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  1. Hi! How about importing Backdrop pov files either when they have the same location (folder or archive) and the same name as the table? A second option or alternative would be importing povs with the game manager.
  2. Hi! What is the criterion in PinballX for a table to be listed as a modern table? Is it the year, or the SS? No matter, not every table I call a modern one is listed as modern.
  3. mase

    Wrong (wheel) image shown

    Hi! I have 2 tables, where there are wrong wheel images shown: Table "Cosmic" and "Cosmic Gunfight" show both the wheel of "Cosmic Gunfight". "Star Wars" and "Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back" show both the wheel of "Star Wars". I checked the media folder for the wheel images. I edited them again in Game Manager, but this issue does not go away. The table and backglass images are correct so far.