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  1. BrandonLaw

    Arcooda launch with PBX?

    Didn't see y'all respond so [email protected] I can get it to 'launch,' but it seems as if the commanding only sees for 1 monitor and slams the backglass to the playfield and stretches it to hell. I think it may only be a couple of command lines away from being at least launchable with success.
  2. Every once in a while we find something that was like "wow, why did I struggle so much" and this is one of those times, so I thought I'd share. If you're unaware, VPx has split sounds that require 2 sound cards. Mechanical sounds from inside the machine (bumpers, lifts, servos, and really just a lot of clanking and banging that adds to the realism by 100%) and game sounds for the backglass speakers. I have my on-board sound card for the backglass stuff and just picked up this bad boy as I've struggled for a while now trying to get it to work. Windows 10 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates old sound cards. This puppy was at Bitch-buy and pricematched for 13 bucks!! Do yourself a favor. Hook it up, go into your sound control panel and revert your on-board sound back to default, fire up VP, go to Preferences/Audio and get those sounds. I'm not even sure I would hear them without doing this. The mechanical sounds are fantastic and wildly add to the overall experience. The USB SOUND CARD mentioned.
  3. BrandonLaw

    This is the space she gives me...

  4. BrandonLaw

    This is the space she gives me...

    VirtuaPin bros? Also, you have quite the list!! You know what they say: “90% of the time customizing and 10% playing.”
  5. BrandonLaw

    This is the space she gives me...

    Yep! The MAME cab was built by me and houses a core i7/1050ti4gb system with around 130 emulators including daily up-to-date tittles such as injustice 2 being the newest, but I try to stay current especially with fighters. Front end is Hyperspin (sorry! Lol) (And before anyone asks those silver things are fold out cup holders for boats.) PInCab is fresh new Widebody from VirtuaPin. With 2 new kiddos and how in depth these can get I wanted a pro to do it right. Paul has been a delight to work with and the cab is just premium in every way. I opted to source the components myself and went with a Ryzen5/gtx970 system running PBX of course. VPx, Arcooda, Zaccaria, and FX3 run on her. Massive overkill but my cabs will run forever. Any other questions feel free to ask away. Edit: You asked of the rig too. 7700k @ a safe and cool 4600mhz with 1080tiROG/OC GPU. Edit#2: Tittles was accidentally said. Tittles was left in place for obvious reasons.
  6. BrandonLaw

    This is the space she gives me...

    My DMD is being repaired....so don't mind that lil' guy.
  7. BrandonLaw

    Arcooda launch with PBX?

    Starting super fresh and clean here with the spanking new pincab. Did we figure out how to successfully at least launch Arcooda from within PBX? I understand launching specific tables isn't a thing as of current release, but just to simply get into the software without exiting PBX and somewhat a clean and easier setup to do so? TIA, Gents!
  8. BrandonLaw

    [RESOLVED] Text fields not taking any changes

    I have also run into this. You may want to post your .ini and log as I'm sure you'll be asked to do so:)
  9. BrandonLaw

    Backglass Stuck all of a sudden?

    That was just for testing to show myself what was happening. Notice the backglass jammed up in the corner. Not sure what about the 64bit ver. was keeping it from working correctly...maybe directX related. 32bit is working fine:)
  10. BrandonLaw

    Backglass Stuck all of a sudden?

    Thanks for that Draco! Gave me some insight as to what 'could' have been going on, but being one step away from re-installing windows, I uninstalled PBX for the third time and decided to try forcing 32bit mode. Fixed. Ugh.
  11. BrandonLaw

    Backglass Stuck all of a sudden?

    Morning! Odd quandry.... I was playing with my 'make this my main display' in windows and all of a sudden my backglass is stuck being tiny and at 0px of the main display. It's like PBX doesn't recognize a 2nd display at all now. I've tried removing the display cables to reassert that the display is there. I've tried totally deleting the pinballX.ini, editing it of course to no avail. If I put coordinates and sizing into the backglass, nothing is recognized. Backglass just doesn't seem to be an option for PBX now. Totally strange. Any assistance would be much appreciated! PinballX.ini and log attached along with screenshot of backglass issue. (Keep in mind all the options showing are from testing.) PinballX.ini log.txt
  12. BrandonLaw

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Good output, sir. Looking forward to it!
  13. BrandonLaw

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Same. Download happened, but .exe didn't make it and validating doesn't recognize it as a missing file. Guess we are back to waiting. Quick edit: Uninstalled/Reinstalled to save y'all some time trying. No dice.
  14. BrandonLaw

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Samesies. Even re-verified steam files..jusssssst to be sure Farsight wasn't going to maybe overpromise? Bah. Such is life.
  15. BrandonLaw

    Focus problems with fullscreen (RESOLVED)

    Nice! Glad I could help.