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  1. @joyrider3774might already have you covered;
  2. scutters

    PinballX DMD Shows up on Playfield FX3

    Is it a black DMD rectangle (i.e. always no picture/video) and out of position?.. not at my cab to check but from memory a black rectangle is shown for dmd in pinballx on game launch when hide dmd is selected (same for backglass), so it might be correct but just out of position. My guess is the playfield screen is coming 'online' when booted via hdmi-cec too slowly and it's throwing positions out, it might be a total red herring - but i do know if i boot up before my backglass screen is fully powered up then windows picks a different (lower) native resolution for it and identifiies it as Digital Display rather than HDTV in nvidia contol panel. Does everything look ok in windows/nvidia display settings when you have the issue?
  3. Try changing this line in the ini file to False AutoPositionPinMAME=True
  4. scutters

    I lose my DMD on Pinballx

    Have you tried changing this line in the ini file to False? HidePinMAME=True
  5. scutters

    PinballX DMD Shows up on Playfield FX3

    Just checking, is it the pinballx dmd rather than an extra fx3 dmd on the playfield? If its FX3 rather than pinballx turn off the default DMD by navigating to: Options – UI/Streaming – Dot Matrix Size then set it to Off.
  6. scutters

    I lose my DMD on Pinballx

    In the ini file try changing this to False HidePinMAME=True (i don't even have that entry in my ini file!)
  7. scutters

    Getting started

    I found this guide very usefull when i was 1st setting up http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ba2917_ad2b870882264b7b9372a7a406fe21d3.pdf It's a little dated in places but should give you a start. Don't worry if a lot of it goes over your head initially!
  8. scutters

    [RESOLVED] videos resolved but created new problem

    VPX only here!!
  9. scutters

    [RESOLVED] videos resolved but created new problem

    Visual Pinball X is being used to launch vp9 .vpt files by the look of it... e.g. G:\visualpinball\VPinballX.exe /play -"G:\visualpinball\TABLES\AbraCaDabra (Gottlieb 1975).vpt" Or is that really a vpx file you renamed? Anyway, I can't see visual pinball x in the other Systems - is the ini file trimmed? (i can only see VPinball995.exe in the visual pinball system section) Edit - just seen your edit in 1st post- that'd be it!!
  10. scutters

    [ RESOLVED ] does DMD/PF/ BG have to be a specific size

    Hmm.. have a look at this post if you haven't already. I'm sure it's LAV related somehow but my knowledge is (very) limited in that area..
  11. scutters

    [RESOLVED] VPX and b2s in Pinballx

    If you have the backglass showing in pinballx, with autopositionb2s=False, when you open a table can you ALT+TAB to see the hidden backglass in game? And what happens if you load again directly outside pinballx? I think there's a mismatch between screen numbers for pinballx & VPX/B2S (set in screenres.txt file).. you may need to change screenres.txt to show b2s in game by relative position rather than by screen number, info on that in this post https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38775#entry406938
  12. scutters

    i know i shouldnt really ask

    If you don't resolve the issue on the other thread and you already have videos created then wonderfox hd video converter can convert them to mp4 @ 1080*1920 from whatever format they're in now. The free version has some nag screens but still works and can do them in bulk, set a different output folder convert them and file names will be retained so you can then just copy back over the top of existing.
  13. scutters

    [ RESOLVED ] does DMD/PF/ BG have to be a specific size

    I'd try reinstalling the LAV codecs. Something very odd going on!
  14. scutters

    [RESOLVED] How to set the backglass correctly?

    You still have the 64 bit version installed of pinballx? "19:52:58.8 12-2-2019: PinballX - Version 3.28 x64" Don't think it'd affect video recording but thought i'd mention it as you state 32bit now installed. Hopefully you don't have two versions installed! I'd delete the files in table videos folder(s) and either re-record capturing log to post back here or use pbx recorder to see if you get same issue.
  15. scutters

    Rate Table disabled but still shows in lists

    You could hide the Rate Table option by going to Settings->Text and chnaging it to " " (a space), it will still be there and be selectable but will appear as a blank line. Not sure if that's any use.. For the first one (Ratings) unrate all tables and it will disappear properly.