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  1. is there somewhere in the settings for arcade edition to auto check for updates like regular gameex? I looked every place and don't see it, its in enable disable features in the regular version. thanks
  2. that did it! thanks. I was wondering about the themes but its working great for my cocktail mame so all is good
  3. thanks for the reply and info. at work now but will try the ini edit tonight thanks
  4. maybe I just missed it somewhere but how or can you turn off the popup that rates and describes the mame game in the selection screen in the arcade edition? thanks
  5. figured out what was really causing the crash, it was a corrupt theme. I was using the galaga vertical theme and reselected and it crashed so it deleted the folder and re-download and now its fine but it there any big advantage with the 64 bit version of gameex? or should I leave it the 32bit version. also where do I disable the showing of the control panel at the game launch, thanks
  6. uninstalled, deleted the gamex folder and reinstalled only the 32 bit version and left everything default and setup mame only and it seems to be working? could swear I installed the 64 bit version the first time and it worked but hey its working now thanks!!
  7. I had it working on my cocktail cabinet I am putting together and the hard drive started having problems. put in a new drive and started over and it crashes? most likely something stupid I missed hopefully someone can help thanks log.txt GameEx.ini
  8. thanks, I will check out those threads
  9. I have had gameex for a long time on my standup mame cabinet running aimtraks daphne pretyy much every emulator. but I have purchased a space invaders cocktail cabinet and want to do a machine that only plays things like games that were on a cocktail machine 2 player with the screen flip from player 1 to 2. does gameex do flipping ? been a while since I set it up. thanks
  10. yes, allways has been for years, I can go back to a backup of a older version of gameex and its fine at some point something changed and some controls are remapped, I know there has been some major changes in gameex recently . I am sure it will be fixed I had no problems with the version that worked so I will stick with it for now
  11. new update same problem I will have to go to an earlier gameex and not update for a while, cant go back a page with my slickstik control panel if the problem gets fixed can you please post . thanks for all your hard work on gameex
  12. don't know for sure when it happened but I have a slick stick and the button that I push to go back a page in my theme in game ex no longer works. the button is the right mouse button. I have 15.32 now and put in my backup from a few months ago and it work but not on 15.32 did something change? also how do you tell what release number of gameex you are running? then I can see what version it worked on thanks
  13. same issue for me. the video snaps I have sound but lost the video. they play fine outside of gameex
  14. isn't there a way to capture in game video and create a video snap in gameex? I thought I did this years ago . I have snaps for everything I play in my mame favorites but I don't have for carnival king. or if not in gameex is there another easy way to make one. thanks
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