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  1. For those who use real DMDs (pinDMD, pin2DMD, etc), how do you capture video of the real DMD for use in Pinball X? I use a pinDMDv3 1. Dumping frames from dmdext and converting to video results in a clear picture but skips a lot of frames (the fps option doesn't seem to affect frame dumping) 2. Video capture of the virtual DMD works better but when downscaling to 128x32, it is blurry when displayed in Pinball X I'm open to other methods of screen capture but my source capture seems perfectly fine; if only the DMD would accept a 1040x272 video...
  2. How did you capture the video for the real DMD video? 1. Dumping png frames using dmdext looks sharp but skips lots of frames 2. Video capture of virtual DMD then shrinking to real DMD dimensions of 128x32 seems to blur
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