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  1. No luck so far on the Extra tables. I was able to see the table name is zombie001 and added that new category to script. The launcher does select the Extra table category but for some reason the actual table selection doesn't get focus so it doesn't launch. I will still tinker and see if I can do anything but was fighting sick all weekend so really didn't spend any great deal of time on it.
  2. I will take a look. I haven't tried out the extra tables yet but I believe they should work if I update the script to support it. Let me take a look over the weekend and get the table names and give it a whirl.
  3. pinball wicked pro pinball VP9 VP9 PhysMod VPX zaccaria pinball demon's tilt future pinball malzbies pinball collection pinball arcade Arcooda Pinball FX3
  4. Ahh Joyrider is correct. I intentionally did not have the table start so people could enable multiple players/modes. I thought you meant the table was not getting selected and loaded.
  5. Look for the following two lines in the AHK script (thy are right next to one another). If you are not running 4K on your playfield you will definitely need to change the values in the SetCursorPosition line. I have attached a easy to use tool that you can run. Move your mouse pointer and then press spacebar and it will report the X,Y of where your mouse point is at. Another thing to try is to play with the sleep command (in milliseconds) to give Zaccaria more time to load from steam and get focus. I have a fairly fast machine so 10 seconds works well for me. You might want to try bumping that to 13000 or 14000 if you have a slower system. Sleep, 10000 DllCall("SetCursorPos", int, 1900, int, 1000) ; The first number is the X-coordinate and the second is the Y (relative to the screen). Mofiki's Coordinate Finder.zip
  6. You might have to increase the delay the script waits before it sends the mouse click. There is also a line in the script where the AHK file moves the mouse pointer over the startup logo. If you are off it might not be going to the menu where the two enter keypresses are made.
  7. Upload your Pinballx.Ini, AHK script and Zaccaria database file (.XML). Has to be something you are missing or bad file/path.
  8. Table type must be set DX in game manager. Also make sure the ahk script is compiled and you are launching the new version. If you are getting invalid table type it points to either/both as a reason.
  9. Finally got to fire the cabinet up. New table launches just fine.
  10. I got tied up working on things yesterday and didn't get to check out the new table. My guess is you forgot to compile the AHK script to EXE and you are running the old version still.
  11. Yep, I bought it but haven't had a change to check it out to determine what the table name is. I'll take a look tonight when I get home and post the tablename if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  12. @halen - My version of Arcooda shows it is version 1.71.19 still. I am running the Steam version but here is the offline file I generated for it. Welcome to give it a try. OfflineData.TPA
  13. Doubtful, I haven't been in Arcooda much since Zen started releasing their versions of the tables. I never really run in offline mode to begin with. I will check and fire up Arcooda when I get home tonight and see if things are working. I do know that for a while people were posting different offline versions in a thread on pinballarcadefans.com . If you ask NoEx will more than likely post a version too if he can.
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