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  1. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

  2. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    I Actually Watched SimplyAustins Video On Youtube. I Got Everything Right Up Until He Talked About Setting Up Mame. (wich He Skipped) Thats Where I Got Lost. When It Says To Verify Installation Everything Turns Red. End All Be All Where Do I Put My Rom Zip Files? Other Than That The Picture Attachment Is Where Im Stuck. If Its A Matter Of Donating Ones Time I Have No Problem With Compensation For Valued Time. As I Said Before Im A Disabled Gamer. Without My Games I Really Have Nothing To Look Forward To Each Day. Thanks Again To All Of You Who Have Tried To Help Me So Far.
  3. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    This Is Where Im At So Far
  4. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    I Understand Now That This Is Gonna Be Harder Than I Thought So I'd Liken To Take This One Step At A Time If I Can.
  5. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    Thank You. As I Said In My Earlier Post Im Starting From Scratch. So How To I Get And Upload Those Files Here. I Havent Downloaded Anything. Please Feel Free To Imagine You Are Talking To A Complete Idiot. Do I First Run The GameEx Setup? Or Should I Create Any Premature Folders On My Desktop?
  6. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    If That Is At All Possible
  7. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    End All Be All I'd Like To Save Everything To My Desktop For Quick Access And Use. I Am A Disabled Gamer So Most Of My Time Is In My Chair And I Typically Pull 10-12 Hours Of Gametime A Day. I Just Hate Having To Juggle Emulators And Controllers, Hence My Attraction To GameEx.
  8. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    Yea Thank You For Your Help... I Decided To Start From Scratch. I Have Downloaded The GameEx Setup File And Im Currently Downloading The Last 3 Zip Files For The Mame Pack. From What I Read Its A One Step Program. The Main Problem I Was Having Was Setting Up GameEx. I Have 6,896 Game Zip File Roms And Couldn't Get Any Of Them To Work. GameEx Didnt Even Acknowledge Their Existance. Everything Is So Technical And Complicate. I Didnt Know What To Adjust And What To Leave Alone.
  9. Streetwise Azteca

    Please Help

    Im New To This Whole Emulation Gaming Thing. I Found Out About GameEx From Youtube. I Followed The Directions To The Letter And Hit A Wall. Nothing I Do Works. I Have Subscribed For A Year So I Can Get The Headache Free Version Of MAME But Its Taking Forever TO Get The Firts Zip File To Download (AND I STILL GOT 10 MORE!) I Seached Everywhere And Cant Find Anymore Info On Either GameEx Of Their FTP PROGRAM. Please Help. And In Answering Please Be As Detailed As Possible. I Have Been At This For 18 Hrs Straight And Im Just About Ready To Throw In The Towl :/ IDk If It Matters But Im Running An Alienware Aurora On Windos 10 64b