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  1. Also post your log file (after doing a video capture) for Tom.
  2. When I was a young kid, an old wise man said to me:"if you are lazy, get a job in the IT, bacause thats all with computers and you should not do much..."
  3. Not sure if it helps, but my plugin still works. Tested all version from 3.95 and up (to get full exclusive mode) but Dof still works for me
  4. Thanks @scutters ! good guide/manual This looks very easy (even I understand it, so must be easy for everyone !)
  5. Lol. I was always running in full screen exclusive mode. Never discovered issues with it
  6. Thanks @joyrider3774 ! Wasn't aware of quickBMS. New world is opening for me I see they have a lot of script on th ewebsite (also for Zaccaria) I hope you don't mind that I used your sound files and uploaded it for FX3 ? @susoarkangel You should now able to download the sound files via GameManger for Fx3
  7. Nobody is using them anymore, but wanted to share the next. I didn't like the colors of Dirty Harry, so I re-colored it If you use the program to create the overlays, these are the settings for Dirty Harry (replace the sequence number) VideoLengthMs1 = 5000 ImageMask1 = "DH_%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 Also make a Guns and Roses If you use the program to create the overlays, these are the settings for Guns 'n Roses (replace the sequence number) VideoLengthMs1 = 2500 ImageMask1 = "GNR_%%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 And Familiy Guy If you use the program to create the overlays, these are the settings for Family Guy (replace the sequence number) VideoLengthMs1 = 4500 ImageMask1 = "FG_%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 Thanks to @scutters for this loading images fonts I used for GnR and FG Here are the overlay files : Guns_'n_Roses_Dark.zip Family_Guy__Dark.zip Dirty_Harry_Dark.zip
  8. Ah ok. So, if full screen windowed is set to no, is that exlusive or must it set to yes ? (Little bit confusion for me)
  9. Hey Tom, Just to be sure (because I don't really understand those settings). You mean full screen exclusive mode within vpx, right ? And pbx must run in Full screen mode, not windowed ? Edit : tested to set vpx full screen exclusive mode, started game from pbx. Put it in pause, and went back to the game, but focus not on game(flipper buttons won't respond), but see the correct screens. Alt-tab brings me to the correct screen
  10. I will try tom later today. I used this feature, but turned it off after It didn't work anymore and you mentioned it was hard to fix
  11. Did you extract them from the pxp file, or record it from fx3?
  12. It is all easy. In setting.exe put it as paramater. See the next screenshot
  13. Use settings.exe Think it is in here:
  14. Setup an exit key in pinballx and press that in all your emulators
  15. Not sure if I have fx3, audio. If i have them, I will upload them tomorrow, so you can download them with gamemanager.
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