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  1. andyco

    new version ?

    ok thanks for reply.
  2. one thing make sure ur monitor for main screen as a wide viewing angle.
  3. andyco

    new version ?

    why is this not showing new version https://www.gameex.info/forums/forum/35-pinballx-news-and-updates/
  4. ok glad i could help let us no if u need help with setup for mame on ur pincab and i will do wot i can to help.
  5. i can play horizontal games on the back glass and vertical games on the main screen.
  6. this works for me.hope it helps.make a dummy folder and name it DUMMYROMS for table path
  7. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    did you get it all sorted pal.
  8. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    with mame run outside of pinballx and select a game and see wot screen it plays on if its a horizontal game then i play it on the backbox if it aint on the backbox go into mame settings for that game and select a different display screen my backbox is display 3. in the mame folder wrer your exe is make a dummy folder called dummyroms and in the pinballx settings for table path point it to the dummyrom folder.
  9. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    and here is the jukebox file. Dwjukebox.rar
  10. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    here r the setups in pinballx settings
  11. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    the jukebox software is called DWjukebox
  12. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    for mame u need to have aleast a joystick and 3 buttons like i have.
  13. the file does but the folder does not.
  14. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    here an example IMG_2150.mp4
  15. andyco

    my pincab WIP

    i can do u a video of the jukebox runing if u want mate.
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