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  1. Hi cheers for the replies. Version of MameUI32.exe is Version of Gameex is I've given up on the 2nd hand computer, might make a good door stop or garden ornament. Have switched to our newer laptop and running good for now Cheers for the help though BenDF
  2. Hi, just upgraded Gameex to the paid version and am now trying to make it work. Using a 2nd hand Dell PC that has Windows XP Professional installed. Bought it off Gumtree for $30 as a guy whom I work with is also using a older computer and his works fine. Also using a Simplecom CM201 VGA to HDMI Converter which works no worries with the graphics but haven't been able to get the sound to work yet. I've created the folder location C:\Emulators\Mame32 and placed all the roms, emulators etc in the this file and selected MameUI32.exe as the MAME EXE. Don't have any internet access for the new computer yet as need to look up Dodo's settings so I can set it up. Have also created a home arcade table top with 1 and 2 player sides (joystick and 6 buttons) as well as 1 and 2 player buttons and 2 spare, 1 which would be for the coin. This is running through a Xin Mo Arcade 2 player controller connected to the computer via USB. Have been able to play games using the emulator MameUI32 on its own but when I launch Gameex, I have some problems. Once Gameex opens, it asks if I want to update list which I do. After awhile I get error messages MAME Error : Unknown Option: 1941 Also the same error for 10yard, tailg and puzldama. Other attempts include other games in the error messages. I close Gameex and relaunch and this time don't update list. I can move the menu and select a game but when I launch the game, I either get the controls screen then it shrinks to a black screen and nothing or I just get a black screen from the get go. Any help would be muchly aprreciated Cheers BenDF
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