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  1. Yes PC I did not even realize my smarter then me phone was changing CPU to CPU and yes I'm trying to use it as the arcade controller to play the games it will already move up down left right I have played with setting and got it to add coins and controller donkey kong but can't seem to set it up like it was in my built arcade machine where u just went to whatever games and the controls where right I mean it has the same amount of buttons heck I think my Pandora's box has 2 extra ones.
  2. I built a full size arcade a while back and I love gameex but had to get rid of my baby due to new kid and needing room. I just broke down and bought a Pandora's box 5s plus with 999 games on it but it's definitely not my CPU with gameex. I just happen to read that you can use it as a game controller. Before I sold my arcade I made a back up of the cpu in it so I just pulled it out and hooked everything up the Pandora's box hooks up thru USB it seems to work but I can't figure out how to setup the buttons does anyone have a setup like mine with a configuration file they can send me or anything to set it up to work on all the games like my arcade did. Thanks for any help.
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