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  1. @Tom Speirs An y idea what could be wrong with this Tom? Thanks!
  2. Here they are. Thanks, Topgun gameex.zip
  3. Hello. I'm new at game Ex, but I love it sop much I had to buy the lifetime subscription :<) I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this. I searched all the forums and found how easy it is to setup this analog joystick by using the set49mode.exe lines in Tounces directions below. It still will not work, so I put a pause command after the runitgame.bat file where it runs the setup command and I get the rror: " Active code page: 65001 GPWIZ49.exe path not set Press any key to continue . . . " I can copy the line "C:\set49mode\set49mode.exe [ROM]" line on my run command prompt in Windows 7 and it works fine. I confirmed I have the Path variable setup as well and it runs fine. It just won't run from the batch file. Any ideas? I'm thinking some Windows 7 issue, but can't figure it out. Thanks, George " 1. Open the GameEx Config Utility 2. Click on Advanced MAME Settings 3. Enter "C:\set49mode\set49mode.exe [ROM]" (without quotes) in the Run on Launch box. 4. Enter "C:\set49mode\set49mode.exe 1943" (without quotes) in the Run on Exit box. 5. Click Save"
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