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  1. I went to settings, settings of displays and tested the 5 screens for the backglass. it did not work for any of the screens. just the screen 2 shows me a black square perimeter on the backglass screen. an other idea ?
  2. Hello everyone, I just updated pinballX from version 3.29 to version 3.30. When I run pinballX, the video of the table on the frontend is well displayed but not the video backglass ... Instead I have a black square that appears on the backglass screen but no more video as on version 3.29 When I run the table with vpx, everything works normally = table + backglass + DMD When I leave the table, again no more video backglass but this black square ... By and large pinballX does not read, no more or bad backlglass media, maybe path pbm ... my lav codecs are updated. Can someone help me
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