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  1. Love your work. Added all the FX3 Megaballs for all my Pinball FX3 tables in Pinballx. Will you be adding the new Williams and Bally. Just wanted to ask before i start playing with Photoshop. Thanks...
  2. krel01- did you ever figure out why you can not record videos any more? My records everything except my table monitor (display 1). I believe that you said that with an earlier version that it worked. Which version? And which ffmpeg version are you using? And is it 32 bit or 64 bit. As I said, records dmd and backglass great, then i get another backglass video turned sideways for my table video. I just can't figure it out. Does the same thing when i try to create videos for a future pinball. PBX recorder works great withe all three displays.
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