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  1. I think the issue coming on "lower systems performance" if you have a table with more loading and rendering time you get that issue, i powered up my system with a gtx 1070 ti and the issue is gone. My GPU before was a GTX 1060 6 GB, in 4k. Loading Time over 25 sec you get sometimes not the BG, you see that, in PBX the small Window popup for loading/rendering/script came for a short time over the pbx loading screen before the playfield is showing. Sorry for my bad english
  2. For Title/Description you can use what you want, like "Funhouse" just Game name is the rom name
  3. I had/have the same issue, my solution was: Rename the table name like the rom name: for example, rename Funhouse.vpx to fh_905h.vpx and also the B2S file to fh_905h Set the new name in Game manager! Hope it works for you.
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