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  1. @Mike_da_Spike Thanks for the exports! Compiled for y'all. Enjoy. Volume 5 DMD videos.zip
  2. If you have the outputs I'll string them together and export for ya np.
  3. @Mike_da_Spikehow are those DMD outputs coming for Vol 5 hehe
  4. I have the same sentiment in that I have fx3 on my switch too...just hate paying twice
  5. Hey no problem my dude. I also have been lax on the cab work as you can tell I'm just getting around adding Vol. 5 to the front end!
  6. Yo @Mike_da_Spike did you ever record Vol 5 DMD's? The ones from Joy are no bueno on a PinDMDv3. They are all wonky.
  7. @scutters Makes a great point. This will not only relieve your current registry targets, but will create new paths and essentially be 'new' across the board. Also try to slim down the running tasks in that windows session of installation and testing. Keep task manager open and just keep an eye on what's juicing your system if anything. Maybe post your specs and hardware. We can get to the bottom of this. Sidenote: I used to LAN a LOTTTTT. When someone's PC would hose up, everyone knew that their PC was like a lock and the user was more or less the Key to fixing it. All computers (other than thin clients hehe) are like snowflakes and only the user knows their idiosyncrasies. But damn if we can't try
  8. I turned off AA, and seems to have sorted it for now. Running 4k, there really isn't anything terribly noticeable. Also, I did notice turning the shadows to low with 2xAA was working, but I'd rather have better shadows, so I turned off AA. This will have to do for now!
  9. @Mike_da_Spike Not to the extent of 60fps. It did smooth out the loss of frames, but still very noticeable during MB. I assume Zen will work it out over time. Probably just a leaky primitive set or something.
  10. Great! I will get right on updating drivers. I also run 4k, and was just going to deal with slowdown on MB....can't ever go back after 4k!
  11. I have a 1070ti w/Ryzen 5 1700 6 core. I have smaa on for VPX and crank the graphics everywhere...no lag...60+ fps. Monster bash multiball crushes the frames. Seems to have been on the only game during multi-ball I can get to do this. I'm not more than an iteration behind my graphics drivers, but that's what I'll try next. I even tried killing Dmdext as that was just revamped. Not the culprit. Anyone else notice this table being an FPS crusher?
  12. It was on his end. He's the provider of the service. Tom had to make sure he had the WiFi's plugged into the blinky-box. Also to note... I add headlight fluid to my cars.
  13. Anything for you and the other nerds here. Here are the zips of what I'm using currently including the vids. Enjoy. BALLY_Creature_from_the_Black_Lagoon.zip WMS_Monster_Bash.zip If you need to rotate the videos...click me.
  14. I had to do this with dmdext and dial in a good pause. Might take a couple of tries to get it not too quick or not too delayed.
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