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  1. @Tom Speirs I downloaded last version and i don't think the problem with the settings app is fixed. The default list options seems to be linked to the add missing tables value in game manager. Changing either one changes the other (if you restart settings app you'll notice it when changing one of the values). Enable Default list options still does not update pinballx.ini well it seems its possible it updates the wrong value these 2 are linked somehow on my system Or was this not fixed yet ? PinballX.ini
  2. Does setting hide backglass in game manager fix it also ? Only a guess i think it hides the backs glass from pinball x frontend then when the table is launched preventing the problem from happening in the first place but it's only a guess. You could verify in game manager if you have those set or not and try changing it once for a table that still has the problem
  3. Hey guys ever since version 3.55 or was it 3.54 system table audio files are supported. Since system names are not spoken when browsing the system menu using the narrator plugin, i recorded them as system table audio files, i use them on my system. They will briefly pause the background music to say the system name and then go on with the music inside pinball x frontend. I like it and maybe someone else has use for them so i uploaded them to my upload place in ftp in system media folder. I case anyone else has other systems and would like to record such narrator audio themselves here's a very quick tutorial on how to do this: audacity is needed create a new text file and rename it to speak.vbs (make sure you can see / edit file extentions in windows so your file does not get named speak.vbs.txt), right click the file and choose edit so notepad will open the file and place the line below in it and save the file CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak "Visual Pinball X" when you double click speak.vbs it should now say "Visuall Pinball X" using the setup narrator voice, even when narrator is disabled in ease of acces run audocity and specify to use windows wasapi and select as recording channel and output channel your speakers (names will differ on your system) make sure no other audio is playing Press record button, audiocity will now wait for audio input goto the location of where you saved speak.vbs and double click it, you will hear the narrartor speak and audacity should have recorded it press stop in audacity remove any possible excess of silence in the waveform choose file -> export -> mp3 and name the file "- system -.mp3" move the file to your specified system in the table audio folder run pinball x frontend browse to your system and hear the system name being mentioned when browsing systems. repeat for other systems each time change the text in speak.vbs to your system name That's basically how i created these files. Have fun if you want to change the narrator voice to something else check this topic but be warned changing it also changes it for the narrator pluging inside pinball x frontend Here are a few sample files: - system -.mp3 (visual pinball) - system -.mp3 (pinball fx3) - system -.mp3 (future pinball) rest is available on ftp
  4. Thanks, just tested and working fine. I'll upload my mp3 files for the system menu tommorow in case anyone wants them. Or create a simple vbs script like mentioned in first post and record them using audacity. Thats basically what i did
  5. Hi, I think i found another small bug with the systems menu. If you select a system for example pinball fx3 it will say at the bottom "Featuring XX pinball fx3" tables, if you press the quit key (esc in my case) to exit pinball x while sitting on the table selection menu of pinball fx3 (or any other system) and choose exit and then restart pinball x the next time, it will not say "Featuring XX systems" on the system menu but say "Feating XX pinball fx3 tables" where XX will equal the nr of systems. basically it shows "Featuring <Nr of systems> <last Systemname from table section before exit> tables". Below is a screenshot to show what i mean. I selected mallzbies pinball collection system, exited pinball x on the table selection menu of that system (so not in the system menu) and when i restart pinball X frontend i get to see this on the table selection menu. only solution to fix this is to select system menu from the menu's when selecting a table and then exiting pinball x it seems to be some caching issue of last selected system when exiting / restarting pinball x This is on Pinball X version 3.52 (i have 10 systems). I can make a video if needed to show it in more detail / how it's happening if needed
  6. Hi @Tom Speirs, I recorded using a simple vbs script the narrator voice (for example "CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Slamit Pinball - Big Score") and named them "- system -.mp3" and placed the files in the respective table audio directory of each system, but for some reason these files are not played when broswing through the system menu. To make sure mp3 is not the problem i also exported them as "- system -.ogg" but it was also not played Is table system audio files not allowed for the system menu? Has anyone else got table audio working for system menu? I used these files as test: - system -.wav - system -.mp3
  7. I also have a small request for the system menu. Besides the quit button thingie that @Mike_da_Spike requested and i would like as well, it would be nice if the narrator plugin could mention the system names also when selecting them. I use the narrator plugin on my cabinet with table selection and i like that it "says" the names of the table but system names would be nice also. If it would require to much changes i can try to record system table audio (if that would work) which says the names of my systems using same narrator voice, but i'll have to verify how i can record it correctly then Edit: I created audio recordings of the system names spoken by narrator and converted to mp3 and named them "- system -.mp3" and placed them in table audio but for some reason they are not played on system selection screen
  8. unfortunatly i have no real dmd in my cabinet i just have 2 screen setup and don't use dmd video's (my backglasses contains recorded dmd inside it). You mentioned the video from PBX logo works fine ? maybe you can compare resolution of that video to yours and also verify codec used you can do that with vlc and check codec information. If the information is different you could try reencoding the video's to the same format as the video that is working. It could also be pbx problem if the same video that is working for your tables (from v12 for example) is failing in the system selection and then @Tom Speirs is the only one that can verify it But again i have no real dmd so can not verify this and it's only an idea
  9. i'm running VPX_6_beta_rev3751 which the totan table mentioned is needed. Not sure if thats the latest. My guess exiting the table outside pbx could be related to my slow cpu although as i get a not responding message, i did wait a long time already so not sure. But from within pbx it works fine. Could be my visual pinmame is not latest, i'm always affraid to upgrade that. But exiting through pbx works ok audio stalls but pbx kills vpx eventually or i kill it if its still running in a launch after, can't remember. On my main pc i don't have a problem either but that pc has much much faster cpu compared to my cabinet Edit1: It's my visual pinmame that crashes when quiting the rom. I see the same if i test the game from pinmame's setup.exe. already upgraded to 3.2 beta and then to sam build rev r4816. but it still hangs will try a few things but at least now i know whats causing it (pinmame) Edit2: I fixed it i had in game options use external dll checked if i uncheck it works fine
  10. I did not install this table because i got a feeling it won't run good on my system. Seems its tailored for 4k. My system has a really bad cpu alongside a 1060gtx but i can not easily change the cpu. So i'm hessitant to install this table. Does it run good on your system ? Edit: i tried it anyway and it seems to play ok on my system sometimes a very small slowdown but overall very playable and this table looks good. The only problem i have is that visual pinball x becomes unresponsive when i exit the table. But when using it from inside pinballx i have no problem as the exe gets killed eventually.
  11. i installed 3.51 not sure if anything else has changed (compared to 3.50) but i can not reproduce the table display bug anymore so it indeed looks like its fixed. Thanks again
  12. Hey @Tom Speirs, I just installed 3.51 and i can not reproduce the problem anymore now. So i think it is fixed. Thanks again
  13. I'll merge my xml files as well or try to create a seperate system between visual pinball 9 and visual pinball X
  14. Yes the table launches correctly, its only the table info. The status text bar at the bottom does display correct table name but not in the box with table info
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