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  1. If i get chance later i'll re-enable FP on my system and see what happens for me during load. My guess with the FP loading screen is how it handles fullscreen, might be an option to try turning that off in FP. I wasn't having a go at FP & BAM, it's just not for me, horses for courses and that. My cab is dof'less, i use vibration speakers too for feedback and a music visualiser on one of my audio outs to control the undercab lighting, so we're not too dissimilar there. Edit : gave it a go, same issue as you with FP loading screen (using either playfiled images setting or loading media) - screen flickers between pbx loading media, fp loading and then to black. Tried changing FP fullscreen option to off in editor and then sometimes after that the screen would stay black after loading completed, so don't recommend that (but might just be something to do with my setup. Only luck i had was in fp exe properties for compatibility turning off the full screen optimizations (i also have set to run in XP SP3 compatibility mode, not sure when or why i set that). After turning off fullscreen optimisations the FP loading screen appears (after a flicker where you see pinballx loading screen) and stays on (most of the time), so still not the pinballx loading screen but better than black. I suppose you could go into the FP editor and change the loading background image for all the FP tables (i don't know how but assume you can somewhere). Hope that helps a bit, i'm no FP expert and will be disabling it again now , maybe someone with more experience in FP realms and how it uses fullscreen exclusive will chip in.
  2. I'm not a big fan of FP (disabled on my system) so i haven't noticed any issues with the loading video/images. Out of interest in Table Loading Media Mode are you set to Use playfield images or Use loading folders? Do neither work correctly? If you disable your workaround for now and post your pinballx.ini and log.txt file after launching a table with the issue Tom might be able to fix it in the front end Sounds like a handy workaround for now for those having the issue though!
  3. @killa7977 Can you give this version a go, it has the option for rotation so should work for your playfield monitor. If i'm honest it's a bit of hack job .. but it has at least tested ok for me so far (i didn't bother centring at the top it as it won't be my normal position, but you get the idea)... Make a backup copy of your existing dll & ini files first in case you need to go back. Let me know any issues etc, & message me if you need more info to get it going. I'd suggest you get the text you want working and displaying with font set and any scrolling, back image etc first, and rotate / position last. If it's all ok i'll update the 1st post notes and attachment. Cheers PBXStatsDisplay.zip
  4. Ahh ok, sorry.. Maybe these? http://ftpbrowse.gameex.com/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/badave/pinball fx2/
  5. Try in http://ftpbrowse.gameex.com/-PinballX-/Media/Pinball FX2/Backglass Videos/
  6. @CapnJohno I just tried a few of bloodydrakes mega links and they all worked?
  7. @Mike_da_Spike cheers mate... you're just as lazy as me so I hope it's of use to you!
  8. I've been aware of custom lists for a while but have never really used them because of the work required to create them initially and then to keep them maintained after adding tables - i'm too lazy for that and i wanted a 'set and forget' solution where i could quickly select EM, SS or Original tables from my Visual Pinball X system without the maintenance (i had actually considered splitting there out into their own systems but again was put off by the work required for the same reason). So, here's what i came up with as a method to create and maintain the custom lists i wanted; Downloaded xml starlet from http://xmlstar.sourceforge.net/ and copy the xml.exe onto the cab Made sure that my Visual Pinball X xml file had the Type field correctly populated for all non Original tables (i leave blank for Originals) in Game Manager Backed up my current database xml files (just in case i screwed up somewhere!) Created a batch file to call xml.exe to create my custom lists. The batch file is just a notepad file saved with a .bat extension rather than .txt. The batch file contents are; REM set to folder where you copied xml.exe set XMLexePATH="c:\CustomScripts" cd %XMLexePATH% REM set database xml source and output names set SOURCEXML1="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\Visual Pinball X.xml" set OUTPUTXML1="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\VPX Solid State.xml" REM create outputxml file ECHO ^<menu^> > %OUTPUTXML1% xml sel -t -c "/menu/game[type='SS']" %SOURCEXML1% >> %OUTPUTXML1% ECHO ^</menu^> >> %OUTPUTXML1% REM set 2nd database xml source and output names set SOURCEXML2="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\Visual Pinball X.xml" set OUTPUTXML2="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\VPX Electro-Mechanical.xml" REM create 2nd outputxml file ECHO ^<menu^> > %OUTPUTXML2% xml sel -t -c "/menu/game[type='EM']" %SOURCEXML2% >> %OUTPUTXML2% ECHO ^</menu^> >> %OUTPUTXML2% REM set 3rd database xml source and output names set SOURCEXML3="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\Visual Pinball X.xml" set OUTPUTXML3="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\VPX Original.xml" REM create 3rd outputxml file ECHO ^<menu^> > %OUTPUTXML3% xml sel -t -c "/menu/game[manufacturer='Original']" %SOURCEXML3% >> %OUTPUTXML3% ECHO ^</menu^> >> %OUTPUTXML3% .. which is pretty much the same thing repeated 3 times as i'm creating 3 custom lists using xml.exe. The main things to note are the paths which need changing to suit your build and the xpath queries (the xml set -t -c lines). Added the batch file as a Startup Setting in Pinballx (i named the batch file xmlstarlet) so that the batch re-runs every time i start pinballx so that the lists are recreated (adding any new tables [assuming i've populate Game Manager correctly!]) ; And that's it, i now have custom lists for SS, EM and Original Tables under the Lists menu option in PinballX which are maintained automatically. I may revisit later and update my VPX tables in Game Manager so that i enter Type as SS LED or SS DMD rather than just SS and then amend the batch file so that i create different custom lists for each. You might want different custom lists on your setup and the batch file can be amended to suit your requirements. You could create your own decades lists if you wanted (going further back than the default pinballx lists) by using syntax like "/menu/game[year>=1950 and year<1960]", or match all tables with a common description part with syntax like "/menu/game[description [contains(text(),"star wars")]]" (which could be used for different systems and then combined into a custom group to show all tables of that type for any system in one list), or split visual pinball tables by versions if you're using the <alternateexe> tag in your database files. The syntax for queries can be tested by pasting you database xml and query into https://codebeautify.org/Xpath-Tester More advanced use would be to create your own tags for playlists and enter them for your games in the description or type fields and then use them to build custom playlists. I haven't covered the basics of custom lists in this topic deliberately, if you don't know what they are or need more info on how they work check out the custom lists and custom groups section in the pinballx documentation;
  9. Could be non pinballx related. Was a virus scan or backup running?, is drive full or fragmented?, did you reboot? etc @susoarkangel more information is needed. Are tables slow to load only when launched from pinballx?
  10. Fair enough, i'm not sure if navigation was any smoother or not for me with it enabled. I might just have perceived a placebo effect initially, but i certainly didn't notice the difference when i went to 3.97 from 3.95 and assumed it was still running exclusive anyway.
  11. Yeah, it's a little bit strange as it's only a small window on backglass, but causes pinballx to minimize when shown. Might just be a windows media player 'feature' with exclusive fullscreen apps.
  12. Confirmed v3.98 is back to exclusive fullscreen for me (and like v3.95 not compatible with media player plugin with visible player, not a problem though as i can just to it pbx back to fullscreen windowed [or set plugin to non visible])
  13. Hmm... 3.97 shows as full screen windowed in the log when my config means it should be exclusive. Reinstalled 3.95 and that is exclusive without any change to settings? Logs etc attached.. PinballX.ini log 395.txt log 397.txt
  14. Win 10, it might be a platform thing. Don't have win 7 to test on though,
  15. Nice work... The family guy one appeals to my childish side!
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