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  1. Did you fill in your gamexonline account in settings.exe ? Please provide your ini and log file for beter troubleshooting
  2. Working in all pinball emulators. You only need to start it from PBX
  3. I'm not sure, but thought there is a download limit. Had it in the past too, but needed to wait 24 hours and I could downloaded it again. Finally I donate money to Spesoft, for the fantasic free Pbx frontend, this forum, unlimited storage on ftp and gameexonline, so they can develop and get the site up and running. Not saying that everybody should do it, but thats what I did to get unlimited downloads.
  4. You can also launch the table manually (via pbx) and hit the "V" key on the keyboard to start video recording. When it is finished, it will go back to pbx and you can launch the next video
  5. Just a short notice if you have a pinDMD3 and a Teensy 3.2 with an octo28 adaptor. When installing both in your cab, the pinDMD3 didn't show anything in PBX All tables worked fine, but not in PBX. Both are Teensy boards, but my DMD was on com5 and the Teensy 3.2 on com3 the pinDMD_log.txt in the pinballX fodlers shows : dll version: REV-pinDMD3-01006 locating device: PASS (COM3) creating connection: FAIL (COM3) pinDMD3 enabled: FALSE This should be com5. Solution : Create a pinDMD.ini in the pinballX folder with the following : [communication] debug=1 comport=COM5 [pinmame] log_frames=0 This will force PBX to use your pinDMD3 on COM5 Copy this file also to your Visualpinball\XDMD path to have ultraDMD working
  6. Check (my) ftp. Multiple isers posted there. Xml, Wheels, back videos and playfield videos. I have also created real dmd videos. Use also doflinx so you have backgrounds (and eventually got your toys to work)
  7. Sorry. Didn't noticed that. I see in the ini that monitor 0 and 1 (playfield and backglass) both starting at x=0 and y=0. Maybe thats causes what @scutterssaw in the log file that both where captured as pkayfield. As I sayd before, I prefer the Captures from gforce experience, because of the higher fps for high resolutions And take the advice of @Draco1962. Make backups of jour cab. Including registry (pinmame). That saves you a lot of time if something is happening
  8. good catch. Didn't notify it. Thats why the pinballx.ini would be handy
  9. Hi All. I put on the FTP (/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MikeDaSpike/Arcooda Pinball Arcade) my 4k playfield attract mode videos from The pinball Arcade in Arcooda mode. Also my XML and backglass (full HD) are posted. Don't have nice real DMD's yet. The wheel images (hexagon images) where already posted by @cevo , but I also put it on my FTP so you have 1 package for downloading Link to FTP (in browser)
  10. Are you running pbx as admin ? Right click pinballx.exe, Properties -> Compatibility -> Run as administrator check box
  11. You runa pretty old version of pbx (3.28) . Please upgrade If you use 4k playfield,y ou can setup also your nvidia driver (with pbx) to captures videos, but a big bug in nvidia driver is that portrait screens (like pinball arcade, are wring setup of fx3) are captured wrongly.
  12. Please post your log and ini file (the log file just after creating the video) Not copy paste tekst, but attach the files
  13. To be honnest @joyrider3774, I switch from steam.exe to the pinballfx3.ece too. The startup time of the table reduced with 3 seconds (and load a table in a couple of seconds now). It also doesn't do a online check on steam. @Robert.jolly if you launch "pinball fx3.exe" it will monitor that process by default. This is when you lanch another program like steam.exe or batch or own exe file to launch that kickoff yhe pinball fx3.exe If fx2 not closing on exe, I think you need to check @scutters suggestion. I also think that pbx is not running as Admin. I turned off UAC on my cab, so you never get that irritating popup when you want to run a program as admin.
  14. Ha ! Well I'm not a developer. I just want to help the community Just an ordinary IT admin with a lot of frustration. For an ordinary end user it must be simple Scutters. I think it is a bit dangerous to delete names that are not matching. Maybe it is because I made my own dmd's based on wheelimage name. Maybe thats a check I can build in ... let me think about that
  15. Awesome ! And about the DMD/images/video .... I'm not keen on it to do that. PBX recorder doesn't work for me (all tables are screwed and rotated). Gamemanager works fine for me, but uses the description name instead of name within the XML. So not happy to implement it ... But if you want ....
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