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  1. halen

    Show systems first

    Not a menu Lists. I want a menu with the systems after pinball x opens before the wheels appear so that I can choose the system and then I want the wheels of this system can be select.
  2. halen

    Show systems first

    Is there a way in pinball x to show an option first for systems? Visual Pinball X - Pinball FX3 - Future Pinball and after choosing the system i play the table of this system? I would have a menu with the systems and after I chose the system would appear the wheels of this system.
  3. Do you have a no topper video for tables that have no vídeo?
  4. Joy Thanks for the tips!!! I test the script in video 1680 x 1050. I changed the line DllCall("SetCursorPos", int, x, int, y to new values: 830 and 600 and works!!! Thanks !!!
  5. rocco i have the same problem on my pincab. I try to use x360e and i have problems. Zaccaria dont recognize x360e. While I can not make the pincab buttons work I do not install pinball x.
  6. Gah1068 my pincab has a video resolution 4096 x 2160. I dont test the AHK script yet. Will the script work?
  7. is it possible to run Zaccaria Pinball without steam? I dont want to start Zaccaria and update steam . I know that is possible to config steam to offline, but i want to start Zaccaria directly. The script works if i change the line : RegRead, SteamDirPath, HKCU, Software\Valve\Steam, SteamPath Run, "%SteamDirPath%\Steam.exe" -applaunch 444930 To Run, C:\Program files x86\Steam\Zaccariapinball.exe
  8. Okay. This script is working like a charm. But I have a stupid question. How i do for the Zaccaria backglass to display in full screen?
  9. GAH1068. I test the Zaccaria.ahk and here open Zaccaria Software and i have to do double click in the logo to enter in the menu with the tables. The table that I'm going to play keeps flashing and i have to do double click. is It works like this?
  10. I do not know what's happening. When I did the update for the latest version of Pinball X the database file (Visual Pinball.xml) was all changed and removed all the entire <alternateexe> VPinball.exe </ alternateexe> command. Another question is: which option I stop with the voice of talking the name of the tables?
  11. I need the config file for PBX recorder Future Pinball. is it possible to put new link?
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