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  1. Not an answer to your main problem, but.. When you've got your settings back how you want them, backup/copy your pinballx.ini file somewhere. If the settings get corrupted again it'll be quicker to copy that file back over than going through setting up everything again. As well as backing up the file can you also post your new working version back on here so we can have a quick check? thanks
  2. New and improved WMP skin, attached to first post. This version has a video window so will display that if media has video content. To install you'll need to unzip the 'Backglass Skin.zip' file and then install the Digir___0.ttf font file (used by the skin) - double click that and then click install. Next step is to install the WMP skin by double clicking the PBX Backglass.wmz file, that should bring up a View Now option which will open WMP and allow you to position the track info on screen by dragging it to position. Close WMP and then select to use a visible player in the plugin via plugin manager.
  3. All my media matches on table name rather than description, but i suppose the xml holds both name & description so could work either way..
  4. Yes!!! Deleted tables would be a start (so anything not in the system.xml file, or any media that no longer has a system.xml), with an option to delete media for disabled tables as well would be pretty cool.
  5. @Mike_da_Spike Hi Mike, just to let you know that the Recently Added & Recently Updated Tables xml functionality is working great for me. Not a beta anymore in my view!. Thanks again for this, I now consider it one of my essential pinballx utilities
  6. Ahh Wetherby... was a darn good pub crawl in my youth. Only problem was if you missed the last bus back to Leeds, local cab firms always refused to take you so it was a long walk!
  7. The only time i've had similar was when i either shut down windows whilst pinballx was still running, or worse just powered down at the mains in error.. make sure you do a proper shutdown, easiest via pinballx exit screen shutdown option before powering off. Or are you sure you do that every time anyway?
  8. Try https://mega.nz/#F!p3hREDgB!pEWMJvVQ7t3Sv_TmrxdU-w!52AzHIDR Would like to give credit where it's due as it's not my media - but i can't remember where i got that link!
  9. Try Settings.exe -> General Settings -> Add missing Tables -> In Game Manager -> set to No
  10. Also tried returning False from the Event_Screensaver function in the plugin for Type 2 (exit screensaver) - doesn't seem to cancel the exit, i guess this would be the correct way of doing what i want if i can get it to work
  11. Ha, couldn't agree more, the other half on the other hand?... that's a different story! At least she finally found something worth looking at on there (i have no affiliation to the place, just thought others would be interested in it if they're in the area)
  12. About 150 enabled at the moment.... Must be about time for a cull to get it back down to < 100!
  13. Don't think there's much else you can do on the pinballx front to resolve the problem then. It's probably a driver somewhere as previously suggested, Maybe this'll help https://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-computer-restarts-without-warning Sorry i can't be of more help
  14. @Tom Speirs Hi Tom, I'm trying to add basic navigation to the media player plugin (skip etc). This would be for when PinballX is in Attract Mode only. What i want to do is capture a key/joy button press in the Event_Input function, do the stuff in the plugin and then set the the key/joy button value to False and pass that back to PinballX. Unfortunately it appears that PinballX exits attract mode regardless of the key/button press being cancelled by the plugin. I want PinballX to stay in Attract Mode in these circumstances (it would exit attract mode for other button presses where they are not cancelled by the plugin), is there a way to achieve that? Hope i'm making sense!... let me know if you need more info. Thanks Edit - do i need to use the PinballXStatus integer flag somehow? - not sure what the values for that in the Event_Input function for the plugin mean.
  15. You guys with your hundreds of tables - it's about quality not quantity! @Mike_da_Spike thanks for the latest version. Manufacturer info issue is resolved and i have recently modified and recently added tables xml created. Just need to wait for some new tables to tempt me into loading them to test. For the new table identification could you check registry and if no entry preexists from your app then it must be new, and all else are updates? - don't know, i might be way off with that, just ignore me if i am..
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