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  1. On the game manager when I select a specific item (backglass, wheel, playfield, etc) from the drop down to load the media file the pop up window comes up blank (nothing there to select). I used to see the available media files but nothing now (I have online download box checked). Any ideas why the list is no there any longer? Thanks
  2. What DMDdevice.dll version are you using from Freezy? I tried the latest DMDext with DMDdevice.dll combos of 1.7.3, 1.7.2 and 1.7.1 and I still see get a fuzzy image on the Universal tables using any of those.
  3. Yep, got it working. Thanks Mike. A curious question, do you guys have any issues with the Universal tables in FX3 (Jaws, ET, BTTF)? Those DMDs even with Freezy still do not look right (kinda fuzzy) during play. Williams tables and others are fine.
  4. Created a batch file to enable xpadder and DMDext freezy when I launch an FX3 table. Works just fine except when launched from within PinballX. When launched within PinballX the DMDext wont work when I launch a FX3 game, Any suggestions? See attached and thanks as always for the support. PinballX.ini dmdfx3.bat
  5. Well guys, I feel like a total dumbass, it was the working steam.exe path (wasn't pointing right). I thought all along I needed to go to the table folder. Thanks for the quick feedback.
  6. I spent over a week trying to figure why my FX3 games won't launch when I select the game from Pinball X. I followed and read numerous FAQs and still no go. Using PinballX 4.05 x86 version (tried both x64 and x86 with same result). Running WIN10. Table names are all OK on the game manager list (xml files). I tried launching FX3 tables within game manager and they won't launch there either. No issues with VPX tables at all. Using FX3 steam version (everything works fine when I launch FX3 directly) it just wont work within Pinball X. Thanks for any help you guys can provide. PinballX.ini Pinball FX3.xml
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