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  1. Sheytan

    N64 PS Controllers via USB

    It works really good it's plug-and play no drivers needed, 99.9% of the converters doesn't need drivers, i haven't check the lag I have pretty much have every commercial converter for different controllers, but i have to make my own for a few "To accurately test your adapter/converter, you need to: 1) Using a key on your keyboard to run through the program once and record down the input lag time from your keyboard. 2) Plug your gamepad and stick through the adapter that you want to test into your PC. Then, use programs like (xpadder) to map a button on your gamepad or stick to the SAME key that you tested in step one. Run the program and record down the input lag again. 3) Subtract the two results you got from previous steps. If the difference is less than 2 ms (i.e., stick input lag - keyboard input lag <= 2ms), then your adapter can be considered as lag free." really only important if you play street fighter type of games
  2. Sheytan

    Hide OS

    Is there an alternative for Vista?
  3. Sheytan

    Emumovies and snaps doesn't show the the same time?

    Ah thx for the help now i understand
  4. Can't you show emumovies and the snap picture at the same time? When i have a game videos, only the videos show and not the snap
  5. Sheytan

    [THEME] "BlueBalls"

    OMG awesome work I have been waiting for a theme that looks great on a 1080p hd TV I'm going into cryonic suspension until release
  6. Sheytan

    I can't open the game manual

    Ah thx, now i can open manuals
  7. Sheytan

    I can't open the game manual

    I have pointed to the manual folder with the pdf files, but can't open the game manual in the game info screen nothing happens with i click on manual
  8. Sheytan

    Widescreen TFT, MAME, and aspect ratio

    I use the graphic drivers built in scaler I use the resolution 1280x960 for all emus and i get black borders on the side (using 1080p res on my htpc) The output resolution will be 1920x1080 but with black borders on the side if you choose 1280x960 for the game etc