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  1. Did you add the zaccaria pinball system and set it to enabled in the other emulators section (there's a screenshot somewhere in this thread to set it up in pinballx) ? Also make sure (but i did not verify if it's needed) that your game database is named the same as the system folder (or vice versa). but i'm not sure if it's a requirement. The folder name for the database you defined in the emualtor section (basically the system's) name should math the folder in the database folder of pinballx for zaccaria pinball. If you want it to show up in the lists section just create a group xml linking directly to the single zaccaria pinball games database that's what i did to be able to select zaccaria pinball tables only. Otherwise they show up in the all games sections
  2. It could be it happens because i'm forcing my app to be the foreground window every X Seconds. I'll make an option to be able to disable that functionality but i'm not certain that's the cause. I have no experience whatsoever using hyperspin so i'll have to make a similar setup to see if have the same problem. But I might pm you a link to a new version (for you to test only) with that option to force the foreground window in it so you can disable it and see if it makes a diffrence. My app does remain always on top until its closed but could be it's the foreground window pushing that does it. I'll keep you posted
  3. joyrider3774

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    I have not been able to install customn voices, i did find a page that have customn voices but they don't show up under the sapi control panel (they do in the other / settings speech settings), some do actually but windows tell me it can't be used. The zira womans one does sound a bit more robotisch, i'm currently using that eva mobile voice because of that
  4. joyrider3774

    FX3 Williams Megaballs

    hey @BrandonLaw thanks for these do you have the template for these or even better only the williams pinball fx3 logo above the docklets used in a seperate png somewhere ? I'm missing the volume 2 pack ones and was going to try to create my own but want them to be in the same style as the ones you did
  5. joyrider3774

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    thanks a lot that actually made me able to change it between woman (zira) and men's (david) voice on my main pc so i'm guessing it will work on my cab as well. I can only try it out during the weekend as i'm moving my cab from work to my home place tommorow evening. btw on my main pc i was able to unlock another voice (eva mobile) using this https://windowsreport.com/unlock-new-text-to-speech-voice-windows-10/ In case anyone is wondering where windows has hidden this, the "gui" way to access it is the following: open control panel (not settings) goto speech Recnognition section click text to speech on the left menu (the eva voice only showed up after applying the reg tweak from above link when going to it using this way).
  6. joyrider3774

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    The thing is i already tried that, but i both my windows versions text to speech is disabled in the settings yet pinballx can still play it. I even tried selecting the woman's voice and then disabling it again but did not seem to have an effect
  7. Hey, I'm not sure it's configurable and if it is it's probably related to windows (10) settings but if i use the speech plugin on my main pc i hear a womans (cortona's ?) voice, if i use the speech plugin on my cabinet i hear a men's voice. Which settings control the voice, i'm guessing it must be something windows related as it's probably using some of it's features although i'm not sure. Both my main pc as my cabinet pc use windows 10, what i did not verify however is what version / build of windows 10 is installed on my cabinet. I know my main pc has 1809 home edition, so it has the latest october update already. Does anyone know why i hear a mens voice on my cab and a woman's voice on my main pc. I rather have the woman's voice on my cabinet as well instead of the man's voice.
  8. well if someone tells me the command line parameters for hotseat mode in pinball fx2 i can add it in. but i don't think they exist and as such my program can't be made to work with it. The only way would be to send keys to the program to select hotseat mode inside the game which is basically what nukelauncher is doing i think and my app is not designed todo this My app is already generic, you can copy the exe and rename it, launch it close it immediatly (Q / Alt +f4) and then start changing the button sections in the ini file (which will have same name as renamed exe) to add the command line parameters needed. But if a game (does not matter which) does not support command line parameters to select certain options it will never work unfortunatly. The only reason this works for pinball fx3 is because they have a -class and -hotseat_X parameter. If pinball fx2 has similar options it's easily added if it doesn't it can't be done this way. I made it generic and already forsaw 4 extra buttons if they ever add a -tour (to select tournament classic style). And perhaps in the future there might be other games supporting certain commandline parameters then this app can be used as well but if the options are not available i'm affraid it can never work and the developpers would need to add the command line options first to the game. There's no way around this unfortunatly. I'm also having problems with joypad support, it seems in windows 10 i need to select in the controller settings part a prefered joypad if i don't do this or windows does not do it for you the app will not detect the joypad. I also have one very old generic usb pad that does not work with the axises but it is possible to use buttons to navigate as well and that does work. My xbox 360 wireless controler however is working without a problem, but things like xbox 360 ce won't work because as far as i understand xbox 360 ce only works for programs using xinput api, which i don't currently, i'm just using a component that uses windows api functions to get joypad input which seems to work with some of my joypads so i'm not sure about it all. I have not looked at how hard it might be to use xinput in delphi
  9. It is theoretically possible but it would require a complete new program to be written and i think there already exists a pinball fx2 launcher to do some things like that. The app i wrote is based on the fact that a game has command line parameters for enabling certain options like the -class and -hotseat_3 etc options. Each button on my app gets assigned a different set of those parameters and i just launch the pinball fx3 game with the required parameters. Thats all the app basically does, i dont send keypresses or things like that to any game using my app it just requires command line parameters. I'll look up the pfx2 launcher which does send keypresses and the like and perhaps you can use it for hotseat as well, i'm not going to create a seperate program to do so. What i needed for my cab was only the app in its current state and its working fine on my cab. I just thought the community would benefit from it as well since there was no way to select these options and released it on github with full source so anyone can take it and improve upon. I'm already trying to add joypad support and thats something i don't require myselve but i'm willing to try to add it in and got a version at home working with my xbox 360 wireless controller but i'm not sure i'll add much more myselve as everything i wanted works for me and i've got plenty of work left on other things of my own cabinet which only arrived last friday at work. When i get home i'll seek up that pinball fx2 launcher or if you can tell me the command line parameters for pinball fx 2 for hotseat i can tell you what to change in the ini file to make it work, if they dont exist it wont work with my app @outhere this launcher works based on sending keypresses and has support for hotseat / multiplayer options http://www.nukelauncher.com or there is even a thread here
  10. @davsouto i'm working on adding in joypad support, i've got a version at home where i can control the app with my xbox 360 wireless joypad. However if you can not wait you could use joytokey program for the time being. About hyperspin & focus you mean my app does not get focus or pinball fx3 ? as i added code in my app for it to be always on on top and force it to be the foreground window every X seconds. Could you give me more details about the setup you are using or upload me the bare minimum configuration somewhere (without media etc) so i can simulate the setup on my main pc and perhaps see what's going wrong ?
  11. As far as i'm aware pinball fx2 does not have commandline parameters for multiplayer hotseat mode, at least i could not find any information about them existing. If they do not have such command line parameters it will not work. It will just lauch the table and ignore the hotseat parameters as they are not implemented in the game. If they do exist, they might be named differently and ini file buttons section needs to be modified, but i dont think they exist. So the short answer probably no, unless someone knows the parameters and if they even exist
  12. No problem, i'm glad you got it working. About github, consider its a place where people upload source code of programs they have created to share with other people so they can improve it or modify it to their liking. It might be hard to find everything if you're not used to the layout of the site.
  13. i just tested it on my cab during lunch break at work. Program seems to work fine on my cab although i did had to change the rotation settings and change my keys to reflect my cabinet keyboard encoder to be albe to launch (my launch button is different). if i get some time i'll make a video after work hours of it running.
  14. As said check the release section on github, you are probably looking at sources. There is a link there to the compiled version. I was explicitly not directly linking to it because otherwise people would probably skip the help / readme section and don't know how to set it up initially (you need to check path is pointing to steam.exe location if it's empty and did not detect steam automatically and setup your keys. So start manually press Q or alt +f4 -> ini gets generated and then setup at least keys and verify if path is pointing to steam.Exe in the ini file). I've linked to it now but be sure to read the help / usuage section (here https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app ) so you know what todo ... On the bottom of this page the zip file with the compiled version https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app/releases
  15. Hey, I decided to release an Initial version... https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app/ binary is in the release section, be sure to read the readme on github. App starts by default in 270° rotated mode (ROTATE=3 in ini) but you can change this if you run already in portrait mode (ROTATE=0 in ini is no rotation), needs minimum width of 800x600 but can be scaled up or down using SCALEM & SCALED params. And generates an ini file to be used with pinball FX3 steam version. You need cabinet mode. PinballX settings are in the screenshot in the readme on github but do not forgot to reflect to your paths (i'm running pinballx from diffrent drive that my c drive). This will only work with keyboard encoders not cabinets that show up their controls as a joystick, there simply is no joystick support build in. I'm also not sure what happens if you use tools like XBOX360 CE i don't know if your keyboard keys still register or not. I have not tested that. Run the app once then press alt + f4 or Q immediatly, it will have created an ini file where you MUST define your keyboard keys in. You can use the showkeys.exe app to show you the numbers by pressing your cabinet buttons. By default it uses LEFT SHIFT, RIGHT SHIFT, ENTER to launch and Q to quit I could not test much on my own cabinet as i just found out it got delivered with only a gts 710 and a not soo fast cpu pentium G5400 gold which is way too low spec to be running pinball fx 3 but i did test using keyboard on my main pc. app can be used for other emulators / simulators / games should there be a need for being able to choose parameters with buttons, by copying and renaming original exe then repeating steps above and changing the buttons text, params and enabled states in the new ini file lets hope it all works Delphi Source is available as well