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  1. Installed the 64bit version last night on my CAB and so far everything is looking good. I launched a few FX3, VPX , Zaccaria and Arcooda tables without issues. I am fully patched Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I have DOF installed but only am using it with Pinscape for nudging.
  2. DJ - Correct it only comes with the sample media so you see what it looks like in PBX. You can delete the games from your Game Manager and then add what you want from there.
  3. Another thing to try is checking the ordering your monitor positions in Windows. I had issues when I first setup my cab that if screen 2 was not setup to the right of screen one that my backglass would often stay hidden behind the playfield even though my PBX settings were correct.
  4. @joyrider3774 - I bought the new Wood Queen 2019 table and got it added. The script is still working properly on my system. I launched the new table and about 10 others back to back and didn't run into any issues so I think it is more just a delay/timing thing people are going to have to fiddle with in the script. I did see what you mean by the backglass being broken on certain table types. I do think the new menu is much nicer looking and glad they didn't do anything major that would break the launcher.
  5. Thanks, I saw there was Zaccaria released a new table and said there was going to be some menu changes. Haven't fired up my cab for a few days but will take a look and see if the script needs updating to handle things. I had just the opposite problem when I first did the script. If I only sent the keypress for return to bypass the logo it would not always work but once I did the mouse click it worked reliably. Lol
  6. Just updated to 3.47 and everything is fine. I'm at a loss for what in 3.46 was giving it problems
  7. Just updated to latest version from 3.45. I am seeing really slow startup in this version. I double click PBX, I immediately see the gray PinballX startup screen and then my screen goes black for 20-30 seconds. After that wait all my videos and backglass display normally. Based on the log files it appear to be something in the new Joystick changes. Is there a way to disable Joystick in PBX globally? Trying to clear the default values is leading to a lot of hung windows before I can change it from. I went and removed any Joystick config from my .ini file manually and it didn't help. I have a KL25Z that I use for nudging only along with the Ipac2 that is the built in controller on my Extensions cab. Reinstalling 3.45 fixed the problem so it appears to be isolated in the latest build. If you need me to try a test build or one with enhanced logging I will be happy to help. log.txt PinballX.ini [SETTINGS].log
  8. I never wrote the script to handle pauses from PBX. Might be something that can be added in the AHK script that could be added to watch for the pause press and then the resume by having it show/hide by Window handle. When I get some free time I will take a look and see if this can be added.
  9. Yes, they script updates that xml file which defaults sets the table as the last one played and allows too script to simulate key presses to automatically launch it.
  10. I just went through and redid videos for all the Zaccaria backglass and uploaded to GAH1068\Zaccaria\Backglass for anyone that wants them 1360X768 and all very small videos. Definately an improvment over the previous ones from Zaccaria.
  11. Still would really like to see a scrollable popup keyboard using the flipper keys that would allow you to quickly jump through the tables. Something like hit popup button, A B C D E F ... Z are displayed. Hit the flipper button to scroll to letter and press launch to select. You jump to first table with that latter in your table list. Once you get a ton of tables even scrolling page by page takes a long time.
  12. Best bet would be to go to Pinballarcadefans site and post in the dedicated FCM forum for this.
  13. I would love to see this functionality added natively to PBX. Joyrider3774 has created a great utility that accomplishes this too. I finally got around to installing it on my cabinet a few days ago and it works perfectly so it is a great working solution too.
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