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  1. Mike_da_Spike

    PBX set-up questions

    I always make directory backups of my pinballx and visual pinball directories. Just a robocopy to another drive. With this you can easily go back to a previous version, or restore your database files (after crasing.my db file with a couple of hunderd tables in it, you are not happy) But with the latest versions of gamemanager the tabledbwill automaticly be added...
  2. Mike_da_Spike

    [resolved] Video won't get captured after upgraded to 3.17

    I had the same. Mine was fixed by changing the driver caption directory from D: to my pinball directory and turned off driver capture
  3. Mike_da_Spike

    Pinball X hanging on start-up screen

    Do you have a pin2dmd ? If not, turn it off Please post your setup, pinball.ini and logfile for further investgation
  4. how did you get it to work ? I have a pindmd3. But doesn't get it to work. Only with Freezy's DMD extensions it will work, but need all seperate scripts to runvia pinballx
  5. Mike_da_Spike

    [resolved] Video won't get captured after upgraded to 3.17

    Im not sure if Im using it Is that the use gforce driver option ? All looks working now. And prettuy fast. The option for company logo with year is pretty cool. Have now 3 Stern logo's in it
  6. Mike_da_Spike

    No Real DMD Color video still play after game is started

    Sorry, but I have a off topic question: What kind of hardware is that above your playfield (and under speaker/dmd grill)?
  7. Mike_da_Spike

    [resolved] Video won't get captured after upgraded to 3.17

    Ok. Gotcha. Will give it a try. Thanks. Edit : Changed the direcory to the pinballX directory and it is working ! Thanks Tom !
  8. Mike_da_Spike

    [resolved] Video won't get captured after upgraded to 3.17

    3.10 and before was working indeed. Never had issies with it There is a D:\ drive in the pc. What location should I put in there?
  9. Hello, I use pinbalx for months now and very happy with it. The new feature in game manger I get after upgrading to 3.17 (from 3.10) is really awesome. I noticed I missed some tables and it is corrected now. Put when creatinf video's from game manager, the missing video starts. After +/- 30 seconds, the screen rotates and won't finish the capture. After some time2 the 2nd instance is sarting with the same result. Downgraded to 3.16 and 3.15 give me the same result. Wen't back to 3.10 and works like a charm Log file and ini file attached. log.txt PinballX.ini
  10. Mike_da_Spike


    I love the idea of the autodetect tables !
  11. Hi Tom This was indeed PBX recorder, just before I noticed rt hat PinballX had the new feature in it. Thank you for the feedbCk Cheers Mike
  12. When I use PBX on vpx 10.4 or higher tables, the tables will not close after capuring. This results in tables with wrong backglass videos Even wrong tables get captured. Vp9 tables getting closed nicely. Something I do wrong ?