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  1. hi Tom Thanks for all your work. I can now now browse and connect again on normal speed on port 21 Sorry for my late response (something with Citrix Netscalers and Dutch security that where freaking out
  2. According to the log file, your table is loaded without the vpx extension. I think that causes the issue
  3. I dont see the issue occurs in the log file. Do you have pimnballx running as administrator ? If not, try that. I think that pbx doesn't see the process, because of too low privileges (just an assumption) Your fx3 setup looks fine
  4. I don't use PBX recorder, but I use Gamemanager to create all my videos. There is an option to create all missing videos too in gamemanager. Whats the benefit of using pbx recorder compared to gamemanager ?
  5. https://www.gameex.info/forums/ftp/
  6. Sorry, not at the cab or pc now, but I still think you need to change your logging. Not sure how on top of my head.
  7. Check my ftp mike_da_spike I think i have all captured without grill. And yiu can always record your vids yourself
  8. Is the time reduced slightly ? I still think it logs too much
  9. Gameex ftp is the same account as you use on this forum See https://www.gameex.info/forums/ftp/
  10. I have out playfield and backgllass on ftp server of gameeex
  11. I ser that ffmpeg is run twice in the log. And convert twice with different parameters Not sure why this happens. @Tom Speirs you know whats in the code. Why is ffmpeg starts twice for capturing playfield ? And do you known @gpstevensthat You run Win7 that isnt supported anymore ?
  12. Can you post the log.txt after you record through gamemanager ? I dont use pbxrecorder, only through gamemanager
  13. I use a dummy 3rd screen, where I put the dmd on. With dndext I mirror that one to my realDmd. I didnt like that the dmd didn't show anything in attract mode. Its not ideal, but like it this way. And totally agree with @joyrider3774. My recommendation would be: Skip pinball arcade and use vpx or zenfx3 (not sure if it was still on winter sale, but good price on steam last month)
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