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  1. Am busy installing more tables and came across some more i could not find the docklet for in style i use...
  2. Hey, I created (currently) 4 mega docklets for visual pinball for tables where i could not find the megadocklets from. I currently (only) have about 70 VPX tables installed and i had 4 tables where i couldn't find any megadocklets for the tables. So i created my own. I will use this topic to add more if i come across tables where i can't find the megadocklets for. These files along with the gimp XCF file are also available on ftp here /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Visual Pinball/Mega Docklets. The xcf template is included so you can change the logo to another one if you want to. The images used either come for B2S backglass (wizards of oz) or images i found using google images from flyers etc (eg secret service, junkyard cats) or the real pinball table (mustang). Logos of games mostly come from ftp or what was given alongside the (original) tables Here are the 4 i created
  3. no problem it was me that noticed it i thought you removed it on purpose to not clutter the general section
  4. Hey, Up until now i only ever had one page of instructions but i found on the pinball ftp instruction cards for time shock pro pinball which consists of multiple files as there are multiple pages. I have tried naming my files like this: TimeShock.swf TimeShock1.swf TimeShock2.swf and even TimeShock.swf TimeShock_1.swf TimeShock_2.swf according to this topic, the 1st set of filenaming should be the way to go But i can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to display the next pages on the backglass it always only shows the 1ste page. Which button entry should be pressed to view the next page ? (i tried left / right / page left / page right, but they seem to control the wheels, i also tried pressing instructions keybinding multiple times to no avail). is this still working if so how as i can not figure it out thanks
  5. I noticed this by accident while searching for an answer on how to display multiple pages of instructions cards (pro pinball from ftp, still have not figure it out but will create seperate topic for it). if you got a games list with 1 table in the list like for example pinball wicked, pro pinball demon's tilt (just an entry to launch the games). It will crash if you press the left page button. Pressing right page button does not make it crash but as soon as i press the left page button it crashes with an index out of range error (see log.txt). Now noone in their right mind would try this but i tried it because i can not find how to display multiple pages of instruction cards i can only see the 1st page. here's the relevant log entry: 19:21:36.55 20/01/2020: Started 19:21:47.61 20/01/2020: Error. Exiting 19:21:47.62 20/01/2020: Video 19:21:47.62 20/01/2020: De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen. 19:21:47.62 20/01/2020: bij PinballX.FrmMain.ab() 19:21:47.62 20/01/2020: bij PinballX.FrmMain.ax() 19:21:47.62 20/01/2020: bij PinballX.FrmMain..ctor() 19:21:47.63 20/01/2020: Waiting for Online Thread 19:21:47.63 20/01/2020: Disposing Plugins
  6. is system type set to visual pinball in settings.exe for your visual pinball systems ?
  7. I don't know someone else will have to answer that as i took the lifetime membership
  8. @garycope do you have the lav codecs installed ? if not install them. If it still does not play can you try setting your lav output formats like the screenshot in this topic
  9. on ftp it says Upload only (port 22) the 5 downloads per day and 150 mb is for files hosted on this site here itselve not for the ftp. If you really do not want to pay (or can't pay) for the ftp you could try some facebook groups (pinball fx3 community, visual pinball addicts etc) or record them yourselve. Someone just asked the same question and someone posted a link to their google drive. I'll pm you the link but best you join those communities as well files are getting shared there also
  10. i thinks this belongs in general section. it is possible that you can not login because you are a basic member and not a lifetime / contributing / supporting member but i can not verify that because i'm a lifetime member so it's only a guess as i'm not sure users would be able to login and browse the ftp if they don't have access
  11. I use pbxrecorder myselve instead of game manager. Not really sure its what i started with. I've never tried game managers recording but pbx recorder has options to tell it how long to wait before recording (which is handy if some tables load more slowly, and not sure how game manager's recording would handle this) and how many seconds the video must be. It also records everything at the same time although does not seem to record the dmd with me but i also don't have a dmd screen. Does game manager's recording record backglasses etc also at the same time ? PBX recorder recordings can also be stopped or paused One thing you could look at is if your LAV codec output formats are setup like this but it would be weird if some recorded video's play and others not so i doubt this is the problem as they all use the same codec but you can verify (ignore red circle in screenshot, male sure all the checkboxes are the same with you)
  12. i think it's from the high score plugin i noticed a plugin in the user projects section with the same name. You could check plugin manager to see if there is a pinemhi plugin active an possibly disable the plugin to get rid of the error
  13. Try not to hijack topics, you have asked a few things unrelated to the forums topic, i think its better to create new topics so they stay on topic To anwser your question it's not a pinball x problem but a bug inside pinball fx3 which they have never solved (yet). There is a workaround goto the steam folder of pinball fx3 where the pxp files are. Locate mars.pxp and make copy of it in the same folder as the other pxp files and name it nars.pxp then in game manager goto the pinball fx3 to the mars game and rename the gamename from mars to nars (not the description) then save the list (it asks if you exit or change list). If you select mars table then it will start the nars.pxp file. Do note if they ever update mars.pxp you'll have to create a new copy of it
  14. initial connection and starting downloads is fast now for me on port 22 and downloads work with good speed. on port 21 i still have the slow initial connections for connecting and starting a download or if the connection times out due to not browsing the ftp fast enough and selecting a new directory (maybe mike had that problem) as before when i was connected (on port 21) i could browse fast unless i waited a bit and it had to make a new connection to show the directory listing. So port 22 is definatly faster now for me. Have not tried uploading using port 22 as i don't have anything to upload. Thanks for the fix i think i'll keep using port 22 as well now (explicit ftp over tls i was using).
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