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  1. When I’ve had issues with not being able to interact w table I’ve clicked on the table then hit either 7 or 9 to reset the rom (I’m guessing) ive had this happen w a few tables and had to reset the dmd as well but after initial setup no issues hope this helps
  2. I am now having issues w Pinballx selecting Table Recently Played no matter how I list them sure its something Ive overlooked but I don't understand the grid system. what does the first number represent ? 2nd number? 3x4 does it count across, top to bottom ? does one of the numbers represent a season? I cant find any information on it kind of confusing thank you for any help that you can provide pinemhi.ini Pinball Arcade.xml log.txt
  3. So I decided to readjust my configuration of TPA to its maximum setting and left it at fullscreen. I then put my play-field in portrait mode in my pc display settings to make sure it was running ok. Thought I would try it again through pinball X after I put my playfield back in landscape and it worked !!!! It is not calling up the correct tables but I’m perfectly OK with one problem at a time
  4. Sorry it has taken me a while to get back w you. (Traveling musician) you are correct about using steam. I will try to do a screen capture today however it usually just goes to a black screen I have noticed it giving me a resolution error and asking me to click OK or cancel. When I have seen that error it is hidden under the playfield and can’t be accessed until I exit Pinballx. Is there a specific configuration for TPA perhaps? Appreciate your time very much. Thank you
  5. I have attached my log for PBX as well as TPA I'm not sure what else is needed for an assessment Thank you in advance for any insight
  6. log.txt Log.txt pinemhi.ini PinballX.ini
  7. First off I am in love w the Pinballx front end. I got almost everything working on the first try, however TPA has since refused to launch through pbx. I was trying to adjust settings in TPA config (big mistake). I changed them back / no go tried uninstalling and reinstalling TPA along w Pinballx when I try to launch from the game manager it states game not found. Everything else launches as it should. I’ve changed nothing in the PBX settings. Please help me from banging my head against the wall. thank you
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