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  1. I have 0185 romset (Split) and also using Mame 0.185. I can confirm that any of the revisions of Tempest will not show up in GameEx. I noted this when I updated to .185 because it's one of my faves and couldn't find it. Adding the rom names to the Dont Filter these ROMS line does make them reappear but like GoPenguins. I'm wondering why I'd have to do this?
  2. I'm really glad I waited before ordering a 360. After your suggestion of the Xbox One I did a little research. The Xbox One sounds like a much better and newer controller then the 360. This one sounds like the one for me! Lots of improvements from the 360. I'll surely also get the proper rechargeable batteries and charger. I don't want to keep pooping in AA batteries. Thanks again! What a great bunch of people here on this forum!
  3. I need follow up advice. Thanks in advance. Doe this newer Xbox Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows look like it will be a good choice or should I stick with a XBox 360 controller? https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-Controller-Wireless-Adapter-Windows/dp/B01M5GG9I7/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
  4. Thanks for the advice! I don't have any old Xbox controllers. I'll have to buy a new one. I have an older Logitech Cordless Rumbelpad 2 I was using but I've misplaced or through away the USB receiver. :-( A new XBox 360 it is then.
  5. I've read somewhere on this forum where a certain wireless controller is recommended. Can't seem to find it again. So much info, so little time. LOL. I think what I read was Xbox 360??? What have you all found to be the best wireless game controller to use with both Gamex and most of the emulators? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Ya your right! That scene scared the crap out of my 8 year old self back then. There was something about a berserk robot trying to kill everyone on an already crippled and lost spaceship. ;-)
  7. Thanks Evilforces! I really appreciate this. I'll give it a try.
  8. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or just being dumb. I do have this feature enabled in the Setup program but can't find any reference in Gamex that would let me delete a game from a list of any of my emulators. I read somewhere that I should hit delete? However when I try that after highlighting the name nothing happens. Could this be related to the issue Evilforces is having or just me being a noob?
  9. Thanks for your very kind compliment. I've been working on my B9 robot build for over 5 years now. You're correct, Robert Kinoshita designed both Robby and B9. Very cool and dark Art Deco stylings from that era in my opinion. I love the lines and angles these two robots have. Actually if I'm not mistaken (and I'm showing my nearddneyness here), the Kill, Crush, Destroy skit was done by a visiting android to the Robinson's planet. The guy was dressed kinda like Superman with a silver face and helmet and an IDAK sign over his chest. Season 2 Ep 24 " Revolt of the Androids. However I did script and code a "Warning, Warning Will Robinson" skit with my B9 Robot and have a video of it on the YouTube channel I mentioned above. Arms flailing and everything. LOL. What a hoot. OK, this was way off subject. Very sorry to the other forum members and Admin. Have a great weekend!!!
  10. This is wonderful and I'm sure it is the answer. But........... After studying up on the way to do this (very easy to make this .bat file BTW) I started up the computer to reproduce the issue and find the program causing Gamex not to regain focus. Oddly everything seems to be working now with no changes made by me. I can launch DosBox and the Dos game with a .bat file, play the game, Exit DosBox using Ctrl - F9 (Sorry, the reference in my first post to Alt - F9 was wrong) and Gamex will regain focus just fine. Ya!! I have no idea what changed other then turning off the computer over night. Gamex also auto updated but I doubt that was the fix (or was it??). At any rate, thanks for the support. Ya, the B9 robot is my fav also. Awesome design and personality. I wish there were video games of Lost in Space. I actually built a fill size and totally prop accurate B9 that is automated. If interested look on YouTube using my name David Schulpius. I have over 50 videos there of my build process. You can see my Mame rig standing right next to him. Enjoy and thanks again!
  11. Sorry about the grammar in my earlier post. That's what I get when trying to use voice recognition to write something. LOL I guess I need to proofread a little better.
  12. I have everything working pretty well. I have custom made batch files that's launch my dos based games played through dosbox. I can watch these games and play them by either clicking on the batch file or launching them with the batch file through Gamex. The problem comes when I launch with Gamex, play the game and then close dosbox after I'm done with the game. The command exit dosbox is Alt - F9 and works just as well to shut down this program. However all I get is a black screen where Gamex should reappear. I tried the "Show Desktop" option in the advanced emulators section but all I get is look at the desktop when dosbox closes. Gamex still won't reappear even though it's the program that launched dosbox. What command in Gamex do you guys use to close the last box after being launched by Gamex and where do I put it?
  13. I solved this. I had the 7zip feature enabled in the advanced emulator set up section. When I said no to this option Gamex made the game names active in the game list and it then started launching the bat files.
  14. There may be a simple answer but I can't seem to work through this. Is it still possible to start batch flies with Gamex. I had this working years ago in an old version of Gamex. Now I've upgraded everything. From all I've read about Gamex and DosBox I thought all I had to do was point the path to them like a Rom In the Gamex command line like I do with other emulators. Inside of Gamex I can see the name of the game I wantto launch in DosBox but it's "grayed out" and I can't click on it. Do you think I just have the command line or path screwed up and Gamex is picking up the game's name from the database I have chosen? I can click on the batch files outside of Gamex and DosBox will start and run the game just fine. I can't send any of my configuration or log files till later because I'm at work on lunch break right now. I can attach later this evening however. I just thought I'd ask some advice first.
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