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  1. You need to attach your pinballx.ini and log.txt files, maybe screen shot of FP game keys settings too. Is pinballx and/or FP running as admin?
  2. Did you record against game description or name in pbx recorder? Is it all new videos or just some tables? Please also attach copy of your pbx recorder log file, and your visual pinball xml.
  3. You need to attach copies of your pinballx.ini & log.txt files But as you're a new user, i have to ask have you installed any emulators?, pinballx is only a front end to open other applications and it comes with example media and game listings for a few tables but not the applications themselves. If you install only pinballx you can try to open one of the example entries, it will fail and just exit back out as you describe.
  4. Re pbxrecorder - i think you are correct that setting VPX to fullscreen exclusive is the cause of the issue there. From the log you're running Version 1.3beta, pbx recorder added fullscreen exclusive code in V1.6. So... either turn off vpx fullscreen mode before recording, or update pbx recorder !
  5. Does it always error on that game exiting? If it's every time you could try deleting the .nv nvram file for the rom. You'd lose your game data though. If that doesn't help adding pinballx.ini and log.txt files as attachments might throw up some clues.
  6. You'll need to attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files (after the issue). Thanks
  7. scutters

    Taskbar on BG

    Can you attach your pinballx.ini and log.txt files and give a bit more info on your setup and the issue... Do you have the taskbar disabled in windows on the BG screen and it gets enabled somehow, or is it enabled there but now appears on top of the BG video/image?. I just have the taskbar on playfield screen, might be worth trying that in windows if you have it enabled on all screens.
  8. Might be worth disabling your largest system (vpx) in settings.exe first (before deleting tables), and seeing if issue recurs if you leave it running a while to help prove if a memory issue. Does task manager hint at any bottlenecks when the issue is present?
  9. Is the black DMD screen you see a blank window, or is your windows desktop black (so it could either). Can you see anything for the DMD video if you press ALT+TAB?
  10. Also make sure you have LAV filters installed, available here https://www.pinballx.com/
  11. In Settings.exe go to Display settings, set Auto position DMD = No Or in pinballx.ini set this line = False; AutoPositionPinMAME=True
  12. There is another option, for tables you don't have videos for yet you could add static backglass images. Pinballx looks for videos first then images. Depends if you'd be happy with static images i guess, should be plenty on the FTP (as well as stock backglass videos of course, but they might be harder to identify as not your recordings later)
  13. Different style, call it a pseudo progress bar(?). 1st frame is dark transparent so blends in pretty well from black screen flash. Won't be doing a gif version of this as it's all partial transparency. 48 frames (16*3 loops), works best for me around 10 or 15fps - so ~ 4.8 or 3.2sec loading video duration... Frames.zip
  14. Attach your pinballx.ini and log.txt files (after trying to launch the table) Does the table load at all (can you see it if you alt+tab)?
  15. Yep, it's not quick getting the 'source' 128*32 images sorted. But at least i've got the conversion to 1080*270 gifs pretty much nailed now!
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