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  1. I finally got a Pindmd V3 I installed it and its up and running but now Whenever I run visual pinball a tables with a dmd I get a extra virtual dmd displaying. I have in VPinmame options show DMD/Display window unchecked and use external DMD [dll] checked. The virtual DMD I can move it around but I cant right click and put a border around to resize.I am not sure what the problem is but any help would be awesome. Thanks for your time DmdDevice.ini
  2. That solved it Thanks very much for the help
  3. That worked Thank you very much for your help
  4. I start PBX . I can change between tables and play tables, If try to exit or shutdown it starts the table that its on. This on a new build reinstalled 3 times same problem Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you for your Time PinballX.ini log.txt
  5. its a new build had to reinstall Motherboard gave up the ghost . it is running as admin. esc key is unchecked tryed it checked no change. changed the launch option no change. not that far into the install I'm got to uninstall and reinstall . Thanks for the time and input
  6. The 2nd time trying to see if it happens again 1} I start PBX 2) I exit PBX 3) then it loads a table and and runs it with VP9 by itself 4) I exit vp9 and PBX is not running when vp9 is running 5) Then PBX loads --->go to step 2 --->endless loop reset computer to get out of loop : note i never loaded a table on PBX. This in on a bench with a keyboard. I resent the English comment
  7. here you goPinballX.inilog.txt
  8. I am having a problem when I exit PBX it starts the same table I think with VPinball995.exe or VPinballX.exe then when I exit that it starts PBX in an endless loop. Thanks for your time
  9. right click on the app icon go to properties then go to details or Load the app go to the system tray look for the icon right click on it. then go to about it will show the ver thank you for looking
  10. yes I did , I found several places where it said old version are no longer supported and can't be downloaded any longer. I did find that you could put a code in to roll it to a different ver. but couldn't find that ver. and I 'm not sure how to enter the code anyway.I did find an update for TBA to update from 166.5 to 170.6 so if anyone has FreeCamMod Ver.1.88 or 1.92
  11. I'm Looking for Free camera mod v 1.88 any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  12. londo

    best setup?

    I'm new to this finally trying to set up my vpin its 2 screens. I followed several YouTube videos on how set it all up. My problem is the first time I set it up it worked fine kinda. I set up visual and fx2 and got them running fine on there own, screen 1 and 2 side by side in landscape mode. I would start PBX and it would with the the right orientation for the table and wheel but it would exit a table in FX2 it would dump me into the main FX2 program in the menu and visual pinball would exit to VPinball995.exe I figured I would address that later. I must have hit a key or changed something and the front end changed and the orientation changed the tables where right but the wheel was 90 degrees off. I looked and looked found that i could rotate the screen while in the front end so I tried doing that but that just changed the whole screen orientation it didn't change the wheel being 90 degrees off. I was watching another video on how to setup PBX he shared files to a dropbox so i grabbed them and started fresh install, I used his setup it works with FX2 and pinball arcade it all works great with 1 screen in portrait and 1 in landscape 1 on top of other but now i cant get visual pinball to work with out the play field squished I'm sure it's the wrong orientation. I would be very grateful for help what is the best way to set it up so it all works.
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