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  1. The video shows what i mean about the lower res image, or was it always that way and i was too busy watching the gif to notice?? becomes (notice the ring?)
  2. Hey Tom, just gave 3.89 a go.. the image & gif does indeed load a lot faster than before, good work!, still not quite as fast as a loading video, but the main issue for me with it now is that the playfield image is quite low quality/res and looks pretty bad after a 4k playfield video. Also had an issue when i first ran it, log attached which does show an error, fish tales rom / vpinmame position/size settings got reset (virtual dmd position). I reset it manually and haven't been able to reproduce since, so maybe just a one off thing. Thought i'd mention it though. log.txt
  3. Looks great Mike, and thanks for the light version! I'm still running the video tool, so i'll be re-doing my loading vids again including dirty harry in the randomiser.
  4. Cheers Ian.. having the Last Played date info on display does give you a little nudge to play a game sometimes - it turns out there were a few tables i'd never actually played! Displaying on virtual DMD works well for me, but i also like the semi opaque overlay on the backglass too, like in mike da spikes video
  5. I knew my not properly ratio'd virtual dmd would come in handy one day! (it's not 4:1 visible area and i stretch it a bit vertically).. Using the upheaval tt brk font i've squeezed in the stats display plugin display underneath the pinballx dmd (resized that down vertically a bit in pinballx, then i resize back to full size in game for SS tables, for EM where i don't hide pinballx dmd i'm happy with black below pbx dmd video/image)... I'm very happy with my two lines of text result (i only want last played, time played and scores in the table menu) , here's what i see while scrolling through tables now on the virtual dmd, scrolling a couple of tables and then seeing lethal weapon hi-scores; (ignore the grey lines between dmd and plugin displays, OBS studio put that in when i was recording due to my error, normally black)
  6. Updated to V1.2, notes update in first post. Added option to use images as background (@gluk), centre align text, better high score data from high score files and change to all uppercase display text. Thanks once again to @Mike_da_Spike for giving it a quick once over on his system. If you're updating from a previous version there is a new ini file, so it's probably worth copying your current setting off somewhere before updating so you can change thoose sections back). Example of new functions (using sans serif shaded font, here the lines will scroll up as the window is not displaying all lines); Better High Score Data; Centre aligned; Adding a background image (note that as it stretches to fit your display area it should normally be sized exactly as your display window height & width) Will then give; Probably not the best example of what you can do but might give you some ideas for potential use (topper or virual dmd for something like the above?). If you come up with a great font / background combo for display then please post a pic!
  7. I'm not a real dmd user but maybe relates to trying to use pinmame in front end?, from the ini UsePinMAME=True You're also using B2S in front end rather than videos/images. Don't know if that's intentional. UseB2S=True
  8. Just tried 3.83 with the original test loading gif (1st post) - the animation timing looks a lot better now, thanks Tom. Still had ~4sec of black screen before the snaphot table image became visible though, so i also tried a simple 2 frame gif 540*71 (attached) and that still seemed to take 3-4secs of black playfield screen, compared to loading video transition of <1sec on my system. Could you keep showing the playfield video until the snapshot & gif are ready to display somehow to minimise the blackscreen? don't know how it works behind the scenes so sorry if that's an idiots suggestion! testload.zip
  9. I didn't notice that behaviour in v3.78. I did have some old loading images still in the loading images folder but either the default spinning wheel gif was overlayed on an image of the playfield video or my own gif if i added it to the folder. The old loading images weren't overlayed (which may be what you're seeing? [guessing]).
  10. Cool, thanks for updating the post Sounds a bit weird and not what i'd expect, might be worth posting in the general forum if still the case after updating to the latest pinballx version (3.78 at time of writing) I did write something up a while ago, https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/17919-new-loading-images-ongoing-thread/?do=findComment&comment=185642 for layering a png (not gif) on top of a table image - but it was a very manual process with no automation. Or have a look at loading videos with some animated sequences ready to go; @Mike_da_Spike wrote an excellent tool to automate adding those image sequences to playfield videos converting them to loading videos; You might need to record playfield videos for that though if you don't use them already.
  11. Cheers Tom, all seems to be working now in V3.78. Think i've been spoilt by loading videos which have a lot less black screen transitioning time, but maybe i just need smaller gifs with less frames for the playfield image option in pinballx!
  12. 'Systems' under the Table menu (select a table rather than exit) should be visible if Enabled under general settings;
  13. Also noticed the black screen with a bit of delay, i assume it is the snapshot of the 4k playfield video that takes time. @Tom Speirs I still have 4k playfield images in the the table images folder (a hangover from when i used them as a base for loading images). Could pinballx use those (if present) instead of taking a snapshot of the table video? (if that's what takes the time). Thanks.
  14. For the "use loading folders" option in settings.exe pinballx will pick a random image or video if present to use as a loading screen. If you want to use table images as loading images then use this plugin; The plugin will remove the random factor on what table image is used by pinballx. If you want to go that way then copy your table images to a temp folder, select all, then right click and select rotate left (it's the quickest way to rotate a bulk load of images) Images should then be rotated correctly for the loading screen (vertically). Then copy to the loading images folder. For the 2nd option in pinballx, use playfield images, i can't really help as it's new and i've not really tried it yet, but my reading of the release note was that you wouldn't need your own playfield images (above what you may already use), pinballx would take a snapshot on the fly of your current playfield video or image and overlay an animation onto that, depending on what media you're using.
  15. Please attach your pinballx.ini and log.txt files cheers
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