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  1. I have done a few searches and either I am not looking in the right place, I'm not scrolling down far enough, or I have something that is not working correctly. I have been running Gameex for a little while and am now beginning to customize the front end system but I can't figure out why I can't seem to find the "download theme" area in the "setup". I know it is SIMPLE, but I have spent hours looking and have finally given up. I'm SURE it's going to be one of those... "if it were a snake it would have bit me" types of things. Please help THANK YOU!
  2. I loaded GameEx up on my arcade and immediately discovered that the buttons were not mapped in a way that I had expected them to be. I am curious how everyone has mapped their arcade controls. I am running an old ipac. P1- 1 Coin1- 5 P2- 2 Coin2- 6 Joystick1- [up down left right] B1- [Lctrl] B2- [Lalt] B3- [Space] B4- [Lshift] B5- Z B6- X Joystick2 - [R D F G] B7- A B8- S B9- Q B10- W B11- I B12- K Additional Buttons B13-L B14-J Any ideas?
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