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  1. BrandonLaw

    VPX freezing Pinballx

    I was under the impression VPx hates i3's let alone working in tandem with PBX....
  2. BrandonLaw

    Arcooda direct launch?

    I feel you! Has anyone reached out to farsight to see if there is a 'hidden' switch or parameter to add that can point the .exe to open as the cab variant? I know there's a fella around the steam forums [email protected] I think his email is, that is diligent about answering questions. Might be worth it to massage him for an answer? I'm happy to do so.
  3. BrandonLaw

    Arcooda direct launch?

    Oh this is going to happen for sure. As much flak as PBfx gets...I really enjoy playing it. It's seamless and has a 'gaming' feel which I do enjoy. I guarantee you this will take off after the first few tables are a hit.
  4. Not sure you caught what fixed mine in this exact way. PinMAME controls what happens to the ROM in your VPx games. (coin op/start) Update that. I had to go from 3.0->3.1. This is not a PinballX issue.
  5. BrandonLaw

    Arcooda direct launch?

    Originally posted in wrong forum. My bad...didn't see how to delete Just checking in as I hadn’t seen any activity since June or July...Did we get movement on directly launching the program from inside PBX? Just getting it to launch in cab mode would really be great.
  6. I had to update my PinMAME to 3.1 to fix this. I believe after installing PBX 3.13 or something I too had coins and start busted. Didn't realize my 3.0 PinMAME was old. Here's a link in case lazy or broken google.
  7. Yep PBFX3 issue, sadly.
  8. BrandonLaw

    Pinball x keeps exiting to windows

    Can you run the PBX setup again? Make sure to click the 3 dots next to the control you are editing to bring up the auto-set for whatever key you're about to click so it recognizes the input as you may be using a mapper and maybe it has quit? There is also an option in the setup to auto-config the controls you might want to have turned off, unless you had it on?
  9. BrandonLaw

    Why are table images rotated to the right????

    This was the case for me. I was almost FORCED to run this (pic) setup as it was becoming too many changes to PBX to get it to maneuver between systems. Windows is what speaks to the program. If you use Teamviewer to edit your cab, this is the only downfall I see in going this route as my 'main' display is ultra tall and I scroll constantly.
  10. BrandonLaw

    PBX System arrangement question...

    So....brand new question This is great comma however...can we add that custom list ('VPx Only Tables.xml' in my case) to the EXIT menu? I really enjoy having the One-Click Table Launch functionality enabled. That way I could just hit 'esc' once and see/activate that custom list. Basically, is the EXIT menu edible?
  11. BrandonLaw

    PBX System arrangement question...

    Nice! Ill check it out!
  12. BrandonLaw

    PBX System arrangement question...

    Curious...Is there a way to arrange the systems by 'type' and then 'alphabetize?' Like have each system arrange itself on the wheel? Some days I just want to hover around in VP rather then weeding through say 72 FX tables or turning off/on systems outside of pbx. TIA!
  13. BrandonLaw

    DirectB2s via PBX preview brightness?

    Well on my way Already fixed up the ones I had an issue with. Thanks, CP.
  14. BrandonLaw

    New Wheel Images - Ongoing Thread

    Hey All! As someone who's not had an amazing cab for that long, I've decided to make everything pretty, including my own Mega Docklets. I'm just not a fan of the older VP logo as I display the system's logo on my color dmd when scrolling through the different systems and tables so I had to start creating my own. I've created a directory on the FTP under my name '/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/BrandonLaw/VP Mega Docklets' and will put them in when I can. Here's a few to start as I can only populate so many into the forum due to size limitations. Also happy to take orders if y'all like this version.
  15. BrandonLaw

    Loading movie?

    To answer this...yes you can use a.gif. It absolutely has to say "Loading.gif" with the capital 'L' and all. I currently use this .gif and it's glorious when loading a table.