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  1. Apparently fixed in the December 21st update, thanks Tom! marking as resolved. "Fixes memory leak playing videos in screensaver."
  2. Same thing happened to me. Make sure you're pointing to the catver.ini that you want to use rather than whatever is in gameex\data?
  3. I think this is caused by a tickbox in the miscellaneous tab of WinUAE. "Start into GUI" or something like that. This box becomes ticked under certain circumstances, for example when using the edit config button in WinUAELoader. Hope that helps.
  4. Accessing Steam plugin from CustomMenu.ini

    I would like to move Steam from the "Emulated Games" menu to the front page. Is there a quick way to do this without building my menus from scratch?
  5. [NEWS] GameEx 12.81

    That's impressive, Thanks all!
  6. Quick Startup Resume Problem

    Tried two different cards in the same PC, same problem. It's not a big deal but it's a nice little feature. Radeon HD 4650 / Catalyst 12.6 Radeon X1800 XT / Catalyst 10.2
  7. [RESOLVED] Attract Mode Loses Focus

    I've managed to find and try a different video card in the same setup, it doesn't have this problem. Problem card: Radeon HD 4650 / Catalyst 12.6 Solution card: Radeon X1800 XT / Catalyst 10.2 I'll mark as resolved as there are more worthy threads.
  8. [RESOLVED] Attract Mode Loses Focus

    I should clarify that this doesn't happen if GameEx is run manually. I have also made a .bat that delays GameEx from starting on windows startup for a few minutes, but it makes no difference.
  9. [RESOLVED] Attract Mode Loses Focus

    Thanks for looking, let me run through what happens I turn on the machine from cold and eventually: 1 minute passes 01:50:19.6 05/09/2012: Starting Attract Mode 01:50:19.6 05/09/2012: Reading MAME hall of fame 01:50:20.4 05/09/2012: Shutting down display 01:50:20.6 05/09/2012: Setting Up RawInput Hook 01:50:20.7 05/09/2012: Launching RawInputHook.exe 01:50:22.7 05/09/2012: Running: cmd.exe /c K: K:\Emulation\MAME\mame64.exe jumping -rompath K:\Emulation\MAME\roms -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo MAME is either immediately minimised, or I see a few seconds of a MAME game before all I can see is the Windows taskbar. I press alt-tab 01:50:45.1 05/09/2012: Key/Joy press detected: Exiting Attract mode, closing MAME I can't quickly install GameEx and some MAME roms onto another machine, it'll take a bit of time to do...
  10. [RESOLVED] Attract Mode Loses Focus

    The conditions of this test are that GameEx is started automatically with windows and there is no input from user. A moment ago I ran the test and Super Sprint started from attract mode - for 5 seconds, before minimizing. Then all I had was a hidden desktop with the windows 7 taskbar. Thanks to Adultery and anyone considering this problem.
  11. [RESOLVED] Attract Mode Loses Focus

    Ah, I have no idea why that happened as I did recreate the bug for that log. I tried again, and this time there is more information in the log, here: log.txt
  12. Is this problem back? After booting my cabinet, attract mode loses focus the first time around. All that is visible is the Windows 7 taskbar. Alt-tab to get back to GameEx is not ideal. Regardless, many thanks for the updates! - Ian log.txt
  13. Quick Startup Resume Problem

    Hello, I've just found a problem with the Quick Startup Resume feature, found in the "Enable/Disable Features" section of the wizard. With the feature turned on, the placement of elements of the theme is incorrect. I'm using the theme "Default - Media Centre - Background" at the moment, while I mess about with my hardware. It should look like this: but it looks like this: - Ian
  14. On my IPAC board, Start 1 & Start 2 is the same as pressing escape, but it's reprogrammable. Perhaps your controller is the same. Start 1 presses KB1, but also acts as a kind of shift key, allowing access to other key codes.
  15. On my cabinet, I like to run the screensaver with no sound. Whenever me or my friends interrupt the screensaver by inserting 10p (or pressing 5) I would like for the sound to be enabled. The alternative (keeping sound on during screensaver) means that the user must fumble around for the volume control.