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  1. [RESOLVED] MAME Multiples Controllers

    Personnaly i use an Xarcade 2 players ans 2 xbox 360 controllers. In MAME, i go to the cfg folder and delete all .cfg files in it, then i play a game (for example SF2CE ) and i go into the input menu (with TAB) and configure the player 1 & player 2 controls (for both Xarcade & xbox360 pad plugged at the same time as mame allow multiple inputs) then i exit MAME. I go in the cfg folder again and search for the sf2ce.cfg that mame as created for the game. I rename it default.cfg and make it read-only Now, whenever my xbox controller are plugged or not, all is working as expected and when i want to reuse them later they are recognized I hope it helps
  2. Forbid random video at emulator selection

    Done! Thanks
  3. A setting to enable/disable the display of random game videos in emulator selection (to choose between logo or random game video or custom video to be displayed ) Thanks
  4. When i'm in the emulator selection screen, it displays random video of games when emulator is highlighted. I prefer to display my own video or logo instead of this random video. I don't have found a setting to enable/disable random emulator video. I've set a personal logo and an associated video for each emulator, but it still display the random video in Image 1 instead of the logo. In the picture attached, the background is a video located in the logo folder (same name as the logo) and on the left is image 1 wich display random video. I want the logo png to be displayed instead of the random videos How can i do that?
  5. Bezels / Overlay in other emulators than mame possible?

    Yes ,i've tested it this afternoon and i have done a custom overlay for GB. I have a good result with screen resolution 256x240 and integer scale x1, pixels are perfect But scrolling doen't seems smooth (it wasn't with Mednafen too), i have to play with settings to get smooth scrolling and everything will be fine!
  6. [RESOLVED] Amiga WHDLOAD (WinUAE Loader) database problem

    As i am a little stubborn, i've found the problem. The database has a bug and isn't recognized at all So i've rewrote it in . db3 format and it's working well. For those who want to use it just copy it to the Gameex/DATA/EMULATORS folder and delete the old "[PC] Commodore Amiga (WHDLoad).mdb" file Feel free to include it in future release of Gameex or WinUAELoader ! [PC] Commodore Amiga (WHDLoad).db3
  7. [RESOLVED] Amiga WHDLOAD (WinUAE Loader) database problem

    We are not talking about the same database. I'm talking about this one : [PC] Commodore Amiga (WHDLoad).mdb In fact this database have all the info needed for Gamex to clean the rom names. The "GoodName" column wich exactly match the name of my romset (my amiga whdload set is clean) and the "Name" column, wich is the name that Gameex should display when "Use Database Name" is ticked. So this database should work, is't not about missing info in it. I've already cleared the cache with no effect. I'ts not about a problem for one or two games, it is for all the set. I just want to understand why this one doesn't do the job because others do.
  8. Another one : Can every menu be "wheelable" when changing view ? Start view menu and emulator selection menu actually can't have wheeled menu Same thing for Multimedia & Jukebox The wheel is really an eye-candy feature
  9. I use WinUAELoader with WHDLOAD set for Amiga games I use the database from WinUAE Loader 1.78 by headkaze with Gameex I have set the database in the setup wizard and tick "Use Database Name" But the games name doesn't change at all in Gameex, It always display weird Whdload filename ( for example "Jim Power" is displayed "JimPower_v1.1_0068" ) Ticked or not "Use Database Name" doesn't change anything. I've tried to modify the database and i've converted it to .db3 to see if it was the problem but it's the same Is the problem from the weird naming of roms itself (underscore, numbers etc) that can interfere with renaming in Gameex? Using Database Name with many other emulators works great but not for Amiga..... Can someone confirm the problem with Amiga Roms?
  10. Bezels / Overlay in other emulators than mame possible?

    Nice ! I have to try and integrate it in my Gameex setup. I hope it can produce 1:1 emulation but as it seems that it uses the core of mednafen it should handle it. Thanks stigzler !
  11. For Gameboy or portable device emulation, i want to add a bezel of the emulated machine around the game screen because i want to emulate resolution in 1:1 and i have black border all around the screen ( see example attached). I use mainly MEDNAFEN for GB,GBC or GBA emulation and i don't have found such option for this emulator I know that Rocket launcher is able to add bezel in overlay of the emulator. Can i do the same thing in Gameex or with Mednafen itself ? Thanks
  12. How to display video snap when no video theme is found

    Request Done! Thanks for the test, RedDog
  13. Where to download game logos for Gameex ?

    Thanks for the tips. I didn't know this software. Can be useful. My setup actually is to download entire set of artworks (when they exists) and use the software "FatMatch" to rename the artworks like my roms Quite good results for me. I'll check GameSetMatch for sure. Thanks
  14. Where to download game logos for Gameex ?

    There are no logo section on the Emumovies FTP, not in uploads too. I've searched a bit and they are present on........the GameEx FTP!!!!!! In the Emulator artwork & Videos section Don't know why i haven't searched here before.... Just to say, it's not about ALL my roms but only a few of them that can't be found with syncing Searching the file needed from the FTP can resolve my problem, i think As logos are the same file as Hyperspin Wheel, perhaps i have to dig into HS FTP to complete my set Thanks guys!
  15. Hi I've a lot of emulators set up with medias, but some roms of my sets doesn't have conventionnal naming ( for example psx isos or scummvm game, and french games ) If i use Emumovies Sync, some artworks are not found because of my special rom naming Where can i download full games logos packs ? I'm a Emumovie lifetime members and there is no Logos pack on the FTP for Gameex So from where Emumovie sync download them? And how to download them without "syncing" Thanks !