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  1. Mike_da_Spike

    Annoying Bug

    Within win10 the extra monitors are numberd in the way you powered them on. During boot and you got multiple screens windows will setup up the numbering, but if you power off the monitors during OS is running and you power them on again, the sequence when the first device is recognized by the OS will get the lowest number. Try to power on 1 by 1 and that should you give the correct result
  2. Mike_da_Spike

    How to set up game list?

    The next thread helpt me a lot : Filters you can create them manualy or via game manager
  3. Mike_da_Spike

    Problem with backglass on pinballx

    Did you have the checkbox on game manager "hide backglass" checked for that table ? This must be checked to have the original table backglass
  4. Mike_da_Spike

    [RESOLVED] Start Pinball FX3 Williams games in Arcade mode

    Not sure, but if you launch the table with -class would that do the trick ?
  5. Mike_da_Spike

    pinballx installation bug 3.29

    maybe post logs and INI file and prober screenshot This is just guessing what could cause the issue
  6. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX hangs after intro splash screen..

    Hmmm ... When I started my test environment, I didn't have a joystick or pinball controllers too, but launches quickly. Not sure why it waits for 60 sec. And I'm on w10 64 bit and also uses the 32 bit version of PinballX
  7. Mike_da_Spike

    Pinball FX3 2-Monitor Setup Backglasses

    Awesome! Thanks for that. I have a 3 screen setup, so need to cut the grill.
  8. Mike_da_Spike

    Need to return to PinballX menu not PBFX2 menu

    Is pinballx running as admin ?
  9. Mike_da_Spike

    The Machine - Bride of Pinbot

    Works fine for me. I use latrst pbx, vpx 10.5 and verion 2.0 of bride of pinbot
  10. Mike_da_Spike

    New to fx3, need setup advice

    Remove -class for animated mode
  11. Mike_da_Spike

    New to fx3, need setup advice

    Check freezy's dmd extension: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions There is a fx2/fx3 mode in it That should do the trick
  12. Mike_da_Spike

    New to fx3, need setup advice

    @chip9399 Let me know if you figured out the DMD part. Not yet there. I have a pindmdv3. I just bought a hdmi connector that will simulate a screen. I want to have the dmd on that screen (so not visible to me) and mirror with dmdtext the content to my real dmd.
  13. Mike_da_Spike

    Arcooda Direct Launch for PBX

    You mean with the kinect ? No just shows you yhe normall playfield, it only moves the camera a bit when you move your head, so it looks like you can look arround the object. I made some videos a couple of months ago in my test env. Not sure how I can share them
  14. Mike_da_Spike

    [Resolved] Filters adjustable

    Thanks ! That did the trick. I created multiple XML files in the groups folder that points to the XML files in the database folders. Now I'm able to select on the "simulator". Thanks for info OSC Edit : Now I understand the "manage groups" button in game manager too. That will create the XML files in the groups folder (I did it manually)