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  1. I just use the one that says 'TILT'....throws everyone who's new to the machine off. They are like 'what did I do wrong??' I take a drink of beer and stare before I answer them.... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Some quick-whatevers for the new Vol3.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing back animated .gif use in the loading screens. You're the man.
  4. Alrighty...full disclosure here....I do NOT remember how I encoded the last set in December! The file properties are blank with what was used to encode those things. (Nvidia states "shadowplay" if you use that. I feel I used BandiCam, but had lossless chosen instead of literally ANY compression.) Anyhow, I've gotten a hold of bandicam again (new PC since then) and that seems to have done the trick a bit better. Files are about half the size with better compression and still 4k. I can't see any difference between the files other than the size with the nekkid eye. Separate the BrandonLaw/FX3 4k Table Videos directory by date modified to see the three newbies as they are already properly named. Also, how can we get access to delete files as some jakko plopped a couple of files in my dirs that are not meant to be there.
  5. Hey! I haven't even installed the new pack. Kids, life, work, drinking...you know...the common stuff that gets in the way. I'll get to it this weekend as I wanna play, but we all know can't play unless it looks good getting there first!
  6. I've noticed 'some' tables do it? Freddy's Nightmare table does it off the top of my head... Not sure if this hurts or helps, but that's what I've got.
  7. Well saddle my back and call me a horse. This shit worked. I did zero other than eliminating the call for the .bat. I assume the time it takes to call the .bat was JUSTTTTTT enough to override the call for the game and null'd the frame output. With this assumption you could say the data was then cached going forward so the 'pause' was lessened? Whofknknows. Anyhow... Super happy. Powered on/off 5 times...different zen titles, and all are working at initial launch. Brilliant. Moral of the story: LESS IS MORE, MY FRIENDS. Thanks again!
  8. Hey all didn't mean to go dark as work took me away for a day. Cab is powered down and kiddos are sleeping (can't get the pbx.ini,) but the rundmd.bat was a quick bat I threw together in my early days of cab ownership to have dmdext be called with it's parameters 'easier' than I understood PBX to work:) It's just always worked and hadn't touched it. Might be time to do that and just run the parameters from PBX see how that goes. Just weird the call will work every time AFTER the first time. As far as the screens go, as you can see they power up all at once and run in PBX so no power issues there. Again, ran not long ago and fairly certain the issue started after updating DMDext for FX3 williams' tables. Can you run all the volumes of Williams' with your release? Btw, I think 1.7.2 is the newest which is what I'm running. Can't go back to 1.7.1 as the aforementioned table series will not output to the dmd. I'll report back after letting PBX do the work on those parameter calls...cross your whatevers.
  9. Hey All! Been annoyed with this for a bit, and frankly it's a bit embarrassing when you have folks over and you have to start a table, back out and restart again to get the DMD to work going forward in PBFX3 so figured i'd see if y'all have any ideas. The gist of what is happening: Start cab directly into PBX Find FX3 table Start Table loads and ready to rip EXCEPT FOR THE DMD. Exit table back to PBX Start table again DMD is there going forward for any table. Here is the log: (start at line 45 for FX3...thought I opened FX3 Getaway) Also: Here's a Video of the issue I may need to post this on GitHub page for ol' Freezy, but figured I'd try here in case it's an I-D-10-T error. log.txt
  10. You try to reassign the USB port? Just swap the IPAC to another port...oddly enough will take steps to assign the IRQ as 'new' re-validating the hardware. Does a regular keyboard work?
  11. All the years of photoshopping and I still can't wrap my head around when deleting selections...there's a bit of overlapping and or dirty deletion. JUST DELETE WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DELETE.
  12. You know I did. Sadly I had already combined the black/yellow layers. You may need to cut out the yellow (just use magic wand at like 80) if you don't prefer the black. SoloTexts.psd
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