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  1. Good news…. VPLauncher is working. So i can sart all type of VP games form PBX! Not sure what exactly did the trick. I reinstalled the VPLauncher hotkey, did the PBX setup again. But… happy with it so far! I just need to fix the DMD score issue with the tables mentioned above. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi Scutters, Thanks for your help! I did some ROM testing in vpinmame. First test i only heard the sound (Rom was running) but no visual. 2nd test… same. 3rd test… Voilla DMD appears all of a sudden. After that the DMD appears when starting the game, so.. i have no clue whats the deal here, but i think i'll do this test for all the games where the DMD isn't displaying. I have the latest PBX 32bit version installed. I had issues with my backglass displaying in 64bit (another thread) witch was resolved by installing the 32bit version. I tried both VPLauncher versions. Still doesn't work. Have to try some other things i guess. I've got also tables to change the DMD score displaying. VPX tables like Bad Cats, F14, Fun House, etc, I want the DMD score in the 3rd screen also. As far as right click and change the backglass settings doesn't wor. its playing in the second screen, or its totally hidden. This would be an Backglassserver setting, right?
  3. Ok, i'm one step further i think. I changed the things as you mentioned and it works better for the most tables. What is customVP.exe? CustomVP is a Hotkey (VPLauncher). It auto selects and starts the right VP version when having multiple VP version tables. I changed the executable to pinball.exe, obviously all my VP9 & PM5 table won't start. Strange thing is… customVP worked like a charming my cab for 1,5 years+. This included several PBX updates. Now i've upgraded some hardware in my cab, it doesn't work anymore… hmmm auto config for vpinball being enabled in pinballx settings, try disabling What does this auto config do? I can't see the difference when enabled or disabled Force full exclusive was enabled already. The problem i'm having at this point is that when starting a VPX game, my DMD on 3rd screen isn't starting (When Alt+tab i can't see it). This is not the case for all my VPX tables… some start… some don't Anyway below my new files. Thank you for your support so far! [SETTINGS].log log.txt PinballX.ini ScreenRes.txt Visual Pinball.xml
  4. I'm having a strange issue….When scrolling through frontend games collection, at first it looks like its working as it should. When choosing a game and press start, i can see the loading screen. After a few seconds it fades back to the frontend, but short after it also snaps to the loaded game. When playing the game i noticed that when i was using the flipper buttons, i was also skipping trough my games in the frontend (heard the sound in the background). So they are both working? Did the alt+tab test to see what was going on: Saw that the backglass was loaded serveral times (see picture enclosed). My DMD clip also keeps playing when a game is loaded. For some reason PBX doesn't quit when loading a game. My DMD clip doesn't quit and my backglass is loaded 2 or more times. I enclosed my files. Someone with same experience or any ideas how to fix? [SETTINGS].log log.txt PinballX.ini ScreenRes.txt
  5. I checked and have "run as admin" with PBX. When i change "don't use b2s" in PBX in settings, the problem stays the same: Loading a game and the frontend is still active, DMD clip stays in 3rd screen. What options do i have…? There must be a solution to this. Hard to find though (for me)
  6. Ok, the good news is... after installing the 32bit version i have my b2s backglass in frontend working[SETTINGS].log[SETTINGS].log. Thanks for this tip! Butt.... now i'm having a new error. When scrolling through my collection, i looks like its working fine. When choosing a game and i press start, i saw the loading screen, then after a few seconds it faded back to the frontend. After that it snaps to the loaded game. When playing the game i noticed that when i was flipping the ball, i was also skipping trough my games in the frontend. So they are both working? Did the al+tab test to see what was going on: i saw that the backglass loaded twice! Tested another game and the backglass loaded 4 times (see pictures enclosed). My DMD clip also keeps playing when a game is loaded. I enclosed my log file. Any ideas?
  7. Will try a 32bit install tonight. Keep you posted!
  8. I have no plugins running and installed the 64 bit version. I dont remember witch version inhave installed on my old cab before. Could be 32 bit.... I will provide the log file ...
  9. Hi Guys, I'm having a problem witch i can't solve with the threads i found so far. I did a new PBX software install on my 3 screen (Windows 10) cab and placed all my collected media and backup xml) files back in the right maps. When i start PBX the playfield and DMD screen work and i can see the chosen image/video, but my backglass screen stays black. When i start a game the backglass appears and all works as it should. When exiting to PBX the backglass is not appearing. When scrolling trough my games sometimes i got a backglass witch appear. But these are only a few(10 out of 275 games). When i do alt+tab in PBX i can see that the backglass is loaded, but it's a black image. What have i tried so far: - windows Regedit => Cleared all my screens and did a screen by screen setup. - New installation of PBX, with Setup, etc. - Played around with my screen positions 1-2-3, 3-2-1, 3-1-2, etc. (I had a 3-2-1 screen position in my last cab setup) - Installed (latest) backglassserver Last test i did: New PBX install and setup and only tested the two demo games (Road Kings & Big Game). Backglass, playfield and DMD worked! Then i added only 1 new game (24) with game-manager, I launched PBX and the backglass did not show for 24, but also Big Game did not show. When i turn off "use directb2s in frontend" the backglass images will show. But i had working directb2s in PBX before. At this point i'm stuck and don't know what to do… Enclosed my ini and xml file and the screeners file. Hope you can help me find the solution. Best regards, eMBee PinballX.ini ScreenRes.txt Visual Pinball.xml
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