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  1. i think i already have mate.
  2. pinballx to taskbar on run

    if u have steam running on windows bootup that will cause pinballx to go to taskbar try disabeling steam on bootup then try fullscreen in pinballx and no to full screen windowed it worked for me. if you still want steam to bootup when system starts then i have done a ahk file you will have to change your pinballx location in it to were yours is. sleep, 15000 run, D:\PinballX\PinballX.exe compile then put in windows start folder. you mite have to change the sleep time aswell. without sleep command if steam is not running on bootup bootup.ahk with sleep command bootup.ahk
  3. [ RESOLVED ] HELP from a GFX artist

    ok no probs mate.
  4. 9in pc monitor

    This one I got cost me only £55 and it’s a 16/9 ratio screen with vga and hdmi connections.
  5. 9in pc monitor

    hi all just got a 9in pc monitor with hdmi connection to use in my pin cab for DMD to make it a 3 screen setup but not installed it in cab yet lol. tell use wot u think of it.
  6. [ RESOLVED ] HELP from a GFX artist

    wot do u need mate.
  7. pinballx 2.42 pinballfx3

    it will work with grid but there is not enough grid locations in game manager for it.
  8. hi all ghost busters flyby video for pinball arcade on FTP if anyone needs it.
  9. Pinball FX3 Backglasss

    static backglasses are done with and without grill all on FTP under my name if anyone needs them.
  10. Pinball FX3 Backglasss

    there is some on FTP that i have done with grill and without grill
  11. Pinball FX3 Backglasss

    a neutral one
  12. Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    like this these are png images for backglass.
  13. System Underlays

    no probs mate. just uploaded some backglasses for pinball FX3 in FTP mate.
  14. System Underlays

    System Underlays of pinball FX3 if any one wants it. the rest are on the FTP.