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  1. You will need to change one line that moves the mouse over the Zaccaria image on startup and then sends a mouse click otherwise it shuld be fine.
  2. That means the AHK script is not finding your PinballX Database file. The last error means it tried to read your database file to get the table type and it couldn't . I am attaching my working PinballX database file. Make sure your system name in PinballX is Zaccaria and copy this attached file to the PinballX\Database\Zaccaria directory. If you want to rename it something diferent that is fine you will just need to rename the xml file to match. Also there is a single line in the script that you have to make sure matchs the patch and filename of your PinballX Zaccaria Database. Update the path to match your system. FileRead, xmldata, C:\Pinball\PinballX\Databases\Zaccaria\Zaccaria.xml ;change to your zaccaria PBX database From there once you start PinballX you should see all the Zaccaria tables listed and you should be able to launch them. Zaccaria.xml
  3. The launch script in the first post is written in a enhanced scripting language called AutoHotKey. It is an all purpose scripting language that many utilities in the Virtual pinball world are using to automate things. Think like a .bat file but a ton more powerful. Using AutoHotKey you can take an script and compile it into a running executable. This executable is used many times in the Launch Before/Launch after scripts in PinballX for example. The LaunchZaccaria script I worked was written entirely in AHK. From there you compile it (right click the AHK script and select compile) and an executable is generated.
  4. GAH1068

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Busy time of the year so I was just giving you a hard time. Absolutely, please share. I am sure they will look great and will be better than the default Zaccaria image I have for tables where there isn't a wheel. I have been a little lack on my cabinet as well. Played a little bit but been busy with work and the house. I won a Ninendo Switch at my company party so I have been playing around with that. Picked up a Flip Grip so FX3 is rocking on it.
  5. GAH1068

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    @BrandonLaw - You can pay me back with some great Zaccaria Wheel images. Lol : )
  6. GAH1068

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    He has. I think the file was DMDExt-153.exe or something like that.
  7. My script for table launch is already configured for Steam. Nothing needs to be changed in steam. This is all just PinballX configuration. There is a Zacarria.XML file earlier in this thread that has all the tables (except maybe the last one or two released) that you can download and use. You need to go into PinballX settings. Go to Other systems and make sure you have one setup for Zacarria and confirm it is enable.d It doesn't matter what number. I would name it Zaccaria as well otherwhile the XML file you download will need to be named the same. Just copy the .XML file to the PinballX\Database\Zaccaria (or whatever you call it) directory and it will have all the games added to PinballX. You will still need to add Playfield, Backglass or Wheel images but the games should be launchable. Make sure to download AutoHotKey (free) so you can compile your script files.
  8. GAH1068

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Yes it is a known issue. There is a Beta Build on the DMDExt GitHum site if you scroll down through the repllies. I have a ticket open and he posted a version to test. This does get the new FX3 tables working without using the --fx3-legacy command. It seems to have some other issues like making all DMD's orange as well as not always displaying the DMD at table launch on startup. Freezy must be still working on it. https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/issues/153
  9. I don't see a reason why that won't work. All you should need is to change that line in your script and compile. Nothing else should need changed.
  10. Yepz Saw on Facebook as well. My script does it without changing the launch properties in stream. Basically doing exact same thing
  11. See upate in first post regarding automatic playfield rotation (optional) on startup
  12. Not really anything that can be done. Their cabinet support is fairly limited so the quality of the backglass are low and aren't full screen.
  13. @BrandonLaw - Looking great to me so far!
  14. GAH1068

    Arcooda Direct Launch for PBX

    I am running the Steam version of Arcooda so that makes sense. Best bet woud be to go to PinballArcadeFans.com and post a message in the FreeCamMod group under TPA \ PC. NoEx (the author) might be able to help. All you may need is the previous version if you are running the offline Arcooda version. Most people bought the steam version of Arcooda if they have it.
  15. Looks great, can't wait to see more. I am using the defult Zacarria MFN image right now and it looks ugly in my playlist. LOl. I bought the platinum pack ages go but never really played until I got it running from a front-end. Not a fan of the retro tables but for a buck you really can't go wrong. Nice thing about platinum package is tables are half-prices for new ones.