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  1. As xdmd is distributed with pinballx could it be used on non dmd games to display table name / year / company logo etc on a virtual / real DMD screen? At the moment for non dmd tables i have a static company image logo on my virtual dmd (which i prefer to the "no dmd" default image/video), but it would be nice if pinballx could populate a dmd type screen with the information it has in the database files and loop through that instead - bonus if it scrolled / transitioned nicely!. The display would be automatically populated for any tables where no DMD media is found (like for [and instead of] the "no dmd" screen now) and could be left running after table started by leaving the "hide DMD" option unchecked as now. Hope that makes sense! Thanks..
  2. Are the videos recorded on your machine or downloaded media, and what is their native resolution (your backglass would appear to be HD 1080*1920 from the ini) ? Also, when you tried different formats did you remove the older format file first (i.e. if you copied the files directly you could have the same filename with two different format extensions in the media\..\backglass videos\ folder in which case i don't know which pinballx would pick up)?
  3. I'm light on ideas now... hopefully someone with more knowledge of LAV/CODEC settings will chip in. One other nvidia setting to check in nvidia control panel is what is showing for the backglass under Adjust Desktop Color Settings, Application controlled or Nvidia for how colour is set?, try toggling that along with Digital Color Format drop down values (if available) If they make no difference my suggestion for a workaround would be to use backglass images instead of videos, i guess they won't have the issue - but'd depend if you're happy with that. Out of interest is windows media player washed out too on backglass?
  4. Ok.. Next up, set LAV as shown in this post https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/20816-pinballx-267-black-screen-resolved/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-178455 Not sure on K-Lite impact (if any). What player is it that shows the video on backglass ok?
  5. Try this; NVIDIA Control Panel -> Video -> Adjust video color settings -> Select Backglass Display -> Select "With the NVIDIA settings" -> Advanced tab -> Dynamic Range "Full (0-255)"
  6. If "QQ" works for a graceful exit in pinballx then this might be worth a try; in visual pinball map Exit Game to button 6 (same as exit emulator in pinballx), then when exiting game press and hold the exit button (visual pinball should accept that as quit and exit, hopefully cleanly). You can test it by launching visual pinball outside pinballx. It'll just depend on whether VPX exits before pinballx closes it, so this is a long shot as i suspect pinballx will get in first. Also check the button 6 isn't mapped to anything else in VPX key prefs.
  7. As Draco1962 suggests please attach the ini and log files. Check you have installed LAV filters (follow link on https://www.pinballx.com/) and confirm format of backglass videos (mps or f4v etc), are they the same format as the playfield videos, what tool created them, when you say lower quality do you mean less contrast / brightness or lower resolution, and what is the native resolution for the backglass? Thanks
  8. For info worked out why vpauto.exe isn't running on table launch, it's because bypass disclaimers is set to No in settings.exe (this line in the .ini file Bypass=False) Tried disabling on my setup and didn't replicate issue so i think that can be discounted too.
  9. There's also fixups.exe at startup, worth checking on that too just so you know what's going on.. did you add them to popper front end when that worked? I'd disable all three to see what if anything breaks (or starts to work!)
  10. @Mike_da_Spike No problem, Thalamus et al are the real heroes. Definitely check out those scripts if you're lag sensitive (most are fast flip enabled), or are using surround sound in the cab as they have improved positional ball rolling sounds in most cases. Just make sure the script matches the table version you're using. @Skuta Just noticed your log file doesn't have a "C:\PinballX\vpauto.exe " immediately after table launch. Have you removed / renamed it due to another issue? (i know it can be recommended for focus issues). It might be a factor here as, as far as i know it deals with vpinmame nag screens at table launch so is rom related, albeit at start rather than exit of table. Normally it's between these two entries; 04:43:57.9 4/11/2019: D:\Emulators\Visual Pinball\VPinballX.exe /play -"D:\Emulators\Visual Pinball\Tables\Bride Of Pinbot (Williams 1991).vpx" 04:43:57.1 4/11/2019: VPX Full screen exclusive mode detected
  11. Just tried Bride of Pinbot on my setup by throwing in some credits closing and going back in in pinballx to see if they're still there, it's working for me (but had me wandering for a moment - rom doesn't save 1/2 credits like some, need to add full credit to test) @Skuta Not sure how it would or could affect anything, and i'm pretty sure you'd have mapped same buttons to same functions in both front ends as well, but do you have exit emulator button 6 mapped to anything in visual pinball x key preferences?. I've tried to recreate the issue by mapping my exit emulator button to a few vpx things and failed to get the problem, but worth a check anyways. Maybe it is something to do with alternateexe? i don't use it myself so not really familiar, i have vpx tables under their own system in 'other sytsems', could be worth trying for one table if you have some time over the weekend @Mike_da_Spike i think i did have that issue with 24 at one time, pretty sure it was something to do with table script - try copying the script from here https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts (Thalamus's repository) and trying again (backup orig script to notepad file first so you can go back if required)
  12. I'd stay at 1.71 for freezys, from memory there was some issue with 1.72 (can't remember details).. regardless, i'm on 1.71 and don't have your issues so that can be ruled out anyway i think.
  13. If VPX is running as admin leave pinballx running as admin. Bit stumped on the cause of the issue though if it's all tables not saving nvram through pbx.. sorry!. Maybe check you have latest vpinmame, vpx, freezy dll (if used) build etc, post back versions - maybe there'll be a clue in there. Seems like VPX doesn't exit gracefully through PBX for you. Maybe @Tom Speirs will have an idea
  14. Hmm, i was sure it was the multi mapping of the return key to different functions as it made sense (you hit return to confirm/Select Exit but the same key is mapped to Launch and that starts a table), i could also reproduce that behaviour.. Next suggestion is to go back to Keyboard Input Settings and change all buttons so none of the others map to the same key as the Select function (you have Select, Launch & Plunger mapped to the same key); [KeyCodes] quit=27 left=160 right=161 select=13 rotate=82 pageleft=33 pageright=34 exitemulator=27 ingame=80 screenshot=83 capturevideos=86 instructions=73 volumedown=109 volumeup=107 credit=53 plunger=13 launch=13
  15. I'll send you a PM.. going a bit off topic for pinballx!
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