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  1. That is how my settings were. Changing from None back to full fixed Red Show. I consider this a bug as they should move it to backglass in cabinet mode.
  2. You need to update the FileRead line about 7 lines about that to match the path your database file is located too. I missed both of those when I was reviewing things people would need to change to fully work for them.
  3. Good catch, that sets the last game played in PinballX like it would for VPX. System_7 is the number under "Other" settings in PBX where I have Zaccaria defined. While this doen't hurt anything being wrong but it is worth changing to match the system number you are actually using. I had the same issue with Red Show Deluxe. All my other tables displayed scoring except Red Show Deluxe. You need to go into Zaccaria settings and change the UI to Full under the display or graphics options and then it will show up.
  4. I updated the first post and added new script to handle new Deluxe type as well as my database file that has all Zaccaria tables. Working fine for me with the update but others please confirm. New table name is redshowdeluxe <game name="redshowdeluxe"> <description>Red Show Deluxe</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer>Magic Pixel</manufacturer> <year>2019</year> <type>DX</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidetopper>True</hidetopper> <hidebackglass>True</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>0</rating> </game>
  5. I just bought it a little while ago. I am sure the script won't work as is since the table type is new. I will see if I can get the launcher fixed to handle this tonight when I get home.
  6. Freezy has a fix for the new tables. See closed post #195 on the Github site. Working perfect again with memory grabber which greatly improves quality on real dmd
  7. Bought them both this moring. Look great although Zen broke the DMDExt screen grabber code so my PinDMDV3 doesn't work with the --pinballfx3 as source anymore. Even the --legacy-fx3 alternate grabber isn't working right. DMD displays with --legacy-fx3 but it is fuzzy/blurry and pixels missing or colored wrong.
  8. Thanks for Update - the scaled font is much easier to read on 4K display now. Been using this since you released it.
  9. Thank you! Love the DMD style loading images.
  10. There are a few bugs but overall it is working well. I think some of the camera views are a little funky now but view 7 seems to work well in cabinet. Use to be two that looked good now this is the only one. Tried changing camera to static/dynamic and as well as the aspect ratios too. I tried to get to work on three screens but no matter what I did when I selected different screens I got both the backglass and dmd on both monitors no matter what. I spent about 15 minutes messing around and have the DMD mirroring to my PinDMDV3 again with the DMD moved to the backlglass.
  11. I have not, I will give it a whirl tonight or tomorrow.
  12. They did not list that in the update notes. I got my key shortly after I posted this and I was able to get the Backglass and DMD to display on my second monitor. Didn't have time to play around with it though since It was over lunch. I am using the rotate 90 parameter though and it is working well. Now I just need to update my AHK file for DMDExt for new DMD Coordinates. Glad they listened to our requests for cabinet support.
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