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  1. @Draco1962 : Nice app, but as you told, seems outdated... Never mind, I not really need it I think, because I've already filtered my ROMs using ROMlister, and used its patch copy function to copy only the ROMs I had selected, to another directory. Really nice soft ! Thank's again !
  2. Thank's RedDog. Really clear ! I didn't think it would check only the first one ! In the post I had read, I thought this dummy file was suggested just because it was the only ROM that the other guy was missing ! Now I understand. I will see if I try to cheat with the installer or do it manually. In fact, I filtered the ROM in order to just keep the ones that suit my arcade cabinet controllers type and buttons number, and removing clones, casino games, etc... I know that Gameex can also filter, but the ROMs would have still been there ! Thank's again.
  3. @Draco1962 : the error was "invalid system pack path", and I think it was caused by replacing the MAME included in the system pack by the new version, because everything else seems OK... Or it's certainly due to the fact that I choosed to use an incomplete ROMset, as I saw in another topic, and the installer doesn't accept that... I'll retry with the included MAME (v 0.180), just to undersand, but, never mind, if I have to do it manually I will. Or do it as usual with the system pack, and then, replace the old MAME emulator by the new one, and remove every ROMs replacing them with the new ones, and only the ones I want to keep... But not sure it's interesting to do that, instead of doing everything manually... @Evilforces : Done ! thank you ! The system pack was 20Go, and the downloaded artworks for the ROMs I decided to keep is 411Mo !... Now I just "need" to set-up MAME 0.192...
  4. Hi all. I open this new topic which seems not to have been spoken about. In fact, after installing the NES and SNES system packs, for which all went well, I wanted to install the MAME system pack. And then, I faced a problem. I wanted to put the latest MAME version (0.192) where the GameEx MAME system pack includes version 0.180 . So I took the 0.192 MAME ROMSET. When I unzipped the system pack, I then replaced the emulator with the latest one (deleted every files, and unzipped the latest MAME installer in the "emulator" system pack folder. I also put the ROMs I decided to keep in a E:\ROMS\MAME folder. Then, launched the system pack installer (after indicating the right paths), and got an error. In fact, after searching the forum, I discovered that we need a complete ROMSET for installing the system pack, but I don't want to keep all the ROMs because I've already selected the ones that correspond to my type of arcade cabinet (buttons numbers, types of controls (spinner, trackball, etc...)). Is there any solution, or must I install everything manually ?
  5. In fact, with Raspberry Pi distributions (like RETROPIE), there is a GUI when starting for the first time, and it asks you to configure the different controls, ONCE, button after button, and after that, everything is mapped for all the emulators. It's why I was asking this question. But I understand it's not the cas in GameEx. So I installed a few emulators using the GameEx system packs (NES and SNES) and configured the controls in these emulators, outside of GameEx. It's working well. NExt step, I want to add Mame, but as I wanted to install the latest version, I took the ROMset for this 0.192 version, and... as I don't want to keep all the ROMs, I can't use the GameEx sytem pack for that (tryed to replace the emulator inside the pack, ...). I will open another topic for that...
  6. Is there anybody who could help me, please ?...
  7. Hello. Thank's for your answer. Yes, I enabled "Slik Stik / IPAC" in the Wizard. Of course I can also remap the keys in the IPAC interface (WinIPAC V2 from Ultimarc). But same problem : which keys must I use to replace the default ones for controls in the different games/emulators ? And if I modify these default keys, I'll certainly have to reconfigure MAME's default control inputs in order to make it work. Where can I find which keys to use ? (again, not for GameEx navigation because we can assign keys in the Wizard, but for emulators/games)
  8. Hello. I didn' find a section for a first post / presentation of myself, so I will do it within this post, better thant nothing I hope. I built my own arcade cabinet last year, with an LCD, Raspberry Pi3, and an IPAC. I first used Retropie, but after months, decided to put a PC inside, in order to have more power and be able to run more recent PC games also. I first tryed Hyperspin (HyperFreeSpin in fact), but spent too many days working on it, reading forums, and it was so a hard work, with mixed results, that I decided to give up last week-end. It was the 3rd complete week-end of work, added to every evenings during the last 3 weeks... I then discovered GameEx, and I found it to be very nice, well developped, and the concept seemed very pleasant. I choosed a complete lifetime pass, in order to be able to use everything, and started to install and configure. But I'm stuck, in the middle of nowhere. I found a few posts/topics, concerning the IPAC (which I know is a keyboard encoder). I know also that we must replace the firmware of the newer versions (post 2015) with a special one which makes the gamepad function inactive (which helped a lot on Retropie and other distributions). I followed the entire advanced wizard, and saw where to assign keys (generated by the IPAC) in order to control the GameEx interface, but I can't find where to remap keys emulator by emulator for game controls using a GUI. It seems there isn't any GUI for that, inside GameEx. I saw the "advanced config" exe, which seems to help remapping keys, but I'm not sure I must use it. I searched also in the different ini files, but never found a simple, comprehensive section in these files, where I can see : - Coin 1= -Coin 2= - Start 1= - Start 2= - button A= - button B= - button X= - button Y= - button L = button R= ... and so on, as in any other frontend I tryed in the past. I only found sections with button 1, 2, 3... 15 as I can remember, but how to make the relation between these numbers and the usual controls (A, B, X, Y, L, R, coin 1/2, start 1/2) ? Must I do it all manually, using the virtual key codes (I saw that in a few posts), corresponding to keyboard inputs, and assign them to the different buttons numbers ? but how to know how to map them ? Also, tell me if it's better replacing the original keys generated by the IPAC 2, with letters only, instead of "tab", ctrl", etc... This is important, as these keys are originally choosed because they are the keys used as standard in Mame... (even if I know it can be reconfigured later in Mame, for all games, or game by game). (For information, I attached the IPAC default keys) And what about the other emulators ? Is it like in other frontends, for which you must configure control keys for each emulator ? So as you can understand, it's very disappointing (maybe it's not the right word, sorry, I'm french), because I'm lost. I thought GameEx was a big GUI, nearly plug and play (as Retropie), compared to Hyperspin, but in my case, with an IPAC, it seems it's not... I'm very sorry if I seem like "another newbie"... but I've searched and read a lot in this forum, without success... maybe i missed something... not sure... Thank you for your help. Stephane. IPAC2 keys.pdf
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