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  1. seems the latest update has commandline parameters for playercount and pure/action mode: -PureAction 0 = Pure mode -PureAction 1 = Action mode and it's possible to launch the game and skip the nag screen using return key which is my plunger / launch key if it's not with your setup an easy ahk script can be created to remap one of your cabinet keys to return key upon launching the game. So in theory we do not need the script to launch the game anymore and only my pinballx Launcher app with customized ini file is needed for pinball wicked now. I'll see if i can create such ini later and upload a new zipped package Edit: i tried it but pinballx can't seem to close pinball wicked direcrtly for some reason so i'll leave as is, i could create an ahk script for a launch before command that can kill pinball wicked on a key press just like in the current launcher but i guess i'll leave as is for now.
  2. I had created something similar already but besides players it can also select classic or normal play and the ini file is configureable for other systems (i used it also for pinball wicked along with another launcher to select nr of players and action or normal mode) https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app to switch between normal and classic mode you can add the -class commandline parameter maybe you can add it as well in your program
  3. ah yes, but i just left it out did not include it in my version of the script. Had some other things changed as well. Adjusting the ui setting to full doesn't it display dmd on playfield then and on other tables as well ? Have not tried yet on my cabinet but i think i explicitly setted that setting to none to have no dmd on the playfield
  4. New Game Red Show Deluxe (2019) game name is redshowdeluxe. Also updated wheels gimp xcf template to contain this image and added new deluxe tables section on ftp ( /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images/Deluxe Tables ). The gimp xcf template was saved using gimp 2.10.14, i upgraded my gimp so not sure if it can be opened with previous versions
  5. @GAH1068 thanks for the script changes. It seems to be working fine although i did not use all changes you had done only the ones related to the new DX type as i don't use mouse click and as i also noticed the following I'm not sure what exactly that does but it seems to me it's specific to your system as i noticed the "System_7" thingie and not everyone might have zaccaria pinball setup in system7. So I left that out, it was not present in the previous version i used of the AHK script. However your changes dealing with the nex DX type do work I also got a question can you post a picture somehow of how your backglass looks with the new red show deluxe table ? i don't seem to have a dmd anymore for that table (it's not related to your script). It could be my backglass'es monitor resolution is too low and it can't display the dmd or something. I'm using 1280x1024 in my backglass 4:3 monitor
  6. @GAH1068 the launch script might need changing they added a new kind of tables... "Deluxe" versions and it's a seperate section in the menu so my guess is we'll need a new code for this and the code to be added to the launch script (table_type_val). I have not tried fixing it myselve and did not buy the table yet. But this table can probably not be launched without doing changes to the script
  7. @scutters thanks for this plugin i just installed it but i have found a problem with it, although i also know the work around thanks to viewing @Mike_da_Spike's ini file. It seems the plugin might have some troubles with regional settings. I have my pc set to belgium / dutch language and keyboard belgian point. If i select a font the plugin was always resetting the font to ms sans serif when running in pinballx. I found out by comparing ini files that on my pc it writes the following: it uses ";" as seperator and "," as decimal seperator but if it does that it does not work and fonts don't display correctly i also had JIT errors sometimes if i used different fonts. Now the workaround is easy i just have to change those lines manually from "Font=Digital Readout; 26,25pt" to "Font=Digital Readout, 26.25pt" and then it works without crashes and loads the font correctly also. Just letting you know as this could be a problem for others as well but the workaround is easy enough just have to edit the ini to correct the changes. My guess is this is related to regional settings as my country used "," not "." as decimal seperator not sure why it had changed "," to ";" to use a seperator between font name and size edit: btw the rotation version seems to be working for me. I have placed the table info on my playfield rotated
  8. @Mike_da_Spike copy the pxp file in question to a different location / folder. Get quickbms and get this script for it zen_studio_pxp.bms Launch quickbms.exe not quickbms_4gb_files.exe select the zen.studio_pxp.bms file in first selection dialog, in next dialog select PXP files and in final dialog select an empty folder where the pxp file will be extracted to. In the extracted folder there should be a SFX folder with ogg files. Rename music.ogg to [tablename].ogg and you extracted the music. There is plenty more of audio when you extracted the files and i also have a wonky way of opening the extracted texture files (*.pxt) files. i can view playfield image backlglasses and cabinet art on the sides as well and export to png. if your interested in that as well let me know. But i did not do it as it was not related to this topic. This extraction method also works for pinball fx2. I extracted a lot of the table audio using this way to complete my collection (i have all 93 table audio files but some i gotten from other people's uploads)
  9. Not sure setting it as parameter in pinball x settings app wil work the laucher only takes 1st parameter but hae not tried. Better to do it in the pinball fx 3 launchers ini file at the end of startparams if i remember correctly. Am not at home to verify atm @susoarkangel In pinball FX3.ini change STARTPARAMS=-applaunch 442120 to STARTPARAMS=-applaunch 442120 -offline
  10. Extract from pxp file. Can explain how to do it once i get home if you like
  11. I uploaded the bally and williams ones extracted from the tables pxp files itselve. In other section my user name.
  12. Add -offline parameter at the end of start parameters maybe it helps. That message has nothing todo with multiplayer or the launcher.
  13. i think something went wrong with his upload not sure. Maybe he thought he had uploaded them all but did not. I have not created any new ones so would like the rest as well if they are already done
  14. ah did not know that. But not sure many people will lower their resolutions for just one table that has performance issues. Best bet would be if zen tried to fix it but i don't see it happening soon. I do think they are aware as numerous people mentioned it on the pfx3 discord and i saw some posts on steam discutions as well.
  15. @Pulpito Feroz_1 did you upload them somewhere already ? as we don't see them here. There is a limit per forum post you can do and sometimes you have to click the + icon near the image after upload in order for them to show up in the message post. I'm not sure if it's possible todo uploads to ftp if you are not a subscriber. Another option is a google driver shared link or mega upload link or something similar. Or just the images spread over multiple posts here. Thats what i was doing
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