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  1. vsilvalopes

    Pure GameEx

    Version 1


    A theme created by vsilvalopes designed to run at a resolution of 1920x1080.
  2. Version 1


    A theme created by Vsilvalopes designed to run at a resolution of 1024x768.
  3. Hi Guys ! @saterium. Amazing theme ! Loved the color scheme that you used. If I were you, I would drop the "list numbers" and the "Manufacter Text" But the overall is simply amazing. I love clean themes, and yours are one of these!
  4. Post an emulator screen KRC running on GameEx! Your theme gave me new ideas to explore. I just need some time !
  5. Congratulations on your achiviement Han ! Well deserved !
  6. Gamepimp. I think it is possible. If I were you, at first I would try it on a virtual machine. If everything goes ok, do it on the real hardware. If not, do it manually.
  7. Wow ! Wow ! Really happy about this guys ! Good to see my work recognized by the community ! Thanks to Everyone !
  8. +1 for Comics ! Lot's of great characters to explore!
  9. The competition is heating! Great to see so many beatiful works! That's why I love the GameEx community!
  10. Man, it's simple AWESOME ! It's a HUGE work of edition AND research. Because to do what you are doing, requires a LOT of digging images on Google or DeviantArt. I'm really looking foward to it ! Congratulations !
  11. KRC, if you are like me, than you will need a HUGE HDD. On my setup, I already jumped from 250 GB to 500 GB and now I'm on 1 TB. If you are using only a selection of ROMs, 500 GB is ok. But I always go with the fullset, so only for PlayStation I use 420 GB. The videos and snaps usually take up to 10 GB for each system.
  12. Yes, I'm wondering about it. I think that I will be using some sort of grey on it. But I have to test it on TV before the change. Sorry ! The logos ! I'm thinking to use some stylezed images, for example, use the Super Nes logo, and an stylezed image of an Snes console.
  13. Guys ! Guys ! I need feedback ! Please tell me what you liked or don't liked on the theme ! I'm looking foward to build a theme based on the community feedback. I've made a little test this morning using the theme on GameEx and I liked the results. I just don't have any screenshoots yet. But the layouts Worked pretty well.
  14. More on the new theme! I've made some concepts for it. The main idea is, that for a good layout, I will need to use diferent layouts for home AND for the lists (emulators and media). So I started with this : But I felt that I left so many empty spaces, speacially between the game list and the snap/name and description. (I really liked the idea to use the description field !) So, I did this On this one, I changed the emulator title font, to a more bold one, I really liked the result, plus I added the "Stars" for the game rating, matching the theme colors. Even with that, I was not satisfied with the menu position and the emulator. So I changed it again ! And this one is probably going to be the final layout of the list. I'm not sure yeat about the white background, but this can be easily changed. Guys, please let me know what you think about the white background, I didn't did my TV test with this theme yet. Now with the menu bar on the top, and on the left, I felt that the game list has the focus that I need. You see the emulator (system name) and bellow the game list. On the other side, the game snap, name and information. Again, no Clock, Date and list number. Finally, I started the home layout. It pretty much the same of the emulator list. But the main list is in the middle of the screen. I don't know what symbols or art I'm going to use to represent the main categories of GameEx. If you have any sugestion, please let me know. So, here's the home layout : I'm thinking about one color only icons, I will see how to do this. So that's it guys, please let me know what you think. I'm really looking foward to do this one !
  15. Hi cracksloth! I am really interested on it! I really liked your approach on the theme, and I think that with some tricks on the theme editor we can reach it. On this week I'm getting a new PC with an Full HD display and it will be easier to do a new theme, and I'm really looking foward to it! So thanks for your vision! Let's stay in touch!
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