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  1. So no other way than reecode my +8000 videos snaps ? Is Evolution able to handle videos aspect ratio or is it the same problem?
  2. It's a bit annoying not to be able to use 16: 9 and 4: 3 artworks on the same setup without stretching Despite that, Gamex is still the most flexible front end, so it's ok, but it would be perfect if it could be fixed
  3. I play 16:9 games in 1280x720 so yes it adds a border on top and bottom but tha'ts better than a stretched image. I've already reencoded some videos menu for emulators wich was 1280x720 videos to 1280x960 (with black border on top & bottom ) and it's fine but as emumovies & other sources provides 16:9 videos snaps, i don't want to reencode them all. And it's the same with background images, they are stretched too. Can such option be added in the future or is it a limitation of the engine ? EDIT : But it seems to work with some artworks. PSX game box art are square pictures and are not stretched........Don't know why it works for some pictures and not for all....I think the engine is set to fill the height so vertical image like boxes art are not stretched, but if width is too high its stretched to fill the height. As it's the same problem for guys with a 16:9 screens and 4:3 snaps (black borders are left & right ), I am surprised to be the only one to make the remark. Perhaps you could add a test and if width is superior to height then image/video fill width instead of height. I don't know if it's feasible like that or it's not planned. Thanks
  4. Hi I use a 4:3 CRT monitor and a resolution of 1280x960 for Gameex The video snaps for most systems fill the screen because they are 4:3 videos but for some systems that use 16:9, the video snaps are stretched Is there a setting to force video snaps ratio to be conserved and not stretched to fill the entire screen I've tried to use 1280x720 resolution for Gameex and it's the same : 16:9 videos looks great but 4:3 are stretched to 16:9 How to modify this ?
  5. As many people who have Gameex wants to test Gameex Evolution, is there a tool that allows to import the configuration of Gameex (emulators, inputs, media paths) ? For setups like mine with over 30 emulators, it would simplify things a lot, instead of starting from scratch EDIT: It appears to be already in the feature/enhancement request thread.........
  6. @stigzler Does the games that can be put on custom list are obliged to be set as favorite before ? I can't find a way to pick up games directly from emulators list. It only displays favorite list
  7. That's exactly what i need stigzler ! You've made my day !! Thanks for this plugin
  8. I've thought about that Draco, but i'ts very complicated and needs duplicating of roms, emus, etc I was more thinking about perhaps building a database for a collection or an xml file to be able to do this without duplicating files Perhaps it could be a future feature but i can't see how it should be regarding the Gameex file structure....
  9. I like a lot the Hyperpie collection system, wich is able to display a list of games from differents emulators sharing the same theme. For example, i want to display a menu called "Sonic Collection" displaying all the Sonic Games to i want to include and launch them correctly even if they use different emulators (and not duplicating my config) Is there a simple way to do this ? I can do this with the seach module, searching for Sonic Games, but i want the list to be persistent and editable Any idea? Thanks
  10. I've tried your data.db3 and i've seen 3 games in the most played module (the mame games you've tested). Then i've lauched another game 10 times and kept it running about 30 min Then i've go back to the most played moule and : the game appears on top of the list !!!! I think i've misunderstood how the most played module work. I was thinking that if the list was empty (new install) and then if i launch a game it should be in the most played because it's the only one i've played but it doesn't work like this. You have to play a certain amount of time and launch it several times and then the games appears in the list. It's more complex and statistics dependant than i thought. Many thanks for your explanation RedDog
  11. Already done that and tried with a fresh install too . Still no luck . I've done a desktop shorcut for those which are missing and have put them in my PC Game Emulator Setup (no steam games) with .lnk . It's a workaround...
  12. Yes but before i would have liked to know if someone else, using Steam Integration in Gameex, has got the same problem, and then if it's confirmed, report to Tom Speirs.
  13. They all are shown in my Steam Library and i can play them from steam, but those wich have been moved to another library on another drive are not recognized and listed by Gameex but in Steam all is working. I know that moving games from library to another is a recent feature of steam. Perhaps it's not supported now by Gameex
  14. I don't use removable drive at all. I have 5 HDD wich are everytime present and drive letters are assigned and doesn't move. Emulators are spreaded over the 5 hard drives and i don't have problems with this, only with Steam
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