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  1. Hey thanks for all your help. I now have all my displays running on one graphics card and after a little more fuss everything is running appropriately.
  2. I'm running on win 10. I did both routes of deleting the keys and running the reg. unfortunately as soon as I introduce the 3rd monitor it takes the #1 monitor position . I'm wondering if it has more to do with that monitor is plugged into the graphics card that's built in to the mother board, and my other monitors are into the better graphics card. I guess I can try and have all three on the same card but I didn't want to put to much on there just the two monitors that in my mind should have the better quality output.
  3. tried running it but all i get is. an error saying Cannot import C:\Users\given\Downloads\Monitor Persistence (1).reg: The specified file is not a registry script. you can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.
  4. log ini actual by moving cables i've made it work but, the computer will not save the setting. So now even with that the dmd and backglass keep changing places. fustrating
  5. Hi so I just started in on building a vp cab. So far its went pretty well. However I need some help I just started to set up my pinball X and am hitting a problem I’m not sure how to fix. I've searched the FAQ and may be missing the answer, but here is my issue. I’ve provided pictures of my setup and setting. Here is the problem. I cannot get my back glass to show up on the appropriate monitor in Pinballx and for whatever reason the only way to have both my dmd and back glass show up at all is if they are both set to show on display 2 in setting on pinballx, and you can see the result both need to be on the opposite screen. Any help would be appreciated. (Other information that might be help full in solving this is that my play field and back glass are getting their information from the same graphics card a gtx 1060 3gb and the dmd is into the motherboards display output) haven't found a way to change the numbering on the monitors but display 2 is the default main monitor in the 1st position, monitor 3 is in second which should be the back glass and 1 is obviously last. am I missing a step on monitor config? Also so far visual pin has recognized this config. all tables seem to play and display fine. thanks for your help.
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