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  1. english please, download link from forum still works but it's 307.68 MB and you have to download files seperatly
  2. All my things are available in my directory on the ftp in the other section of pinballx as well. I think but not certain some are also availble on standard section, could be someone copied those once but they might not be up to date as i had created some new wheels recently but it's ongoing, have done 49 of 73 wheelz currently
  3. btw @dcbenji it's also possible to extract zaccaria stuff using quickbms textures are dds files which can be opened using gimp just need to find the zaccaria extract script and you do need to have the game installed. It will convert their files to zip files first which you can extract using an normal decompressor (winzip / winrar etc).
  4. I had seen the elgato streamdeck mentioned on vpinball forums so i bought one myselve from amazon to replace my keyboard or be able to launch certain programs and just have another toy to mess about with. The streamdeck is normally used by game streamers to control things while they stream games etc but it has options to send keyboard keys to programs so i use it for bingo game room as it needs a lot of extra buttons / keys. I also use it to view cpu & gpu usage / temprature and i have assigned up / down / left / right keys along with the return key to be able to select different game modes in zaccaria pinball (after launcher script launched the game) for example as well as have volume control in every program i use. I have not played a lot with it but it does work nice. All keys use little LCD screens where you can add your own graphics to. I like it and i'll probably used it instead of my keyboard. there is a 6, 15 and 32 button version but you can assign more things because you can create folders with actions so possibilities are endless. Some people have mounted these on the side of their cabinet or inside the coin door. So if you don't have a keyboard at your cabinet this could help in some cases. I created a small video of what i have done so far
  5. I played a bit with ffmpeg but will need to check with your version when its finished as it seems you use imagemagick also. Had some problems with my png images in ffmpeg not sure whats going on so created a test example where the blackness behind the images was already included in the png Resizing the videos gives a different effect but they do look better resized / condensed compared to original size and vlc also has a weird effect on window size normally the videos should be 1280x320 but somehow vlc opens it way bigger tried a few overylays (pause video's on same logo to compare): to me it looks better than original video and with bally logo for example it takes away some jagged edges (from not having used some anti alliasing) so i think if the same can be done with your program i will definatly use an overlay of some sort and i like my customn style 1 the most atm but will need to verify with other videos original video: test.mp4 zaccaria style: overlay1.mp4 customn style 1: overlay2.mp4 customn style 2 overlay3.mp4
  6. hmm but there would not be any pixelasation anymore if you took original images from wheels / company / year and just scale those to fit the 1280x320 canvas (can be still that size) and just at the end add the overlay image of 1280x320 dimensions at the end. If that's not whats happening now it's fine to not use an overlay but just use original images up or downscale to 1280x320 size while maintaining aspect ratio and centering the images (the centering is already done now i think). My aim is not to get a real dmd effect i just want to have the original images without them first being crunched to 128x32 size and then upscaled to 1280x320 video size. pixel size should be 1 pixel per pixel so basically original image. i can get my hands on the overlay that zaccaria used (i had extracted it once) if thought if i created similar style image in 1280x320 and overlay that at the end i would get a similar effect, but if i did not like that i would just use original image. Now it's hard to get good image quality because images are first downscaled to 128x32 i think. If not possible to add an overlay just use original images then i think i can probably whip up an ffmpeg script to add the overlay myselve for experimenting. Just found picture from zacarria again this is what they did for dmd overlay. I can easily recreate such effect in an 1280x320 png to overlay on the videos (do note picture very zoomed in one block = 1 pixel)
  7. don't think there is, as it's not really liked in the community to create packs especially not if they contain the tables itselve. But for vpx i just install the b2s files so i can see backglasses while playing and then i record the video's myself using pbxrecorder or you can use the build in recording of game manager or the new pinballx database manager created by mike da spike and scutters
  8. there is one game where it's impossible to create dmd i think as it does not display anything during attract mode or only some long story first on the dmd which is of no good can't really remember which game it was, so you can not really create in sync playfield backglass dmd videos as far as i remember edit: just looked it up star was clone wars it is i think as you had to choose your side or something can't really remember but it's the only one i'm missing currently
  9. @dcbenji you need to uses the noesis tool and this script placed in the plugins\python directory tex_PinballFX3_pxt.pythen using the tool browse to directory containing pxt files it can't open all pxt files but some do open like for example the ones containing the backglasses.
  10. Well i was thinking on replacing the overlay image in that case with an image with smaller dots but have not attempted to create such image yet not sure how the initial image was created. But i indeed don't know how it would look eventually i would need to be able to try it out but it's also possible i would not use an overlay image at all. But if the option is still there to use an overlay it's possible to expiriment with different kind of overlays with smaller dots or even completely new style. I did understand already the current one would not look good in this case
  11. @Mike_da_Spike i'm using these ones from here
  12. Here are some bingo game room megalinks you guys can use for the app, i will update these mega locations as well when i finish new tables, currently have 49 done Backglass images: https://mega.nz/#F!Igo2wKxS!xJwZ4OUa9zgrS4ODBeLsbA Table Images: https://mega.nz/#F!h4onED6C!TXI7ERx_4tbjvbiRPOlqNg Topper Videos (created using mike's tool): https://mega.nz/#F!Vtp23S4A!fgbL65CKZkrttewW82pYwg Wheel images (Docklet Style): https://mega.nz/#F!R8g3HbpZ!2UlnXE5K5zxIq1rIA0A54Q Wheel images (logos): https://mega.nz/#F!pphmBKpC!BuHC4smAEAeOQhvgxCOO3A
  13. Yes or upscaled images if they have lower dimensions than the final dimensions used in the final video instead of non scaled or even dowscaled to final video dimensions if images are bigger but basicalky no downscale to realdmd 128x32 first before upscaling (or dowscaling) to final video size. Still with option to use the overlay dotted image or not, always keeping aspect ratio and centering the image. I think this can be easily done by somehow specifing only height of image and let width scale accordingly to final video dimensions with ffmpeg and afterwards centering the images horizontally
  14. @Mike_da_Spike not sure how busy you are in these corona times, but will you still add the option to not downscale the images to real dmd size first but immediatly scale to the final dimensions so that everything is more clearly visible ? i would still add it as an option though and also keep the current way. I'm wondering how it all would look like when using that option
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