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  1. Thanks Tom, was easy thanks to the LCD registry values you used Great, glad you can make use of it. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi, I have just created a plugin for (LCDstudio). It uses the same values as with Toms LCDsmartie plugin. The major difference with LCDstudio is that it's made for graphical LCDs rather then charactor based ones that LCDsmartie uses. As it reads the same registry values as Toms plugin you will need the registered version. I've attached it to this post for download. It's tested on my XP cab but should be no reason for it not to work in Vista to. Any feedback is appriciated and I hope it's of use to some people. Thanks Chris GameExPlugin.zip
  3. Hi, Will there be tuning support for Freeview? Not sure if this is in the states but over here in UK we have a digital TV service that's broadcasted via the same analogue arials system all over the country (at least most of it). If I got a tuner card that supported Freeview would there be a chance it would work. I'm whiling to buy a card and beta test for you. Cheers Chris
  4. Thank you for your reply. I can't code myself so will look into finding someone at rentacoder.com. Would you be interested in building one at all for a fee? Or anyone else on these forums? I just had a play in window mode. I noticed on the Jukebox mode the track title is displayed in the window title but not the track artist. Would it be posible to add these on the next release if its easy to do? Many Thanks Chris
  5. Hi, First of all I been a surporter of Gameex for a few months now and I think its by far the best frontend out there and can only give credit to Tom on his excellent work. I use LCDstudio to power my graphical LCD. I used to use LCDsmartie with Toms plugin but now as I no longer use a charactor LCD I am no longer able to to use Gameex with my LCD. Is there a way to convert the LCDsmartie plugin or maybe build a plugin for LCDstudio. My knowledge of scripting/programing is very limited to I am unable to do this myself. If anyone has any comments or advice about this that would be great. Many Thanks Chris Edit: Added URLs
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