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  1. @hawkeyez88 which ones you feel are missing ? as i got a full set now with the locations givens. Or do you mean they don't all use same layout (like images in wheels of backglass or playfield). My set is currently mixed, although i only have a very small amount table image ones
  2. I uploaded them to the ftp here /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images/Remakes the base images are the ones from draco. I also uploaded the templates for 2019 & 2020 (based on your templates). However in my labeled docklet wheel images i did move the template layer up so the year value would sit abit above the original logo and not over it. If you want to have the year label exactly on same position as your labeled wheels you should use the template i created and don't move the layer. In the templates for 2019 / 2020 they sit at same position as your 2018 label template so you can reuse that
  3. also this might help other people: Location for the wheel (docklet) images on ftp: /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Draco1962/Zaccaria Pinball (by Draco no retro / year labels, original images this topic was about) /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/BrandonLaw/Zaccaria/Wheel Images (By brandonlaw plain and retro / year labels based on table image) /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images (By joyrider3774 no retro / year labels, follows game name naming convention, based on backglass pictures) /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Fulltilt/Zaccaria/Wheels (by Fulltilt only retro / year labels added to existing wheels). Using the docklet wheels in those locations along with perhaps a few posted on the forums (like in the topic with the launch script i think there was some there also). You should be able to get the complete set up until the releases for the current date (13/04/2019). Only devilriders and clown 2019 releases are missing with the 2019 year logo but it could be fulltilt still needs to add them
  4. @Fulltilt thanks for adding the labels. I think i will use them also on my cabinet. When looking at my collection i noticed the following are still missing year labels for the 2019 releases the others have been done already by brandonlaw that i was missing : devilriders2019 clown2019 Are you still working on those it are the new releases from 2019 tables maybe you can use the images from draco on the ftp as a base for the 2019 version ? Thanks again edit: I created a version of these 2 myselve but did not upload as i'll see what fulltilt will do
  5. did you copy paste the text from some other site ? As that usually happens when i do that. The trick to get around it is to paste the text into notepad first and copy from notepad again before pasting here on forums. For smaller sentences i just paste in address bar of chrome first and then copy again from there. I also noticed that once i have a text starting with the white background it's hard to get it removed unless cutting away the text. Try editing the post and copy the text to notepad then remove the text (completelty) and copy paste it back from notepad
  6. Your welcome, hope you have a complete set now also
  7. Last ones as my set is now complete.. well except for the treasure table but that table does not even have flippers and needs to be unlocked by completing the campaign mode Files also available on ftp as well as the xcf file which might be handy if you want to replace images or just want to export the logo's. All logo's come from the backglasses except the mystic star and stars phoenix one i extracted that one from an image i found on the internet. The xcf file contains a 2nd version for the mystic star logo with the white surroundings but i prefer it without it. The xcf file can be opened with gimp 2
  8. No problem, i need them as well so might as well share them for everyone. I think with duplicating the wheels for retro and remake tables i'm only missing about 10 unique wheels.
  9. Okay did 3 more, I'm not too happy about how supersonic turned out with the double logo but i wanted to keep it all similar like have a logo on the bottom. The rest that i'm missing might not be so easy to create images for as i might have to extract logo's from somewhere if even available. The logos used are either the ones from carny priest or from the visual pînball media /wheels folder on ftp except for the sypersonic one i took it from the backglass picture itselve (same as in the wheel image also), wood's queen i added black border, universe i left intact but it's missing a small portion on the left of the star it was like this in the original logo i had gotten from ftp, but it's hardly noticeable in pinballx. Files also updated on ftp including the gimp XCF file containing all the images
  10. I just found the logos carny priest created in the past so i quickly created 4 new ones for wheels i was missing. I also do not create seperate wheels for retro or remake versions i just use the same wheel for all different versions (at the moment). All wheels based on backglass picture again. The only logo's i modified a bit are the redshow one, i tried to remove some of the blue aspects the logo still contained from cutting it out somewhere. And for the moon flight and lucky fruit logo i added / changed to a black border I also uploaded a XCF file for gimp to the ftp on "/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images" its based on the psd draco provided in the topic here. It still contains the original ones created by him as well. And i uploaded the images (exported versions) of the ones i created up until now to the same folder on ftp
  11. it comes down to this change as posted in the first thread: - IMPORTANT change the key used to exit the game to the same key that is assigned in pinballx / you use to exit normally.Default is mapped to ESC change it to your key if you are not using the ESC key; Exit Table; pinball wicked does not seem to react well on the quit game key from pinball x; so change the ESC key below to the key you have set in pinballx as quit game key; info about keys can be found here : https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm; in my cab i use the esc key Esc:: ;<----- change HERE Gosub killApp Return you need to change Esc to the key you use for quiting back to pinballx so the same key you assigned in pinballx to quit a game. In the autohotkey script and then recompile it. I think that might be what your experiancing. If you also use the ESC key on your encoder / keyboard to quit tables it might be related to running things elevated or not. But normally you should do that change so that the script tries to quite / kill the game when you press that key
  12. Took some time and created 3 more. i'm still missing lots of them and it aint easy to recreate the logos. The hippie logo is from the backglass picture same with granada logo but i modified it "tried" adding the missing parts. It looks ok on in my pinball x version but then again they get downscaled with me.
  13. 32 bit application can not load 64 bit dll's, and 64 bit can't load 32 bit dll's in windows (well not to execute code at least) so in case of plugins that pinballx loads your (pinballx) plugins needs to be same bitness as the host application (pinballx) My guess (but have not verified) b2sserver is 32 bit and you need 32 bit pinballx to make it work or something in general also : 32 bit application can only address a maxiumum of 4 gigabytes (2^32) of memory and thats only when it was compiled with largeaddress aware flag. If not done so it will only be able to address 2 gigabytes of memory max. a 64 bit application can address much more memory and does not have this limitation. If an application tries to allocate (in total) more memory than it can address you'll get an out of memory exception and the application will crash. Usually sticking to 32bit gives more compatiblity because most of plugins are 32 bit or don't always have 64 bit counterparts. I'm using 32 bit as well just to be safe. If you are using 32 bit on your cabinet and don't have any problems don't switch and especially not mingle versions or you'll cause problems (with plugins for example)
  14. UPDATE 03/04/2019: Devil riders remake 2019 Playfield video + 1600x1200 backglass image + 1920x1080 backglass image uploaded to ftp all named devilriders2019.XXX
  15. Just for your information i have extracted the audio from williams pinball volume 3 and uploaded to /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/Table Audio I also created video's for williams volume 3, two table video's per table (one with and one without the alternate graphics from zen) along with matching dmd video's. I also uploaded my backglass video's for 2 monitor setup but my backglass video's are only 1024x768 but pinballx should stretch them i'm using 1024x768 on my pincab for the backglass hence the low resolution. These backglass video's constain static images (other people created for most tables i just googled some images for the williams volume's) and dmd inside it.
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