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  1. Zedixair

    Taskbar on BG

    Hi guys, I'm back for feedback. So, after a quick try, I do not have the issue if I hide the taskbar on my BG screen (it seems normal) with W10 64bits. More informations: the issue appeared when I updated from 3-dot-something (my previous version was installed one year and a half ago) to 4.06 Before the update, even if my taskbar was also enabled on my BG screen, it never appeared after exiting a table. To help you, I attach my actual pinballx.ini and log.txt files log.txt PinballX.ini
  2. Zedixair

    Taskbar on BG

    Hi, not at home for a few days, I will post more informations when back at home, thank you for your help !
  3. Zedixair

    Taskbar on BG

    Since I've updated my PBX to last version, I have the Windows 10 taskbar that appears and stays on my BG after I exit a table... I use BG videos or BG images for all my tables, and the issue appears whereas the table has a BG video or a BG image. It never did that before, so I guess a setting has changed, but I've got no idea of what setting it is. Any idea of what I should do or try ?
  4. Just a little feedback about my issue: updating to last version seems to have solve the problem. All the tables I tried (TOTAN, TAF, Flintstones, Cirqus Voltaire, Funhouse...) are now working. The only problem I noticed after updating is that a few personalised settings have been modified : for instance, the launching sound, or the default video for missing BG. Nothing hard to modify. Thank you again for updating this great software !
  5. Thank you for these answers, I'll try to update.
  6. So, if I update, no risk at all to lose something ? Or should I do a backup of my actual version (how ?)
  7. First, be aware I'm a newbie ! So, I'm sorry if my questions seems stupid to you ! I run PBX in a cab with W10 / 16Go RAM / SSD 500Go / GeForce 1070 8 Mo, emulators VPX 10.6 final + Pinball FX3. As i'm not at home, I can't verify what version I have, but it's a one year and a half old version (3 dot something). All my +600 tables were running fine until a recent time, with the releases of VPX tables and backglasses with heavy files, like Addams Family (G5K version), The Flintstones, TOTAN, and a few other ones that are older (Funhouse)... I still can launch these tables directly in VPX and having them perfectly working, but when I try to launch them with PBX, the backglasses doesn't launch at all. It's not a problem of a "hidden" BG, it just doesn't load at all. As I was using high res BG, I tried to install smaller ones with lower res (smaller files), but it changed nothing. And all my other tables still works... What can I do to solve this problem ? And if you think it's because my version of PBX is not up-to-date, how can I update my version without loosing all my settings / medias / etc ? PS: PinballX is a great soft, good job !
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