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  1. Well 3.95 has been running for hours with no issues. It's certainly possible that a driver caused it (Windows update) but it's not the hardware, I considered that possibility and ran prime95 for several hours without any issue. If it returns I'll be back. Thank you !!!
  2. Thank you both for the immediate response, very much appreciated ! I will run 3.95 for a while and see what happens, will report back either way. It's not hardware and the only new driver is the Nvidia driver but the issue was there before that driver installed, aside from that it has been running for hours on 3.88. CAB: Running VPX 10.6 final (usual suspects all up to date), Pinball FX2, Pinball FX3 and I have PinUp running with the tables where I enjoy that addition (maybe 10 out of the 159 I currently have running). 40" 4K PF, 27" 4K BG, 15" DMD/Topper
  3. As the title says... multiples of the same table will pop up on the selection wheel after sitting in attract mode for a while. It just started doing it this last week after I updated to 3.94 and then had to roll back to 3.88 because 3.94 kept crashing causing BSOD (3.88 does not cause BSOD). It now does it no matter which version of PBX I use, I tried many different releases (3.78, 3.85, 3.88, 3.93, 3.94). This is on a completely up to date Windows 10 build with the latest Nvidia driver that Windows will force install (432.00). This issue was present before my pc received the 432.00 driver update. Thank You for any assistance on this issue. PC = 4790k, RTX 2060, 16GB 2400 DDR3 ram
  4. Can anyone tell me if I can remove the silver arch that sits behind the wheel logos (if so, how)? I have seen videos of PinballX running without it and I would like to remove it. Thank you.
  5. These look great but the audio glitches out on me (while in PinballX) at the end of the file. The audio starts stuttering instead of looping properly after the first play through of the file, I run the attract rotation at 30 seconds per table so it matters beyond the first table. Thank you for the work, they do look fantastic. I am using the required codec pack with Win10-64 so not sure if something else is required beyond that in order for these to have proper audio (or maybe a setting I am overlooking, IDK). Is there a way to prevent the audio from playing back via the Table Video and use a Table Audio file instead...? Thanks again! *** Two seconds of looking... and the fix is to turn off audio playback for videos (in Audio settings) and run Table Audio files instead. ***
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