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  1. Thanks, I ran across this previously and tried it with no luck, kept erroring out on xinput1_3.dll. After running windows updates, directx, c++, and gpu updates, something finally fixed it and I'm all set again! on a side note, I know ZEN is worried about piracy and that's why they make it so difficult for cab owners, but I feel like they are chasing away paying customers like me because of these pain in the butt controls (and being online with steam).
  2. I built a small pincab and it uses a xin-mo usb controller for the buttons. It works great for VP, but not at all for Pinball FX3, I installed xpadder and have gotten that to work good, but not consistently. When I reboot my machine and launch Pinballx, most of the time the controls don't work. I have even tried adding xpadder to the startup folder...no luck. Then I came across the xpadder plugin for Pinballx and still havent had any luck. ANY IDEAS would be appreciated. I've seen other posts saying joy2key and x360ce may work, but I've had no luck with them and cant seem to find a relevant "How To" on this anywhere. Thanks
  3. I had a similiar issue a few days ago, I tried a couple backglass files and threw them in the appropriate steam folder. I noticed my resolution for my 2nd monitor was off either in pinballx setup for 2nd monitor or fx3....once I changed both to match, it started working.
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