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  1. I am new to the PinballX arena but have been using visual pinball and hyperpin for number of years. I got tired of using a hyperpin because I kept getting performance issues and lagging slow menus and stuff so I downloaded and installed Pinballx and FFDSHOW the other day. The install went smoothly and I’m able to access the wheel menu and my games no real problems, so far., with the single exception of being able to exit from a game back to the wheel menu or from the wheel menu out to windows. When I’m in a game and I exit using either the quit key or the exit emulator key, I get dumped out into Windows. It doesn’t take me to the wheel. When Im in the wheel and try to quit out of the wheel menu to Windows, I cant, nothing happens. I have to actually be in a game to exit at all. Ive tried every key mapping I could think of with the same results. I’ve searched this forum and can’t find an answer....please guys...any suggestions?(I took pics of the log.txt and pinballx.ini file but ttheyre too big to upload.)