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  1. Hi Scott, As logs and ini files weren't supplied from anyone having the issue as far as i can tell, then probably not. I'm not sure if you had exactly the same issue or not as you had to rebuild the system from scratch (which i assume means a total re-install) rather than reconfigure key settings in visual pinball. Can you confirm the symptoms of your issue from memory? Like Mike_da_spike i've not had the issue so it's hard to guess stuff. Do you have the auto-configure option selected in settings for VP, i don't but could try setting that to test it if you do
  2. A couple of minor issues on 3.55; The Enable Default Filters option in Settings.exe doesn't seem to update pinballx.ini anymore I haven't recreated this, but a message box appeared when starting pinballx, i think it was a date time stamp but occurred only once. I think it was after i added a new table in game manager, so maybe related to the new Recent Tables lists? Thanks for the updates Tom, appreciate the new functionality
  3. Tried it with a - system -.wav file but same result as you, didn't play.
  4. Sounds like a feature request, try posting on that thread;
  5. As well as log and ini files also post your database xml file. Might just be something to do with the extra dots in file name like Spider-Man_VPX_1.1.vpx
  6. Small update to the Windows Media Player Backglass Skin to fix scands/umlauts (whatever you want to call them) now updated in first post attachment. The font used doesn't handle those characters well so the skin now swaps out offending characters. Was; Now; If you already have the previous version of the skin installed you'll need to extract the wmz file from the zip but before double clicking it open WMP, right click on it and 'switch to library' view to allow the skin to install. To install from scratch follow instructions in first post.
  7. scutters

    Show systems first

    Nothing like that exists as far as i know. You might be able to to do some kind of launch before script that updates the pinballx.ini file [internal] section to set the filter values (that hold information on your last selected system/ table) based on a selection - but i've not tried doing anything like that. Other option is to request it as a feature enhancement;
  8. scutters

    Show systems first

    You mean like under the Lists menu option that comes up when you select a table, but open that menu on pinballx startup?
  9. So VP button setup is how you set it up?, but the buttons don't function correctly in VP?.. Sorry, i'm a little confused! Can you post a screenshot of your 'correct' VP joystick setup as well as the pinballx log file and confirm if the VP joysick settings are changing after launch from pinballx. Thanks.
  10. Hmm... ok, set the buttons up in correctly in VP again. Recheck in pinballx settings.exe you don't have autoconfigure set for VP (it wasn't in the last ini file), then try again. Re-post the log and ini files again after, and confirm if VP buttons are all set to button 1 again or not.
  11. Can you post the visual pinball key/joy setup page screen shot? under preferences menu. Sounds like they just don't match pinballx setup Thanks.
  12. Not too sure what you mean... the joypad works only in VP or in PBX?, but not in both together? Screenshot of of your VP settings might help. In the last posted pinballx.ini file there wasn't an Exit Emulator button set, that'd be why you can't exit back to pinballx. Is that the only problem?, will need more info..
  13. A couple of things to try; Try changing the backgalss display number in Settings.exe Display Settings first, try the other options in the dropdown one at a time. The monitor numbers don't always match windows. If that doesn't work, still in display settings.exe you could try adjusting the the x & y relative positions to move the backglass that way, the values you use will depend on where the backglass is currently located, and your display positions as setup in windows. Set the monitor for the backghlass to match the backglass then adjust x & y. You might also want to turn off the auto position b2s option in display settings.
  14. Hi @Trantor Can you post new copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files for review? Thanks.
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