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  1. Pinballx is a front end and makes the screens black, so you don't see the icons of your desktop during loading. This version of b2sserver is specially created to hide your backglass if there are other windows/programs, because pinupplayer must popup in front. As Scutter says and what I tried to explain too( I'm not native English so sorry for the confusion) you need the entry in the b2stable file where you don't have a pinupplayer backglass to put this in front. I got 700 vpx tables and modify the registry and xml with simple find/replace statements. If pbx should pull this to front, it will overwrite proberly your pinupplayer backglasses
  2. Do you use pinupplayer for b2s files? If not, you can use an older verser of b2sserver. I tried the new b2sserver once and needed to put all in front (even on older pbx) Because didn't like the pinup backglass, i reverted back to older b2sserver and original backglasses. I thought you can add in xml file for your backglass the entry to put to the front
  3. Don't you have to chechk the check box in that version to "Bring BG form to top" ? Thought that the version you use was for pinup player to hide the BG and bring the pinupplayer. And if you don't have a pinupplayer bg for that table, you need to check that box.
  4. You must be an IT professional. They never read the documentation!
  5. Awesome ! We posted both on almost the same time. Glad is it working. I was a a bit afraid that the date/time would not work for different countries, but looks like thats working. I check in the ini file for path and exe file. If I find multiple xml's (except the xml I generate), I will process them all. If the documentation is not really clear, ease let me know how to update it, so it can be used by anyone. I'll hope you enjoy this program as much as I do. Maybe Tom will implement this is the near future in the official release, but in the meantime, I use this program
  6. Just as I suspected Remove GenerateXMLSection2 from ini and change GenerateXMLSection1 to : GenerateXMLSection1 = "VisualPinball" I asume that both xml files are under the databse directory "Visual Pinball"? Maybe remove hkcu\pinballx\*
  7. The 1/1/1999 is the initial run, and set the dateadd. The datemodified, i must get from the file itself. If on 2nd run a new file is found, it should put the current date in it. But ... i see that the program cannot find the tablepath from pinballx.ini and leave it blank (so initial date) Did you put the pinballx names in my ini file ? (So the names of the sections ?) [Visual pinball x sound] is set in the ini file, but think it is under [system_1] or something Post both ini's so I am sure
  8. Hmmm.. was afraid of that. Not at home, but will check it. Thanks for the xml. I will test it tonight I was home earlier, so I could test a bit. Thanks for posting the XML file. I do use UNICODE myself, but good thing ! I tested it (found another bug too), and I uploaded version 0.6b. Can you test this one @scutters ? And thanks mate ! I really appreciate that someone is able to test
  9. First do an initial run to capture all before you update/add/remove a table I must also work for programs like fx3 when they add new tabbles. We will see and of the month Thanks for checking !
  10. This must run outside pinballx, because it generates xml files and those are readed by pbx at startup. For my cab the program takes arround 30 second to complete. I added it myself in a batchfile that I use for gamemanager to launch. So always when I use gamemanger. It will run this program after closing gamemanager. Basically how it works:, it checks the databe xml files. I put the metadat in the registry. When adding for the first time. The date is set to 1/1/1999. New tables will get the recent date. and put it If I find a table path in pinballx.ini than I check the files itself for datemodified. The newest of the 2 (dateadded or datemodified) will win. With this info, I take the newest x (showtotalnewcount) and create new xmls for it. Pbx will combine those xml's because it has the same name. Please let me know @scutters if it is working for you. I really don't know if the data/time conversion will work on other pc's
  11. Hi All I created a small program that wil generate XML files that will be shown as "Recently Updated" in the game list. It will check all XML files from the INI file and wil create a top list (as many as you want) This is handy if yo have a lot of tables, and added (or modified) some recently How does it works ? Simple copy the attached EXE and INI file and put it into a directory. Edit the INI file with your favorite editor (Notepad.exe for me ) [Global] LogPathLocal = "log" LogFileName = "GenerateUpdateTables.log" LogSize = 0 LogLevel = "LOGLVL_INFO [Paths] PinballX_Path = "c:\Pinball\PinballX" [PINBALLX] ShowTotalNewCount = 25 GenerateXMLSection1 = "VisualPinball" GenerateXMLSection2 = "System_1" GenerateXMLSection3 = "PinballFX3" Change the PinballX_Path under [Paths] to your PinballX root folder Under the [PINBALLX] section add/remove the sections that has the names in the original Pinballx.INI in the CONFIG folder of PinballX Start the GenerateXMLSection from 1 and up. In the example I want only for the 3 that it wil generate the recently Added you can adjust in the [PINBALLX] section the ShowTotalNewCount. This will show the totally new or modified tables. And just run the executable file! every time you add or modify tables (I run it after i finished GameManager.exe) A log file will be generated to check anything This is just a Beta. It is working fine for me, but not sure if it is working for other people. Please give feedback. If you encounter any issues, please change the LogLevel = "LOGLVL_INFO" to LogLevel = "LOGLVL_VERBOSE" and post the logfile here The EXE file uses the icon of pinballX. Not sure if that was aloud. If not, I will remove the icon GenerateUpdatedTables.ini version 0.6b GenerateUpdatedTables.exe (English is not my native language, socould be in the program/logs that there are typos. I'm open to change that too )
  12. I think the name matches the file, because thats a unique name. The description names can be the same, so causes different tables has the same video. But this is just an assumption.
  13. You can create an extra xml under your vpx menu named servicing.xml and put those tables in there. If you don't want to see them, set all those tables to not enabled. In gamemanager, you are able to select that list and fix or service these tables. You should manually move over the tables to the correct xml if they are ready for production.
  14. It will hide the front end option. Same as the dmd part If you want to leave your backglass from frontend in simulator, just uncheck the option "Hide backglass" in gamemanager. Not understand your last post. Is the backglass present, but not foccussed when you laun the program ? Is Pbx running as admin as well ?
  15. Althought you mentioned in the 1st post it does'nt matter how you set the backglass, in the xml file it is set to true This must be set to false <hidebackglass>false</hidebackglass>
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