometimes saying wrong things like 55° degree angle instead of 45° or 1969 instead of 1996 etc but i'm not used to talking in videos
  3. just read through the PDF @Mike_da_Spike i'm guessing the screenshots are based on your system ? if so can you tell me what you got as table audio with system files ? kinda wondering as i don't have any table audio anymore since pbx supports the system names in the speech plugin. Also found this small hickup in the pdf at least i think it's a small hickup I wasn't aware of certain things during testing like that settings dialog, so never tried it out before Great work and congrats on the release
  4. Version 4.1 Released, nothing major but i added in support for changing the text colors using the ini. Github page is updated with info about the colors that needs to be in hexadecimal RGB format (color1 selected button, color2, disabled button, color3 title credits and countdown timer). If you don't need to respecify colors you don't need to download this release if it's already working for you.
  5. @Draco1962 just released version 4.1 and updated the zip here in the previous post for pinball wicked with same version to be able to specify 3 colors in Hex RGB format. Color1 = Selected button, Color2 = Disabled button, Color3 = Window title, credits and countdown timer.
  6. I'll see what i can do about text colors, i'll probably use just 2 colors one for everything thats in white (title / selected button and text below the buttons with the timer) and one for text that is currently black (being only disabled buttons i think)
  7. @Draco1962 the buttons (both selected and not selected) are images, background as well so you can change them to anything you like as long as you keep them the same size and same format. There is no transparancy and colorkey support. I just drew the complete background including buttons and cut them out afterwards, filling the background or you could use layers for the buttons so you have original background. Text is always black/white. Don't know what you mean with the text algin part but text will stay as it is when it's positioning on the buttons concerned, there's too much trouble otherwise to keep everything working. Only thing i could look at is changing text colors like prodive options to change the black / white text. you can scale the font but if it exceeds the button box it will be cut off you can not change the alignment. But it is possible to rotate the app in increments of 90° till 270°. Edit forgot to mention, no support for pinball fx2, pinball fx2 does not have any commandline parameters for hotseat mode as far as i'm aware nor for direct launching a table. Although if you create an ahk script that would select and start the tables based on a commandline parameter (for the script not the game) it can be used. But i don't have any tables in pfx2 that i don't own in pfx3 so never bothered to look at anything fx2 concerned
  8. that i don't know my cabinet is always online, i do know steam can be put in offline mode but you need to be online for steam once every so often, there might be ways around it. Maybe someone else can answer this as i really don't know the answer to that
  9. In game manager try disabling hide backglass, it should keep showing the backglass image. If b2s server gives an error about not found b2s backglass run a vp table which shows a b2s backglass and right click the backglass to see the b2s option. In those options disable the checkbox for giving an error message when backglass does not exist
  10. Here's an updated how to for pinball wicked. First make sure the game is up to date and that you have requested and entered your cabinet code. after that setup your pinball wicked cabinet mode to your liking. If you run your windows in landscape mode you can pass parameters to the executable to rotate screens at launch of pinball wicked, Irotate is not needed anymore. For example adding "-rotate 90" will rotate display 1 90 degrees, "-rotate2 90" will rotate display 2 90 degrees etc. Valid parameters are probably 90 180 270 but i have not verified that generally if you run landscape and you main screen is the playfield "-rotate 90" should be enough. When your testing you best add these commands to steam on your cabinet. You do that by right clicking on the pinball wicked game and choosing properties on the menu item. then select "Set Launch Options" and add the rotate parameters that are needed for your setup like for me "-rotate 90" and click ok. The next time your launch the game from steam it will autorotate your screen Next setup your cabinet options which you find in the settings menu of the game all the way on the right if you have activated the cabinet code already. I'll show my setup as i use 2 screen setup the most important setting there for a 2 screen setup is "Backglass DMD" as that will display the dmd inside the bacglass. If you have a 3 screen setup you must set it up differently and not enable this option. If you find that your backglass window keeps appiearing on playfield try setting it as windowed and drag it to your backglass screen. Exit the game and restart and see if it fixed. Setting borderless fullscreen might also help. You'll have to expermiment but it's important that your settings are correct when playing like this before going any further. Next the launcher, which looks like this ... Download this zip file: pinball wicked launcher.zip and extract it for example to your scripts folder. For example in my case c:\pinballx\scripts open LaunchPinballWicked.ahk with notepad or another text editor (not word) and - check if 15 seconds on this value is enough for your system to show the pinball wicked menu with the single ok button. WaitForMenu = 15000. If the menu loads faster decrease the value, if the menu loads slower increase the value its the value used to wait for the menu to be visible ingame - IMPORTANT change the key used to exit the game to the same key that is assigned in pinballx / you use to exit normally. Default is mapped to ESC change it to your key if you are not using the ESC key ; Exit Table ; pinball wicked does not seem to react well on the quit game key from pinball x ; so change the ESC key below to the key you have set in pinballx as quit game key ; info about keys can be found here : https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm ; in my cab i use the esc key Esc:: ;<----- change HERE Gosub killApp Return - also verify if you need the -rotate 90 parameter set this to the same as what you use in steam in the initial steps or remove it if your windows is already running portrait mode in this command: Run, "%SteamDirPath%\Steam.exe" -applaunch 595960 -rotate 90 download and install latest autohotkey once you have done your changes in the script rightclick on the LaunchPinballWicked.ahk file and choose compile it will have created LaunchPinballWicked.exe file. Anytime you do modifications in the ahk file you will need to right click and choose compile on the file to create the exe file. You will also need to edit the pinballwickedlauncher.ini file with notepad to setup your cabinet buttons and launchkey. Launch pinballwickedlauncher.exe once and press Q or ALT+F4 to quit it immediatly (before the 7 second timer runs out). Next check the explanation on github (with pfx3 as setup used) on this page on github (scroll down) https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app on how to setup your buttons. You basically have to provide the "LEFTKEY", "RIGHTKEY", "LAUNCHKEY" and "QUITKEY" for your setup. if you had already setup the launcher for pinball fx3 launcher you can check there what your keys were. And the final step is setting up pinball x system settings, set these up like so, if you don't want to use the pinballwickedremap ahk / exe do not add any launch before / launch after scripts. If you do want to use them check my example ahk script and edit the 2 bat files (right click / choose edit) by removing the "rem " value you will enable the launch of the remapper exe. The remapper exe is something i use to redefine keys of my keyboard encoder. But i'm not sure if it's still needed since you can set up keys in pinball wicked itselve i think (i have not verified) it. It basically works like thise <KEYTOMODFY>::<KEYTOUSEINSTEAD> for example in my script the &/1 key is replaced by return so i can also use my start button as plunger launch key also in the game along with my plunger button In the zip is also a database folder included with example pinball wicked database entry if you don't want to use that database just goto game manager once you have setup the system and choose the system and add one table entry with any game name and description you like. Just add only one to be able to launch pinball wicked. Or copy the xml file from the database folder in your database folder after you have created the system in pinball x settings. when launching the game from pinball x Do not press anything in the menu's or on the screen with the ok button. The script should select everything for you and start the game automatically with the chosen settings in the launcher Problems: - you might have to press your quit key twice if you want to exit the game. I might still investigate this at some point Edit: Zip downloaded update to launcher version 4.1 which supports specifyng text colors in ini file
  11. is that latest script for the new menu still working with you guys ? I seem to be having a problem with it. for some reason pinball wicked shows the backglass temporary on my main playfield screen and then reverts to to normal position but because of this the main game window is not activated anymore and keys send by launcher does not seem to work on my cabinet. The launcher also failed to quit pinball wicked for some reason. have not yet investigated it all Edit: ok fixed the window from appearing on my playfield first by selecting windowed fullscreen instead of windowed for backglass and dmd. But script can't seem to send commands because window is not activated (i run playfield borderless fullscreen as far some reason everything i run fullscreen exits fullscreen randomly, was a problem i had from the beginning with my cabinet) Edit2: Window title seems to have changed thats what makes the script not work. Before it was named "Pinball Wicked", now it's named "Pinball Wicked - This Way Comes". Will test the script a bit and release new version Edit3: here is the new script witch detects "Pinball Wicked - This Way Comes" window title, if the old version still works for you don't change yet as i'm still running the beta build and maybe they did not change it yet in normal release version. You will have to edit the same lines again if needed and also watch out i also added the -rotate 90 parameter if you don't need that please remove it. I will also have to investigate the need to press the exit key twice as i'm having it constantly but i'm not sure i can fix it will have to verify later. i Also increased to the timeout value for menu to appear to 15000 (15 seconds) by default if it starts faster with you again lower that valu.e. You'll need to compile to launchpinballwicked.exe and overwrite the previous exe LaunchPinballWicked.ahk
  12. Yeah by default with github links you get to see the source code, you always need to check the releases tab / section for binarie downloads if they have been provided. Glad you like it
  13. @bushav is it the 1909 windows 10 update or some specific KBXXXX update. If it's a specific update that you can remove tell us the KBXXXX nr by going to control panel selecting programs & features -> view installed updates. Or if it's just 1909 specify that as well.
  14. I've got a big backlog of tables still to add but could not resist and already tried out this one and could not find a wheel in the style i use so here we go
  15. not for me, it was only a bit of a problem when testing out the sensors as home assistant on startup queries all rest webservices after each other but aftwards respects the scaninterval so when testing i sometimes did not get data and had to wait for the scan interval for refreshing the sensor. The data i'm getting hardly changes so it's no problem and my home assistant runs 24/7 i did notice one thing but i'm not certain about it, is the time reported by last online correct ? the date seems correct but the time seems off compared to when i last ran pinballx on my system, it could be a timezone thing but not certain (or maybe it only logs when the connection to gameex online happened, that might explain it perhaps)
  16. Okay got it working. I let it update about every 2 hours. In case anyone wants the home assistant sensor code. You have to change m=PINBALLCAB to your computer name. I had data in gameexonline from my main pc also but only want to display info from my cabinet. [apiuser] and [apipassword] you also have to change but it's obvious. and for the system total counts you have to change it to match your system names in the for loop. Also if you start up home assistant it will try to get an initial state for all sensors fast (faster than 1 api call per second) once and fails but after the scan_interval seconds has passed the values get updated. So if you are setting this up change the scan interval to 500 510 520 etc so it updates in about 5-6 mins when your testing afterwards set back the scan intervals as these data don't change much no need to poll it like every 30 seconds. I also put 10 seconds extra with each call so i don't hit the 1 api call per second interval. I did not find a way to do one rest call for same data and reuse that same data but have not tried much. Am happy with how it works now - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getsystems&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: pinballx_nr_of_systems value_template: "{{ value_json.data | count }}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6300 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getlastplayed&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_lastplayed value_template: "{{ value_json.data[0].Name + ' (' + value_json.data[0].System + ')' }}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6310 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getstatus&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_Last_online value_template: "{{ value_json.data[0].LastActive }}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6320 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getsystems&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_Total_Tables value_template: "{{ value_json.data|map(attribute='NumberOfGames')|map('int')|sum }}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6330 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getsystems&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_Visual_pinball_X_Count value_template: "{% for system in value_json.data %}{% if system.System == 'Visual Pinball X' %}{{system.NumberOfGames}}{% endif %}{% endfor %}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6340 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getsystems&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_Visual_pinball_Count value_template: "{% for system in value_json.data %}{% if system.System == 'Visual Pinball' %}{{system.NumberOfGames}}{% endif %}{% endfor %}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6350 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getsystems&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_Pinball_FX3_Count value_template: "{% for system in value_json.data %}{% if system.System == 'Pinball FX3' %}{{system.NumberOfGames}}{% endif %}{% endfor %}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6360 - platform: rest resource: https://online.gameex.com/api.aspx?u=[apiuser]&s=[apipassword]&c=getmostplayed&m=PINBALLCAB&f=json name: Pinballx_mostplayed value_template: "{{ value_json.data[0].Name + ' (' + value_json.data[0].System + ') (' + value_json.data[0].TimesPlayed + ')' }}" unit_of_measurement: "" scan_interval: 6370
  17. will the api keep on expanding ? Like would it be able to read total tables per system / total systems / system names like it returning json and not just execute commands ?. I already run home assistant and i have a dedictated tablet mounted on the wall where i display all kinds of info on it. I could probably let it display some pinball x stats then if it was to return some json info. And perhaps if you let it export complete game list to json people can use "if this then that" with it for other uses as well (like exporting to xls or csv) based on the data available on gameex online
  18. did changing it to a point fix it for you ? I'm not sure if there are other regional related problems but i guess you guys will find out sooner or later since you are set to french region
  19. ok i found out how to set my windows 10 to french regional settings, you have to do it using control panel and not the settings app. It seems to be a bug. @Tom Speirs if you change your regional (not language) settings to french (france). you'll get this error included here is the stack tracestacktrace.txt @totalmarsu and @bibounette as a temporary workaround to prevent the problem from happening goto start menu / control panel (paneaux configuration), not settings. change this to something else than french for example dutch / english etc and game manager won't crash x Edit: The problem seems to come from the digital grouping symbol which in french, by default is set to space, setting it to a point you can retain french regional settings and game manager won't crash so change the digit grouping symbol to a point
  20. @totalmarsu it's possible it's a bug of some kind, can you click details, copy paste the whole text (select everything then ctrl-c) open notepad and paste in there (ctrl-v) and then save the text and upload as attachment so @Tom Speirs can look at the stack trace. I installed pinballx on a pc that never had pinballx installed before but i can not reproduce. Do you both have a french windows versions ? if so it could be related to regional settings. I can not seem to get my windows 10 to use french regional settings so i can't test to see if thats the problem
  21. i think you forgot to include the attachments in your post above as i can't see any results
  22. verify all XML files in every subfolder of PinballX\Databases open them with notepad++ or something then search for "07.3" without quotes and see if you can find it in any of your xml files if so remove the ".3" part or post where you had found it. Also as said before when the error happens click details and post the text it shows as i think it will contain a stack trace that might give more info on the error or where it happened. or zip the database folder and attach as attachment to a post so i can verify (i have windows grep installed so can quickly search for a given text in all files and perhaps tell you where the problem is) also post pinballx.ini the error details and the log files from log folder (when problem occured)
  23. English please and this post belongs in general section not FAQ's section. When does this happen at startup or when loading a certain database ? the error says you have a floating point value that can't be cast to integer which seems valid to me. Check your xml database files and see if any contain the value "07.3" and if so remove that value. it should fix the error if the error comes from a database file. Also click details and post the exception stack trace it displays or should display.
  24. there are 2 free tables in pinball fx3, sorceres lair (if i remember correctly) and fish tales. However you do need cabinet mode in order to be able to launch tables directly from commandline
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