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  1. I'm trying to get EVO working in my cabinet. While working on getting LED Blinky to work on my cabinet I am struggling with user interface issues specific to running it in a cabinet. I wanted to start a separate thread on a few interface issues that are making it hard to work on EVO in a cabinet. As background, I have GameEX Arcade edition working fine in this cabinet. I am looking for any thoughts to help me get these issues resolved. I cannot get ANY remote control application to interact with any EVO function. Since standing in front of the cab during long troubleshooting sessions is a pain I usually remotely access the cab from my laptop. The only thing I can do via remote is Double Mouse Click on the app which switches it from full screen to windowed mode. No other remote mouse actions or any remote keyboard commands work. However, the setup application recognizes the remote key presses when assigning input settings. But those entries don't actually do anything in the EVO app. I can't actually close the app remotely without killing the task. I cannot get ALT/CONTROL/ESC (any modifier keys) to register in the EVO client (locally, not remote). My iPAC is configured for standard MAME keyboard input so BACK is Keycode_ESC by default. The setup application allows me to map the Keycode_ESC function to the BACK entry (setup recognizes the key press) but the client doesn't respond to it (same for control and shift commands) I can't get my trackball to be anything but a mouse. Even if I manually change the trackball config value to TRUE in the GAMEEX config file. Scrolling through long lists on the cab via trackball is the easiest method to move around. Am I missing something?
  2. Thanks for the idea. I did have 7-zip installed but it was not associated with all the extensions. I associated all the extensions with 7-zip but unfortunately its still not unzipping files when I use the Repo Manager. It downloads them but leaves them in the user profile temp download folder. Any other ideas would be welcome.
  3. So I got 1.05 downloaded and installed. Rep manager is back and I was able to use it to download the LED Blinky and Servostick extensions. I still have a lot of trouble shooting to do but some initial observations: - Repo Manager downloads the extensions into the profile temp folder but does not unzip them into the target folder. I see the footer image turn red for a second so I think that's the zip process failing. I unzipped the file and moved the contents to the extensions folder manually and they appeared in the installed list in Repo Manager and I could configure them. Interestingly, The download manager with the Evo client downloads and unzips emulators fine. I have this same problem in the arcade version Repo Manager so this may be something with my cab. What's Repo Manager looking for to unzip files? I'm running win7. - servo stick extension configures fine but when it's enabled evo crashes right after the splash screen on every boot. Disabling it stops the crash. I need to dig into this a little deeper. - ledblinky extension configures fine but the text file the configure button opens only includes a single line with the location of the LEDBlinky executable. The LED blinky executable loads properly on evo start but the log only shows the executable loading and my license file loading. None of the other normal events seem to happen. It doesn't seem to recognize the Evo front end (I chose gameex, there is no evo option). No lights work on the front end launch and no lights work on mane game launches. Closing the ledblinky executable logs the event in the led blinky log. (ledblinky in debug mode). What does ledblinky look for to recognize gameex as the running front end? Would that be different for evo? Still have more testing to do but wanted to add this info to the thread to see if you have any ideas or comments.
  4. I'll be happy to test the LEDBlinky and Servostik extensions for you if that will help. I have them both running on the GameEX Arcade Edition instance on the cab.
  5. Just trying to Bump this topic. I am guessing that nobody has tried to use LEDBlinky with EVO Yet? Does anyone know if the extensions feature is even active in the current version yet? I tried to drop that config file everywhere and I can't find a log that records EVO even trying to load it. At this point I am going to have to assume that extensions just don't work yet.
  6. Has anyone gotten LEDBlinky to work with EVO? I found the EVO extensions but can't find any info on where the files go. I tried the main data and bin folders and the Userdata sub folder but got nothing. I put LEDBlinky files in the empty LEDBlinky folder in the zip but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.
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