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  1. Anyone doing Wheel images for Zaccaria? I have the ones that Draco and BrandonLaw did but still missing quite a few and the generic Zaccaria ones I use look like crap. I have zero graphic editing abilities otherwise I would take a stab at at.
  2. GAH1068

    [RESOLVED] How to set the backglass correctly?

    Totally agree with Outhere. I stopped using B2S in PinballX early on when I built my cab. It is a cool feature but the lag due to it having to load the backglass and rom when scrolling through tables really made it slow even on a higher end system. Videos are definately the way to go.
  3. GAH1068

    Malzbie's Pinball Collection - On my cabinet

    @sauro - Here is a link to a utlity I found about a year ago. It is a little app that allows you to find X,Y locations on your displays really easily. You can just drag the window arround and size it to fit and then it gives you a very close value to use to fine tune your DMDExt settings. http://pinballbulbs.com/files/pbfx2dotmatrix.zip
  4. GAH1068

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    That certainly is a possibility. Hopefully Tom can take a look and see. What I have working now is ok but it means I have to maintain two xml files as Zen releases new tables to keep the FX3 list working. Not a big deal but would be nice to be able to include the defalt list that from the database instead.
  5. GAH1068

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    Creating a copy of my Pinball FX3.xml and naming it FX3.xml now added the FX3 Tables to the favorites like I list above. It shows j85 tables when I select the list in PBX which is correct. It doesn't make sense why it works so I still think there is some small bug in PBX. All the other systems I have defined show uo when working with groups and let me assign their list to it. I create a custom group called Arcooda and using the group manager can assign the Arcooda \ Arcooda list to it. <group name="Arcooda"> <database>Arcooda\Arcooda</database> </group> I create on called FX3 and go to assign my FX3 list to it and there is nothing in the drop down for Pinball FX3. All the other systems list display fine,. The group file contains the following. <group name="FX3"> </group> I guess in the end it works but seems like a very strange quirk. Thanks for everyone looking for me.
  6. GAH1068

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    Pretty sure I tried that already but will give it another shot regardless.
  7. GAH1068

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    Can someone else try and create a Group/List for just FX3 tables on their system and see if they can duplicate the problem?
  8. GAH1068

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    Attaching other database files as requested. Just to be clear I have 580 tables in PinballX from multiple different systems (VPX, VP9, PM5, PBA, Arcooda, Zaccaria, Malzbies, Pinball Wicked). When using default of all tables everything is fine. I see and can lauch all systems fine. For the systems that have a lot of tables I was just creating a new group and then assigning it's default list to it. This was I can select the list for Arcooda and only see Arcooda tables. This worked for the 200+ VP tables, the 78 Arcooda and 99 Zaccaria. If I bring up lists and select if from menu below it is displaying only those tables. FX3 tables are NEVER displayed in the list selector to assign to a group. All the other are though. Malzbies Pinball Collection.xml The Pinball Arcade.xml Arcooda.xml Future Pinball.xml Visual Pinball 9.xml Zaccaria.xml VPX.xml
  9. GAH1068

    Can't create a List for Pinball FX3 in PBX

    The group for vp is over 240 tables and fx3 should only be right about 100 so that doesn't seem like the problem. I created 4 groups in total. 3 work fine and work when selecting lists. The FX3 list does not display at all.
  10. I went to create a few new lists in PBX so I could save time from scrolling through my ever growing table list (Now at 580 tables between all the systems ). I created a few new groups for Arcooda, VPX and Zaccaria and was able to assign a list to the group no problem. For whatever reason the list for Pinball FX3 tables is not being displayed in the Lists drop down (see below). I tried to just copy the database name into the Group XML file that I created but it doesn't display in the List in PBX either. All the other lists I create are working fine so this appears to be an PBX bug or I am just not following how lists work since it doesn't even display the list in the drop-down. My Pinball FX3 database exists, all the tables/media display in PBX when scrolling through All tables and I have no problem launching them. When I try and select the list while in PBX the FX3 one isn't even displayed. All the other created ones do. Including my Ini, Log, FX3 DB files. I have deleted and re-added the group changing the name a few times but that didn't have any effect either. FX3.xml Pinball FX3.xml PinballX.ini log.txt
  11. GAH1068

    Malzbie's Pinball Collection - On my cabinet

    New backglass look great
  12. GAH1068

    Yoku's Island Express

    Bought it a few months back. More of a platformer with pinball feel. Fun game, not cabinet appropriate really in my case
  13. GAH1068

    Malzbie's Pinball Collection - On my cabinet

    Just checked out thetables. Here is my DMDExt settings to get the DMD going on my PinDMDV3. Modify as needed for your real or virtual DMD. dmdext mirror --source=screen --position 382 10 318 130 --destination=pindmdv3 -p COM3 --fps=60 --no-virtual
  14. GAH1068

    Pinball wicked working in my cabinet

    I can post mine next time I sit down at computer. Just two simple ahk scripts and system configured in PBX
  15. GAH1068

    Pinball wicked working in my cabinet

    I was going to write something in C# or VB.NET but never got around to it. I was too lazy to get Visual Studio installed again. Lol. I swore off software development after doing it for 20+ years. Great little utility, works perfect!