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  1. I will be trying again with the current version.
  2. I added an Atari 5200 emulator and NES emualtor. Removed them from GameEx and the problem has dramatically improved. Also, I have to note that Evolution seems to work quite well for me without this issue... However as I have a cocktail, I'm still wanting to use GameEx for now. I am wondering about possible problems from the plunger, and Ultristicks? I may disconnect for grins... Any thoughts? log.txt GameEx.ini
  3. I'm back at it guys. Sorry, work duty.... Let me answer the questions.. 1 - I installed the 32bit version over the top with no changes. 2- I do have 2 ipacs. I also have 2 xbox One controllers, a trackball, 2 spinners. I'd be happy to disable anything to help with debugging. I DO NOT get any funny keystrokes in Windows 10. I ALSO REMEMBERED I HAVE A PINBALL PLUNGER THAT ACTS AS A GAME PAD. 3 - I did not have any issues until I added an emulator after MAME. Thoughts? 4 - Draco mentioned plugins. I am guessing that the LEDBlinky plugin is 32bit only? THANKS ALL.
  4. Thank you for the help. GameEx.ini log.txt
  5. Hello - Revisiting my project (4 sided cabinet) after a hiatus and working on getting GameEx running well before attempting Evolution. I have had MAME working on the cabinet for the meantime, however. So during my rounds of configuration, my menus started scrolling down crazy like someone was holding down keys. Any one have any ideas? This happened to me in the past and caused me to abandon an earlier version of GameEx. I have 2 Ipacs. Obviously the 'last change' sounds like it is the culprit, but I'm not sure what that was. I did add the retroarch package for Atari 5200 games. Thanks, Chad
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