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  1. GAH1068

    looking for pinball fx/3 Pinball FX3.xml

    Here is my FX3 XML. I have all FX3 content so this should be a complete list including the new Solo pack. Pinball FX3.xml
  2. GAH1068

    Lots of Pinup Player Haters on Pinball X

    I was surprised as well regarding how negative people were. I have used all the front-ends except for Hyperspin and still prefer PBX to any of them at this point. It works great and I prefer fit/polish to the others still. There are some great new features coming out in all three so it will be interesting to watch how each one continues to evolve/improve. Thank you Tom for all your hard work and support. As a former software developer for 20+ years I certainly know how hard it is to support a project with such a wide variety of system configurations and accessories. Keep up the great work!
  3. GAH1068

    VPX freezing Pinballx

    Definately recommend turning off B2S in PBX. Using Videos allows you to scroll through tables much faster and makes everything smoother. Even on a high-end system there is a noticable lag when B2S is turned on in PBX when you scroll through your tables.
  4. GAH1068

    Arcooda direct launch?

    I messaged NoEx a few months back asking if adding the same hack to force a table to start can be added in a FCM for arcooda variant. Even if just to start a table. He said he would look into it but no answer yet. That is my only really high item I would have loved to have Arcooda have Farsight add. At least the Fx3 Williams tables do allow direct launch.
  5. GAH1068

    Pinball FX3 Solo Story Backglass

    Very nice, I used the ones off the press release page as well. These are much better.
  6. Sorry - did not see the feature request post. Please move there and delete this one if needed.
  7. I have about 450 table now split between VP, FX3, TPA, etc. Using the page buttons to cycle through tables works ok but it would be great to have some kind of feature that lets you go directly to a letter and skip mashing the prev/next page button. I was thinking like , bring up a simple window with the alphabet and use flippers to scroll through list and select a letter and then jump to that part of list? ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ Thoughts?
  8. GAH1068

    Startup Issues

    @campusco I have the exact same cabinet. I am guessing you are talking about Visual Pinball. I had to update VPMKeys.VBS (Visual Pinball\Scripts) to get it to work right when I first setup my cab to use the button mapping I wanted. I use the button labeled "L" to use to insert coins in VPX. (Note: It really maps to the the 1 though, that picture is wrong) I set Coin3 in VP to that button and it works perfectly. I have the X button set to start the game. Just I side note. The Extensions controller is really just an I-PAC 2 controller. I downloaded https://www.ultimarc.com/download.html and changed the left flipper and right flipper from C and V to Left and Right Shift since that is the default for nearly every pinball game. I left all the other keys how they were configured. Pin 1 SW4 changed to Left Shift Pin 1 SW2 changed to Right Shift Line I changed in VPMKeys.VBS keyInsertCoin3 = 2 '(5) Insert coin in slot 3, set to button 1 on Extension's cabinet Here is my VPX key settings. Here in my PBX key settings.
  9. Yep, tables are very impressive. Even better FX3 suports cabinet mode so I already confirmed Fish Tales launches just fine from PBX!
  10. GAH1068

    [RESOLVED] PinballX 3.07 though 3.10 MP4 playback

    Moderators - you can delete this post or leave this response for other that may stumble into this.. After a lot of head scatching I finally located the issue. Microsoft downlaod some sort of Movies and TV app automatically on my Win 10 Pro system. It was interferring with PBX. I just happened to stumble on that VLC or FFV wasn't playing MP4 videos by default anymore. Once I found out what was going on I was able to fix things by running Powershell Get-AppxPackage *zunevideo* | Remove-AppxPackage MP4 vides are now playing fine again. Sorry for the false alarm.
  11. Strange issue that I am seeing. MP4 table videos files that I have been using for 7 months are no longer working in PinballX since I upgrade passed version 3.06. F4V video playback is fine though. I also have an issue with the default PinballX DMD video playing on my PinDMDV3 in PinballX now as well. It is also a MP4 so I am wondering if this is somehow related. I haven't updated anything else that I would think would cause this problem . The videos all play fine outside PinballX. I have the same issue on 3.07, 3.08 and 3.10. Previously everything else was working. [SETTINGS].log log.txt PinballX.ini The Pinball Arcade.xml pinDMD_log.txt
  12. Thanks for the reply Tom. I broke down and turned on Backglass in FX3 and copied the static images so I have working backglass again. Not a huge deal but the animated backglass looked a lot better.
  13. I had already tried that but just for grins gave it another try. Same result,
  14. Is anyone else running FX3 and keeping a PinballX backglass video active (meaning not doing a Backglass reposition and copying image files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pinball FX3\data\steam to enable their backglass support) If I put image files just for FX3 in the folder above I am able to display a backglass image properly but I really like the video versions better from PBX If someone with a cabinet could test I would greatly apprecate it to see if it is an issue from some updated drivers, dll or FX3 build.
  15. Running latest PinballX 3.06 with LAV, DMDExt 1.7.1, My system: Core I7-8700, Windows 10 Pro (Version 10.0.17134.191), 16gb Mem, GTX1080 In Pinball FX3 I have cabinet mode enabled and the game is running fine. I have table and backglass videos that I had previously been using without issue since March in PinballX. I intentionally have Game manager setup to keep keep the Backglass video running when a FX3 table is launched to use while in game. This way I don't have to setup backglass images in FX3. During one of the last few PinballX updates I started getting part of the backglass cutoff while FX3 and I am just getting back around to figuring out why. PinballX appears to intentionally black out both the playfield screen and backglass screen at FX3 table launch. The playfield will display fine but 3/4 of my backglass shows black screen with about 1/4 showing my backglass video. The video itself stops playing as the 1/4 part of the screen stays static. The video in this example is an MP4 but I have also converted it to a F4V and the problem persists. This is occuring with ALL my FX3 backglass videos. Every now and then the backglass is being fully displayed. When I exit FX3 and go back to PinballX the whole backglass is displaying properly again. While in PinballX After Table load: PinballX.ini Pinball FX3.xml log.txt [SETTINGS].log