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  1. Thanks Scutters. I figured it out. In my PinballX settings, Video settings - I changed DMD enabled to NO. That fixed my problem. Apparently it conflicted with PinMame.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm having an issue that I cannot resolve on my own. I have a 3 monitor setup running Pinballx , VP9, Future Pinball , Fx3 and Pinball Arcade. Everything works as expected with VP9 outside of Pinballx. When I start a table in Pinballx, the DMD will flash on my 3rd monitor and then disappear. If I manually run the VP9 front end outside of Pinballx, the previously working DMD is now gone. Alt - Tab will show it to me in the taskbar, but bringing it to the top does nothing. I need to reset the rom to get it working again. I have checked all my pinballx video settings and HidePinMame is set to no. Can anyone offer some suggestions? John PinballX.ini Visual Pinball.xml log.txt
  3. @headkaze - Can you take a look at my posting GameEx Arcade Servosik and let me know if you have any suggestions? I am really stuck. John (golfboy01)
  4. Thank you for the suggestion TThurman, but it did not make a difference.
  5. I am using the 32 bit version I got it to work on a different cabinet with the LED Blinky plugin and a PAC Led board. this cabinet has no LED lights, so I am not using either one. I am using Just and I-Pac and the Servostik.
  6. Hi Draco, Thanks for your help. Here's the files you asked for. John log.txt GameEx.ini
  7. Hi all, I'm really stuck. I have two Servostiks installed and they work fine using the Ultimarc app. The problem is, I can't get them to automatially switch using the GameEx servostik plugin. I have the plugin enabled and once the front end starts it re-sets the joys to 4 way. Upon starting an 8 way MAME game, they won't switch. Here's a screenshot of my plugins folder. Am I missing something in my setup? I appreciate any suggestions. John
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