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  1. scutters

    Frontend doesnt quit when loading a game (SOLVED)

    Nice one.. sounds like your pinballx issues are resolved, who knows how!! For the tables you mentioned not showing the dmd you should probably continue that on another forum, but as far as i know the games you listed have scores on the backglass itself so the dmd may be redundant (but you could still show it if you wanted). There's a few options; 1/ some backglass files are 3 screen compatible and will show a score or a graphic on the dmd themselves, right click on backglass when game is running and set B2S DMD to visible to test that out. 2/ show a dmd, check in vpinmame setup that dmd should be shown and right click backglass to check DMD option is set to visible. 3/ Set the B2S DMD & DMD backglass options to hidden and in pinballx game manager select the game and uncheck Hide DMD so you can show the same DMD image / video as you have in the front end when playing the game. Hope that helps..
  2. scutters

    Frontend doesnt quit when loading a game (SOLVED)

    customVP - thanks for the info, guessed it was something like that. Alternative might be to add new system lists for other vp versions, but would be a pain moving all the games and media files across. Depends how many older games you run i suppose. auto config - copies pbx key settings to vpinball key settings, if you've got the keys mapped as you want probably can leave disabled. DMD not starting for some vpx tables - have you checked settings on the backglass for dmd via right click, and vpinmame settings (use external dmd / show dmd check boxes via vpinmame\setup.exe -> Test -> rom name, you'll want one of them checked [show dmd if you don't use freezys dll])? Are you still running the 32bit version of pinballx?, that might be a factor with customvp if running 64bit.
  3. scutters

    backglass refuses to show

    Not really a pinballx issue now.. i don't use FP, you might have more luck on a FP forum unless someone else chips in.
  4. scutters

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    If you find a voice that sounds like the terminator i might enable the plugin myself!
  5. scutters

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    Ahh.. you need to change it in the sapi control panel - of course!!, nicely hidden away by MS. Run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Speech\SpeechUX\sapi.cpl
  6. scutters

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    Don't use the speech plugin but i assume it is the windows voice too. Try windows settings -> speech -> text to speech -> voice
  7. scutters

    backglass refuses to show

    Screenshot looks like the Window/Full Screen option in display settings has been set to Windowed, try setting as Full Screen. The posted ini file is before the changes for the screenshot right?.. you want the x & y positions for dmd and backglass = 0, they're a relative position on the screen so by having them offset you're moving them - potentially off screen. Might not fix the problem with the backglass screen not appearing on correct screen, i know on my set up windows has screens 2 & 3 in the reverse order to how i use them in pinballx (from memory they used to match but changing a screen caused windows to change numbers but pinballx didn't, so they're now just out of sync). If you get back to dmd and playfield correct but backglass on wrong screen try all other screen number options in the backglass drop down.
  8. scutters

    Frontend doesnt quit when loading a game (SOLVED)

    What is customVP.exe?, try pinballx launching vpinpallx.exe instead - at the moment we don't know what it's trying to do! Also there's some errors in the log, i think due to the auto config for vpinball being enabled in pinballx settings, try disabling that to clear that up for now (re-enable later if you want) For the flippers working in both pbx & visual pinball at the same time set the force fullscreen exclusive option in visual pinball video preferences if not set already. Post new logs back after the changes above, and confirm what version of pbx you're running (3.29 32bit?)
  9. scutters

    No backglass in PBX in 3 screen setup (SOLVED)

    I don't use b2s in the front end but i guess pbx isn't killling it correctly. Make sure pinballx is set to run as admin (right click -> propeties -> compatibility)
  10. scutters

    Table audio plays on wrong monitor

    Might be something as simple as default audio device has somehow changed in windows... Are both monitors using audio over hdmi or 3.5m audio cable edit - sorry, forget that hdmi question... i'm too used to my 'tv' setup! Hopefully the default audio device is the issue anyway.
  11. scutters

    No backglass in PBX in 3 screen setup (SOLVED)

    Install the 32bit version and see if issue still present.
  12. Star ratings? - this is pinball dammit, i want golden balls as ratings! Pinballx being pinballx must allow me to do this musn't it? - and yes of course it does! . Just need to backup and replace the star on & star off png files in \Pinballx\media\images\ and replace them with alternatives.. So here you go, an alternative pair. In use; I'm not the greatest in paint type activities so let me know if you have better ones i could use.
  13. scutters

    best setup?

    Any reason you're running vpinball995?.. latest version is visual pinball 10.5. (vpx) Do you have that in your visual pinball folder, and if so does that run ok (from inside & outside of pbx)? Either way copies of your config files and info on playfield screen resolution will probably help
  14. The media player would continue playing the song regardless of scrolling between tables if you went that way. So no, it wouldn't restart when table selection changes as the media player would be running on it's own (minized to system tray) outside and independent of pinballx only receiving pause commands via a bat file when tables started/exited. Media player could be set to loop the song to restart when finished.
  15. I don't think that the functionality exists natively in pinballx. Off the top of my head work around might be to launch a media play with pinballx at startup and then have scripts at table start and exit to control the media player (pausing & unpausing) via sendkeys. I think it would be possible with something like GOM audio that allows shortcut keys using a playlist of your one track, and deleting any table audio files you have in pinballx.