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  1. Mike_da_Spike

    BG not showing up on the latest PinballX in Attract mode

    Please post this in the correct forum and post your config and log files See : Ask for help
  2. Is version 3.34 fixing an issue with fx3 I thought that was fixed with 3.32 .. :s
  3. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    Also try to disable also all plug-ins in plugin manager. Looks like, according to your log file, that a plugin is failing If that doesn't work try to repair install .net 4.7
  4. Mike_da_Spike

    Backglass not loading, on "long load time" VP10 tables.

    I have 600+ vpx tables and all loads fine for me with pbx. So think a setup in your directb2s server is different.
  5. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX launch problem

    Gotcha ! Not sure what the minimum specs are. I "oversized" my cabinet. Core i7 7600, with 16gb ram and geforce rtx 2070. And all run at 60fps in 4k
  6. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX launch problem

    Can I give you one advice ? You mentioned to start with vp995 tables. Mine advice would be that you better can start with vpx tables. You can always get the remaining tables in vp9 For example. I have arround 600 vpx tables and just 10 vp9.
  7. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX launch problem

    I self use a real dmd, so not much experience with your setup, but I read multiple times in forums that you should not setup the windows with negative numbers. Are you able to move the backglass, so all is positive again ?
  8. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    Awesome. Version 3.32 solved it for me ! Thanks @Tom Speirs !!! I love this option High scores is showing now on all support tables under Visual pinball section and onder "Other systems", where my VPX tables are there Again, thanks Tom ! I really appreciate your effort to fix this. (If we have such application developer as you in our company, it made my life much easier )
  9. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    3.22 ??? , i hope you mean 3.32 . (just kidding) Thanks Tom.
  10. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX launch problem

    Is that in pbx or vpx ?
  11. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    Yes, highscores are under information. If I'm home I will post statistics.ini What do mean with "custom system" ?
  12. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    Thanks for the info @Tom Speirs I have all the "conditions" for showing it, but it doesn't My video's are only 7 seconds long. I use pinmame roms (I see that "you grabbed" highscores from tables and put it into the "highscore" folder and in the statistics.ini) I have seen it once worked for a VPX table, but after that didn't seen it for any table. This is with or without the line EnableAttractModeHighScores=True in the PinballX.ini under [AttractMode] Is there anything I can do for troubleshooting this, or do ? The log file doesn't show anything about the attract mode and what it is showing. PinballX.ini
  13. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    @scutters Man. This really drives me crazy. (and I like the option) I removed the line from my ini file. I wainted for attract mode, but noting. Not on the VP9 tables ad not on the VPX. I checked the Statistics.inin. I see the highscores in theer too. But thought I saw also on my 24 table the Grand Champion. thas not in the statistics.ini, but only in the .txt files. To bad there isn't a verbose loggin to check what should happend. its indeed a mystery, but thanks for checking. Hope that Tom can shine a light on this
  14. Mike_da_Spike

    [ RESOLVED ] new pbx doesnt load fx 3

    my FX3 is working fine with pinballx 3.30 But instead of Executable=Pinball FX3.exe I use Steam.exe with the parameters. see https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/42705-setting-up-pinball-fx3-to-launch-directly-into-tables/. They also mention not to use fx3.exe
  15. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    @scutters I tried the option EnableAttractModeHighScores=True in the Attractmode section, but no luck. When I go back to settings.exe it will remove it the line again. Setting it to NO in setttings.exe it will add EnableAttractModeHighScores=False I changed attract mode from 30 sec to 60 sec wait, but no Highscores (after 15 seconds) for tables. @Draco1962 Sorry for the logfile. Hereby a new one I posted, but nothing really to see in it. Just waiting times. Not sure if my assumtion is rigth, but are the highscores pulled from the "High scores" directory in the root of the pinballx folder ? I see 2 subfolders in there (Visual pinball and Future Pinball) Under visual pinball i see a lot of txt files whwre the txt name are corresponding to the VP9 or VPX file For testing I added the following to my favorites (and checked if I a highsore text file was available) 24 (Stern 2009) Batman Dark Knight Freddy A Nightmare On Elm Street (Gottlieb 1994) Flintstones Whitewater WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994) X-Men LE (Stern 2012) (where flinstones is a vp9 table and rest are VPX) I waited a long time so that the attract mode has done all the above tables, but only the VP9 table showed the highscores (thats was the first time I saw it ! Awseome). Could it be that my VPX tables are defined in [System_1] and I have my Pinball9 under the [VisualPinball] section ? I can try to switch all from Visualpinball to Sytem1 and have visual pinballx in the [VisualPinball] section, but that will take some time Attached logfile, INI file, XML file and directory list of PinballX\High Scores\Visual Pinball PinballX.ini Visual Pinball X.xml Visual Pinball.xml log.txt HighscoresDir_Visual_Pinball.txt Visual Pinball X.xml EDIT : I give up on this. I moved everything from VPX to VP9. XML's /media/ settings . So that under Visual Pinball it now launches VPx tables. I have seen once that table "24 (Stern 2009) " was giving highscores, but after that nothing anymore. None of the tables in the list. I really don't understand how this should work