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  1. I changed this line and this first part works very well. When the Table Menu appears, the script stops working and the play key does not happen. I changed the delay to a larger number but it's still not working. Pinball x keys should be different from Zaccaria pinball ?
  2. Thanks GAH1068. I found the problem and it is working now but with problem in the last two enter. I have to clck enter and enter to work.
  3. I still have the problem. I downloaded zaccaria.xml and the script. Ahk script is compiled and i have invalid table type.
  4. GAH1068 I update Zaccaria but i have problems on Pinball X. I have problems; Inbalid Table Types
  5. GAH1068 Do you have a off-line data freecam mode 1.71.20?
  6. Mike, I updated the Pinball Arcade and FreeCam mode to the latest version and i have problem with DMD. DMD is not working. I need do downgrade to freecam mode return to work. For freecam mode to go back to work I need offline file. Is this file you posted of newest version?
  7. After I updated the pinball arcade to the latest version I am having problems with Frecaam mode. To return to the old version I need the Offfile Data for version 1.71.20. Would anyone have?
  8. halen


    OK I replace <alternateexe>VPinball995</alternateexe> to <alternateexe>VPinball995.exe</alternateexe> and works like a charm. The problem now is why I work with the game manager it deletes alternate exe?
  9. halen


    Watching the log file pbx is opening the table with vpx. If you add table from Game List Manager all of alternatexe are deleted. log.txt PinballX.ini Visual Pinball.xml
  10. halen


    Yes I'm got the newest version of PBX. Everything was working normally before. PBX works well with VPX. The alternate exe command is calling VPinball995 in the same directory as vpx.
  11. halen


    Is the alternate exe option working? I am trying to use but without working. When I add a new table this alternative is deleted for my all vp9 tables
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