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  1. OK not sure if I have seen this one or not but... what about a button at the top or an option in the list to activate the screensaver? sometimes when i put on music i want to immediatly have the ss go on but instead just have to wait for it to kick in... unless i am missing something.
  2. It was all taken from (most) nintendo.com so they are to blame if the categories are wrong
  3. I opened the .dat files in Notepad and there does not seem to be anymore useful info in there but file/rom names and developer (unless I am reading it wrong). That information for a database would not really give much sorting options. Specifically for the N64 database the following items were used: Name Category Date Developer # of Players Description Getting the game names are easy its the other stuff that takes awhile
  4. Can not wait to try the new release Tom! (out of town at the moment) howdy jedah, the N64 database I created by hand using a few different sources. It was possible because there are only about ~300 US games. For other systems such as SNES and NES it will be a bit hard due to the massive amount of games and quality of info on these older systems. For example the nintendo.com site has all but nothing for SNES (~30 or so) and NES (~3 or so). Thus I am looking elsewhere to get the info. If anyone knows of a good site with information on all the games for a particular system let me know. Future databases may take a group effort of gathering the data.
  5. Well... if you ever get that working let me know Currently I have my PC games set up in the other apps section. Was much easier.
  6. mec11

    Duplicates, clones

    Gee wiz, a little quicker next time please lol impresive as always.
  7. mec11

    Duplicates, clones

    I am pretty sure the dup thing is strictly MAME at the moment... though if Tom could add it for the other Emulators that would rock! My Genesis collection is almost unnavigable.
  8. mec11

    NES video snaps

    go to emumovies.com he has links to where they are hosted. I believe the NES stuff is on emuconnie.com
  9. Thanks Circo! Your releases are appreciated! I agree.
  10. I've got mine set to go to standby when I press the power button... that or setting up the power saver settings (or whatever they are called) to go to standby. Its not ready to go at a click of a button but is quicker than booting up (but obviously when using windows reboots are a neccesity). My 2 cents on that matter.
  11. from your description it looks like you are replacing almost everything... does your current mobo support dual core? also as that is most likely your most expensive part (maybe the graphics card) look into if dual core will actually help you any... ie read articles about multitasking with a dual core. I have not read up on them too much myself so I can not offer advise on that frount. where I game and where I have my gameex machine are in two different places so it was a no brainer for me. I originally used a old 900mhz puter that just did not cut it so I recently built the below machine in my sig for about $300 (including a 250gb hd that is not listed, but the graphics card was taken from the old machine). Runs n64 4 player & ps1 games just fine. I have not tried some of the harder to emulate mame games yet.
  12. mec11

    Mame Game Year

    someone else might know more but I would think that the latest games are not really playable due to the amount of hardware to emulate... ie low low low FPS. I think there is an option in the configuration to hide non 'working' titles. Change that to no/false... just the first thing I thought of.
  13. (at least that is what I thought when I first read it) agreed though, thanks for the hardwork headkaze and tom!
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