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  1. joyrider3774

    Malzbie's Pinball Collection - On my cabinet

    guys Labyrinth table has been released as usual very cheap 0.79€ https://store.steampowered.com/app/989680/Malzbies_Pinball_Collection__Labyrinth/ I created new wheel image, uploaded the backglass the author released, updated database (i also added years now) and created a table video for the new table. all available on ftp /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Malzbies Pinball Collection/Media/Malzbies Pinball Collection also it's now possible to hide the DMD (can be handy if you want to create video's without overlay dmd on playfield) you have to run in portrait mode and can press f11 then to hide it. Some tables in certain views show the dmd on the backbox (ingame) thats why the author added it. But i'm not going to recreate my video's, thats also why the i kept the dmd visible in my labyrinth video New game name to use is labyrinth updated database: Malzbies Pinball Collection.xml Backglass picture: wheel image: table video: labyrinth.mp4
  2. hmm, i was trying to complete the campaign mode to unlock that extra treasure table to complete the video set but it seems that extra table does not even have flippers. I just found some screenshots of that extra table here https://steamcommunity.com/app/444930/screenshots/?searchText=treasure&browsefilter=trend&filterLanguage=default so i think i'll stop trying as it's kinda hard and not worth the effort
  3. not sure what you are asking but i use a small ahk script to remap my launch button (default key &/1) to enter and my nudge left nudge right to left key / right key flippers to shift left & shift right. And i use xbox 360 ce for analogue plunger. Most of the keys i set ingame except the enter button. for the rest i use the script from GAH1068 in the other topic to launch the games although i do use those rotate commandline parameters (added it to his ahk script)
  4. @32assassin what do you consider full cabinet support ? dmd repositioning and backglass repositioning ? like in pinball fx3 ? I have a 2 monitor setup and it works fine with the options they have at the moment for me. i can rotate the playfield using commandline option (not ingame) and i can see the backglass and dmd on my second monitor. I'm guessing you got a 3 monitor setup and want to reposition dmd ? or you mean launching tables using commandline options ? here are the commands to prerotate the screen using commandline https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1579397113
  5. joyrider3774

    [RESOLVED] Old & Confused about FTP

    kinda weird, in filezilla, what does it say when looking at these lines when you connect ? does it mention something about wrong password & login or something else ? Also do you have any software or hardware firewalls you know off ? like it's not blocked in windows firewall or your antivirus the connection or ftp usuage is not blocked if you use some shared internet ?
  6. joyrider3774

    [ RESOLVED ] does DMD/PF/ BG have to be a specific size

    check the topic mentioned by scutters, and in your lav codec options set the same output formats (well actually disable a few) as in the screenshot tom posted on the last page. I had todo that on my system also or some video's did not play (black screen). edit: whoops i'm too late did not see above post, glad you got it fixed.
  7. joyrider3774

    i know i shouldnt really ask

    How about recording them yourselve? Have a look at pbxrecorder works fine for me for visual pinball tables. I dont think you'll find more places than ftp here, so self recording is best way to go i think.
  8. joyrider3774

    [RESOLVED] Old & Confused about FTP

    use filezilla and this is how i have it setup and allow access if it says something about certificates
  9. i'm also missing a lot of them, i did create one for the fire figther table but it took me hours to get it like that. I'm also not that good in editing well not as good as draco and brandonlaw, theirs look much better
  10. joyrider3774

    [RESOLVED] PinballX causes frame time issues

    which program shows that frametime info ? i could test to see if i see the same, although my pinball cab system is not very performant
  11. joyrider3774

    Pinball fx3 Williams volume 1&2

    original files coming straight from the pxp files uploaded to /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/Table Audio It's the file music.ogg that is located in the SFX directory inside each tables pxp file. Here's how to extract them yourselve: use this file zen_studio_pxp.bms with this quickbms program https://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm you run quickbms then select the zen_studio_pxp.bms file and then you select a copy of a zen studio PXP file and then an empty folder for the files to be extracted. It works for most pinball fx2 and pinball fx3 pxp files (but not all of them). There are plenty more files (audio sounds) when extracted. I have not been able to view the extracted image data though uncertain how to view those textures but to get the music for your cabinet out of (some) of the original pxp / table files it's handy. Also most of these tables should have table audio somewhere in visual pinball directories as well as they exist in visual pinball also
  12. joyrider3774

    Pinball fx3 Williams volume 1&2

    i can get to the original music from the game itselve, i'm able to extract most PXP files and get the ogg music from there. Some pxp files seem encrypted but not all of them so i'll see if i can get the (original) table audio out of the pxp files and upload them to the ftp
  13. joyrider3774

    [RESOLVED] Playfield turns green?!?

    Does it stay green when playing in visual pinball or in windows as well when it happens or only inside pinballx ? If it's only in pinballx it's probably the codecs you need as draco pointed out. If it happens elsewhere i would also make sure to have latest video card drivers installed from nvidia themselves not the windows supplied ones.
  14. i attempted to do one as i'm still missing a lot of them, the firefighter text does not look so great, i took it from the backglass picture of the table but in pinballx itselve it looks a bit better (because it gets downscaled with me). I'm happy with it maybe someone has use for it
  15. guys new table got released clown remake (2019) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1012010/Zaccaria_Pinball__Clown_2019_Table/ video's and backglass pictures are updated in ftp and my user project topic about them here's my updated database file (note it's slighty diffrent than the descriptions in original post):Zaccaria Pinball.xml or if you want to know game name / edit xml directly <game name="clown2019"> <description>Clown Remake</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer>Magic Pixel</manufacturer> <year>2019</year> <type>RM</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidetopper>True</hidetopper> <hidebackglass>True</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>0</rating> </game>