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  1. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    All the years of photoshopping and I still can't wrap my head around when deleting selections...there's a bit of overlapping and or dirty deletion. JUST DELETE WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DELETE.
  2. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    You know I did. Sadly I had already combined the black/yellow layers. You may need to cut out the yellow (just use magic wand at like 80) if you don't prefer the black. SoloTexts.psd
  3. BrandonLaw

    FX3 4k Table Videos

    This guy.
  4. Yep, that bronzeness get's me goin.
  5. BrandonLaw

    FX3 4k Table Videos

    But...I know in my heart they are pretty and that is priceless. (if I knew what a crf or qp was, I'd have a better answer)
  6. BrandonLaw

    FX3 4k Table Videos

    After making FX3 a permanent staple in my line-up as I'm seemingly enjoying it more and more, I realized none of you savages have 4k table videos recorded...and if you do, they aren't on the FTP. FINE...I guess I'll do it I've recorded all 80 whatever tables are current through William's Vol 2. I was shooting for the 30 second mark to keep them around 200mb apiece, but I have been drunking. ....Seriously...you're savages. /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/BrandonLaw Also to note....it's 13ish GB. It's still uploading at 10+mbit. Hold yer horses.
  7. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams Megaballs

    LOL! I wish I would have seen you post. I whipped these up too! PSD shared. BallyWilliamsVPtemplate.psd
  8. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Very nice!! When I was home with our newborn at the start of the year, I purchased all FX3 tables for the switch and really enjoyed myself. I plugged myself into the daily tourney's and had a ton-o-fun. They have made it a fun experience and really welcome anyone to give it a shot.
  9. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Worked like a goddammed champion. Thanks, sir. Let me tell you how out of the loop I am on FX3...which btw...I truly do like the physics...I still haven't updated my SOLO tables' art. So slack.
  10. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    So...funny you mention that. I've been on easily a week plus hiatus from pinball altogether (not by choice mind you) and have a good bit 'completed?' and I say that with a question mark, because I am having second thoughts on my process. What I was doing was of course cutting and cleaning the text/logo, but for the inner image, I was sort of using some of the images from the theme and some from the tables and It didn't make sense. What I think I am going to do in continuing is to use the 'theme' in the original and show a portion of the table for the retro and restyled ones (2016-18' verisions.) That way you know what the 'original' was by the themed icon. I just haven't found the time. I am sorry. Happy to share what I have so far? I can make a dir on the FTP and as they are named what the tables are...just overwrite them with the new ones? How about that.
  11. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    GAH...you've always got the answer I'm lookin' for:) I did manage to grab a new(er) dmdext back in OCT 1.72, I think. It does give the 'orange,' when playing so I'll have to see if he updated the beta.
  12. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Maybe I'm out of the loop, but what's with the DMDext issues on the new tables? Works fine with others tables, but only the View shows up if you change your cam ('View 1W' for example shows,) but then nothing and the cam view stays stuck. Also, can't use the 4160 4k option? The view get's all overstretched. I assume these are known issues, just want to confirm because the non WMS tables are still fine.
  13. BrandonLaw

    Updated FX3 XML

    I haven't looked through the xml, but I have 85 tables in my collection after the vol. 2 purchase?
  14. BrandonLaw

    FX3 Williams Megaballs

    Absolutely. I can create them if needed. Cardnal sin on my part...I haven't even turned on my cab in like 2 weeks. End of the year push for work I have slacked on everything and I'm the worst. Let me know if you want me to throw a couple together. Hell, I didn't even know Vol 2 went live! Ugh! Here is the template. Bonus...has the VP image I personally use on a layer FX3DockletTemplate.psd
  15. BrandonLaw

    PinballX System Wheel?

    I am for this as well. I had suggested even adding the 'lists' to the 'exit' menu as I like to only have one menu. I could just hit my esc button, and boom, FX3, Zaccaria, Arcooda, and Visual PB are all there. I don't care for them being all jumbled up.